Hammerknight's Recipes

I’m back with a few tips for you when you are making your characters. This is my first try using the wooden figures, I hope you like them.

Character Design Help

Hi all, I’m back. I missed posting and talking to everyone. I’m not back to full power yet (and don’t know if I can get there), but I’m going to see what I can do. Over the years working with Hero Machine, I have noticed that some people need help getting a character just the… [ Read more … ]


We used to do a series of tutorials ’round these parts, which you can access here or here. Since this came up in the contest thread, I just want to point out that anyone at all is more than welcome to put together one of these. Write it up however you like and email it… [ Read more … ]

Sunset recipe by Nick Hentschel

Instead of the usual Power User Profile, we have a special treat today — Nick Hentschel has graciously put together a nifty how-to recipe for your own sunset backgrounds! I know he put a ton of work into this, so please let him know in the comments that you appreciate the effort and the willingness… [ Read more … ]


The always awesome Zyp has graciously put together a brief guide on how you can create incredible looking faces in HeroMachine 3 just like he does! I’ve always been impressed with the dimensionality and personality he gets into his characters, and really appreciate his sharing his secrets with us. Thank you, Zyp! (Click to embiggen.)… [ Read more … ]

Sunset recipe

Many thanks to unknownblackpaper for providing this nifty recipe for making a sunset in HeroMachine 3:

META: New home for custom items

I’ve just created a new forum on the UGO HeroMachine boards for the sharing of custom HM3 items along the lines of what Martian Blue proposed the other day. I’ve broken it down into several sub-folders so hopefully those searching for specific items will have an easier time finding them. If you have suggestions for… [ Read more … ]

Fire Recipe by Me, Myself, and I

In response to Jeff’s (not so subtle ☺) suggestion that we could use a Recipe for making realistic fire with HeroMachine I have put this together. There are a few things I consider when producing fire imagery; It contrasts greatly with whatever is around it; It is never completely symmetrical but it is often balanced;… [ Read more … ]

Size matters

Many thanks to Hammerknight for putting together the following handy guide to the physical size your character image translates to when using the Export option. Click on any one to see at a larger size.

Female wall-crawler

Kaldath was nice enough to put together a recipe for how to make a wall-crawling female in HeroMachine 3 for us. Perhaps the producers of “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” will notice and recast the lead … These are shown in order from left to right, top row first. Click on any one to see… [ Read more … ]