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Poll Position: SuperHero Archetypes


This weeks poll position asks you which of the following SuperHero Archetype is your favorite?


The Brick: Characters whose primary power set is based on strength and endurance. Examples of a Brick character would be; The Hulk, Superman, and The Thing.

The Blaster: Characters whose primary power set is based on some form of long ranged energy blasts. Examples of a Blaster character would be; Cyclops, Havoc, and Wildfire.

The Gymnast: Characters whose primary power set is based on Agility and flexibility. Examples of The Gymnast character would be; Spiderman, Dare Devil, and Nightcrawler.

The Speedster: Characters whose primary power set is based on superhuman speed. Examples of The Speedster character would be; The Flash, Quicksilver and Max Mercury.

The Psionicist: Heroes whose primary power set is based on Psychic powers. Examples of the Psionicist character would be; Jean Grey, Professor X, and Emma Frost.

The Andriod/Robot: Characters who are in reality A Robot or Android. Examples of the Android/Robot characters would be; Vision, Red Tornado, The Original Human Torch.

The Gadgeteer: Characters who rely primarily on Machines, Weapons, and or Gadgets. Examples of the Gadgeteer character would be; Batman, Ironman, and Green Arrow.

The Transformative: Characters whose primary power set is based on changing his or her physical form in some manner. Examples of the Transformative character would be; The Wasp, Mystique, and Sandman

The Mystical: Characters whose primary power set are Magical in nature. Examples of The Mystical character would be; Doctor Fate, Raven, and Dr Strange.

Other: I am leaving the poll open for you to add your own Archetype to include any I may not have thought of .

I would have to say that my favorite would have to be the Mystical character, I am a Huge fan of Doctor Fate and also as a fan of Fantasy novels have always had an attraction to Magic. So what is your favorite ? Take a moment to vote and leave a message in the comments below to let us know!

Poll Position: Uniformity!!

This weeks poll position question is Do you think that SuperHero Teams should have a common matching uniform?


Personally I don't think that the Heroes ( or villains for that matter ) need to have matching costumes, however they should have some kind of common element to tie them all together. Weather that element is a matching color scheme, or a prominent team logo ect. I believe the team members needs something that allows you to identify them as a member of that team at a glance. SO what do you think ? Should Super Teams have a matching uniform ? Take a moment to let us know by voting in the poll and leave a comment below to let us know why you feel the way you do!


Poll Position: The Iron Wardrobe

This weeks poll position will be taking a look at a selection of Iron Man Armors. Now there are far more versions of the Iron Man armor than I can conveniently list on this poll so I went ahead a selected 10 models out of all the options out there. My question is out of these 10 Iron Man armor models which is your favorite.  Please take a moment to vote in the poll and leave a comment below on why you choose what you choose.  ( Images After the Jump )

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Poll Position: Holy Cartoons Batman!



The Poll Position question for this week is, of the following which Batman themed cartoon did you like the most!

Batman: The Animated Series

Batman TAS


Batman Beyond

Batman Beyond


The Batman

The Batman


Batman: The Brave And The Bold

Brave and the Bold

For my money I would have to say The Batman was the best of the bunch. For me it had the best animation, great stories, as well as some new and very interesting takes on many iconic Batman villains. So what is your favorite Vote in the poll below and leave a comment explaining your choice.

Poll Position: Anime vs Western Cartoons

Anime vs WC



Folks this weeks Poll Position I am going to ask you a simple question. Which do you prefer to watch Western Style Cartoons or Japanese Anime?


I personally prefer anime over most western cartoon. There is just something about Anime that appeals to me over most cartoons you see on us TV. Don't get me wrong there are a far number of cartoons that I enjoy but if given a choice of watching say Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes or Ranma 1/2 I will choose watching Ranma 1/2.

Poll Position: Ms Marvel vs Wonder Woman

Ms Marvel vs Wonder Woman


Ladies and Gentlemen I know the traditional  character a vs character b Verses poll are not popular as some of my other poll formats like best costume or best logo.  Unfortunely I had a rather rough week this past week and was unable to put together one of those polls so this week I ask. "Who wins in a battle between Ms Marvel, and Wonder Woman"?

Ms Marvel Wiki:

Wonder Woman Wiki:

Poll Position: Battle of the Super Insignia



Today's  Poll Position question is a simple one. Which of the above SuperHero, or SuperGroup's insignia do you think is the best and why?

Poll Position: Manga Books vs Graphic Novel!



This weeks poll position I am going a different direction then norm and I would like to ask you all the following. If given a choice would you rather read a Graphic Novel, or an Manga style book ?

I have read both Graphic novels and English translations of Japanese Manga and I have to say I much prefer the Graphic novel. While in general I prefer Anime over American cartoons the reverse is true for the comic book format mostly because no matter how good the story is I just can't get used to reading the panels from right to left instead of left to right.

So that is my preference tell us what you have to say on this matter below in the comments.


Poll Position: Saint Patrick's Day Edition



This week's Poll Position is in honor of Saint Patrick's Day which is this coming weekend. So my question which of the following Irish Heroes and Villains do YOU think is the best!

( Larger Images and Links After the Jump )

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Poll Position: Armorers Challenge!



This weeks Poll Position I ask you to pick from a list of Power Armor wearing heroes and villain to pick your favorite based on  whatever criteria matters most to you.

Your Choices are as follows. The Beetle, The Blue Beetle, Crimson Dynamo, Doctor Doom, Force, Guyver One, Lex Luthor, Rocket Red, Steel, and Tech Jacket. 

These are mostly DC and Marvel characters, but there are a couple dark horses in there ( no pun intended). You may noticed I left a couple well known armor clad individuals off this list which I did for a reason. I did not want the popularity of Ironman and his ilk to slant the poll so I left them off.

( images after the jump)

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