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Character Building with JR19759

Remember guys this is the last Character Building tutorial video I am planning to do, so if you have any ideas for replacement posts for the Tuesday blog slot in the new year, leave them in the comments below. Hope this series was helpful for some of you.

Character Building with JR19759

Sorry that the audio and video aren’t synched properly on this one guys. I think I might have cropped the audio clip a bit much, but it doesn’t make a huge difference, I’m still talking about all the right things in all the right places. As I say in the video, next week is shading… [ Read more … ]

Character Building With JR19759

Hey guys, sorry this is late. As I explained in the last post, I just haven’t had much time this week. At least I got it done. As requested, this week I’m tackling anime style faces and hair, along with Japanese honourifics and the custom colours. I apologise for the horrible loud sound right at… [ Read more … ]

Character Building With JR19759

As I say in the video, I will probably be going back to the costume and having a mess around with it, because I’m not entirely happy with it and the video would be an hour long if I recorded until I was happy with it. If I have any interesting ideas that I think… [ Read more … ]

Character Building with JR19759

As promised, part 1 of the new mini series of videos here on the Blog on Tuesdays, starting this week with posing. I did focus mainly on one pose, but I threw in a few other bits as well, and the principles I go over whilst making this pose can be applied elsewhere as well…. [ Read more … ]

Blank Bodies for Hand-Drawn Illustrations

In the process of cleaning up some hard drive space, I came across some body outlines I drew back in 2006. I cleaned them up a bit and provide them here for downloading and printing. These are not part of HeroMachine 3, they’re just for folks who want to hand-draw (or use the computer with… [ Read more … ]

Character Ideas

Sometimes the wellspring of invention runs dry and you need some help coming up with a cool concept for a character to design. If that happens to you, or if you’re just looking for a challenge, experience what it’s like to take someone else’s vision and bring it to life. Head on over to Reddit’s… [ Read more … ]

How to use the Mask feature in HeroMachine3

Masking is the process of placing one item inside another, so that the masked item is only visible where it overlaps the masking item. Masking causes a lot of confusion, so let’s look at a few examples at what this subtle and powerful tool can do. The basic process works like this: Load the first… [ Read more … ]

Character Design Help

Hi all, I’m back. I missed posting and talking to everyone. I’m not back to full power yet (and don’t know if I can get there), but I’m going to see what I can do. Over the years working with Hero Machine, I have noticed that some people need help getting a character just the… [ Read more … ]

Character Of The Week- 13th July

This week, we’re going to look at not so much a character, more a scene by the master of Heromachine comic covers; RobM. Incoming Message Now, the main thing that attracted me to this piece was the lighting, especially on the wrist projector and the right hand. There are some good hints here on how… [ Read more … ]