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Poll Position- Joss Whedon

This week, I want to hear your opinions on what is Joss Whedon's greatest work. I'm not going to put everything he's done, I'll let you guys add your faves.

Poll Position: 2015 Films

In this weeks poll position I'd like to know, which of these films scheduled for release in 2015 are you most excited about?

Man Of Steel Sequel (Superman vs. Batman)

Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Star Wars Episode VII


Poll Position: Future SuperHero Movies

Future superhero moviesThis weeks poll position I ask which of these characters would you like to see a SuperHero Movie based on ?

Doctor Fate        The Silver Surfer       The Flash

Ms Marvel           Wonder Woman         She-Hulk

Aquaman              Quasar                         Zatana

Other ( Any other Character not already made into a movie )


Poll Position: Movies #2 – Watchmen vs V For Vendetta

Taking the suggestion by JR from my request last week for poll position topics this weeks poll position question is which is the better movie Watchmen or V For Vendetta?


Poll Position: Pen and Paper RPG’s vs MMORPG’s

For this weeks Poll Position, I asked for your help in picking a topic for the poll. There were some real good suggestions made but I am going to give the nod to The Atomic Punk for suggesting "Traditional or Pen and Paper RPG's vs MMORPG's". So this is what I want to know, given that they are two totally different experience, which of the two do you prefer to play? Please take a moment to vote for your favorite, and comment below with your reasons for your pick. As a bonus I would love to know which games you have played in the past?


Myself I have played:

Pen and Paper Games: AD&D 1st edition, AD&D 2nd Edition, Heroes Unlimited ( a superhero rpg ), RIFTS, Palladium Fantasy, Mechton, and Vampire the Masquerade.

MMORPG's: Everquest, Guild Wars, Final Fantasy XI, World Of Warcraft ( for a very short time ), Shaiya, Dungeons & Dragons Online, and DC Universe Online.

All in all while I enjoy both experiences I have to say that if I had to pick a favorite I would go with the old school pen and paper rpg's. There is just something about getting together with some real good friends around a table that you lose with MMORPG's. to throw in a little bonus answer my favorite game of all the pen and paper games I hav e played would have to be RIFTS.

Poll Position: Movie Time!

IM3 vs MOS


This weeks poll position question is simple. Out of the two summer of 2013 superhero movies that have currently been released, Iron Man 3 and Man Of Steel which do YOU consider to be the better superhero movie, the better block buster if you will?

I have not seen either movie as of yet so can not give my own opinion on this topic however I'd be highly interested to hear yours. Take a moment to vote and be sure to leave a comment below explaining your choice.


Poll Position: The Doctor

This weeks poll position I ask the question, "Who is the better Doctor?" A simple question it is likely not to have such a simple answer! I am limiting my "official" answers on the poll to the Three Doctors we have seen thus far on the modern adaption of Doctor Who, however I have left the poll open for you to add your own answers if you are an old school Whovian who just has to support Jon Pertwee, or Tom Baker, etc.

Poll Position: Aquaman vs Namor

Building off of JR's "Big Question" from last week this weeks poll position is a classic verses battle between DC's and Marvel's opposing kings of the sea. I want to know who you think would win an all out knock down drag out battle between Aquaman and Namor the Sub Mariner ?

Poll Position: DC vs Marvel

DC vs Marvel


This weeks poll position is a simple one, though one that is likely to be heated. I want to know which of the big two is your favorite, DC or Marvel Comics!

Personally I will have to go with Marvel, though out of my top five superheroes the top three are from DC. All in all I feel that Marvel is the more believable universe so that is why I have to say "Make Mine Marvel!"

Poll Position: SuperHero Archetypes


This weeks poll position asks you which of the following SuperHero Archetype is your favorite?


The Brick: Characters whose primary power set is based on strength and endurance. Examples of a Brick character would be; The Hulk, Superman, and The Thing.

The Blaster: Characters whose primary power set is based on some form of long ranged energy blasts. Examples of a Blaster character would be; Cyclops, Havoc, and Wildfire.

The Gymnast: Characters whose primary power set is based on Agility and flexibility. Examples of The Gymnast character would be; Spiderman, Dare Devil, and Nightcrawler.

The Speedster: Characters whose primary power set is based on superhuman speed. Examples of The Speedster character would be; The Flash, Quicksilver and Max Mercury.

The Psionicist: Heroes whose primary power set is based on Psychic powers. Examples of the Psionicist character would be; Jean Grey, Professor X, and Emma Frost.

The Andriod/Robot: Characters who are in reality A Robot or Android. Examples of the Android/Robot characters would be; Vision, Red Tornado, The Original Human Torch.

The Gadgeteer: Characters who rely primarily on Machines, Weapons, and or Gadgets. Examples of the Gadgeteer character would be; Batman, Ironman, and Green Arrow.

The Transformative: Characters whose primary power set is based on changing his or her physical form in some manner. Examples of the Transformative character would be; The Wasp, Mystique, and Sandman

The Mystical: Characters whose primary power set are Magical in nature. Examples of The Mystical character would be; Doctor Fate, Raven, and Dr Strange.

Other: I am leaving the poll open for you to add your own Archetype to include any I may not have thought of .

I would have to say that my favorite would have to be the Mystical character, I am a Huge fan of Doctor Fate and also as a fan of Fantasy novels have always had an attraction to Magic. So what is your favorite ? Take a moment to vote and leave a message in the comments below to let us know!