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Greetings Fellow Machiner,

I am starting off a new feature for the blog called Submission Box. If you have something you'd like to share with the community be it a tutorial, a heromachine "recipe" A cool youtube video you found, a great article you found on the web you can email me and submit it for the submission box. I will take a look and if I approve I will post it on the blog. Submissions will be posted as I have time you look at them, so some days you will have 5 or 6 Submission box posts and some days you will not have any. ...

Well lets get started with our first Submission box, which is a tutorial from community member Suleman which you will find after the jump........

Sometimes, you just can't find the right piece. All the items in the category are just slightly off, they don't fit the pose, the character, whatever. If all hope seems lost, you can resort to Frankensteining.
Now, you might be thinking to yourself: You just made that term up, no one would say that. You'd be right. It's still very useful, though!

Frankensteining refers to scavenging bits and pieces of larger items to be part of your work, using e.g. masking.  They might be very small parts or very big or anywhere in between, whatever you can find.

Let's check a few examples of how you can use parts from Companions.
Frankensteining 1 by Sulemania Frankensteining 2 by Sulemania

Frankensteining 3 by SulemaniaFrankensteining 7 by Sulemania

Check the parts marked with red.
 Shoes/feet, legs, hands, faces... And most importantly, some of them are in different positions than most of the normal items in those categories! So if your character is facing in a different direction, Frankensteining items from Companions is a great idea.
Those are examples of parts that you can use on your own characters. Just encircle them with an Insignia or some other shape as shown, Mask them on to the shape and add them to your work.

So how about Faces?
Frankensteining 6 by Sulemania
Faces are a great source of additional items to use when crafting your characters'... face. Duh. I've been Heromachining for years and years, I've tried so many combinations of the regular Eyes and Noses that I occasionally want to freshen things up by Frankensteining parts from Faces. Try it for yourself!

So how useful is Frankensteining? I use it a lot. Let's look at my latest Heromachine thing, The Falconer.
The Falconer by Sulemania
Every part looks like it belongs there. I'm pretty proud of that. However, let's take a look beneath the surface.

Frankensteining 8 by Sulemania

Both the shoes and the face were actually scavenged from Companion items! The reason for this is that there just aren't enough sideways-facing items in the normal categories. In order to make him look good, I had to get them from elsewhere.

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