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Belting out the bad costumes!

This week for your mocking pleasure I present to you Citizen V.



I have never heard of this character before and  only came across him while reseaching this weeks Bad costume. That being said I honestly can't tell you anything about him except what you can see with your own eyes. So now lets start the critique with his Shoulder pads. While I have no objection to a stars and stripes theme for a character I do not think it is being pulled off here as well as it could be. I think my main objection to them is the fact that the  Stars and the white stripes are raised from the rest of the shoulder pads which just looks odd to me.


Next is his mask. I am not sure what about it bothers me so much as I have seen other similarly designed masks that have worked well, but something about it here is just off putting. And lastly, we have in the past pointed out the overuse of belts and straps in costumes but this fellow must have gotten a great discount on a mass purchase of belts!! Not only does he have his belt wrapped 6 or 7 times about his waist, he also has his feet and forearms completely wrapped in them as well.


All in all I think the character design had some potential but it failed to deliver upon it in the end!!


Those are my thoughts on Citizen V, I'd be interested in hearing yours! Leave a comment below tell me what you think of this costume. Is it as bad as I think or am I way off on this one ?

Bad Costumage at its Prime!!!

This week for your Viewing ,, umm Pleasure, I present you "Prime"


Lets set aside (If we can) that fact that this fellow with his muscles on top of muscle is so bulked up I doubt he could actually move, and focus instead on a couple issues I have with his costume. First the design of his metallic top that just so happens to be able to crumple perfectly to conform to his ahoulders movements it would seem, is shaped like a great big arrow pointing direction at the mans groin region!!  It just seems to say "Hello Ladies, I'm Prime, please ignore my freakish appearance and focus your attention here, thank you!!!"


Next taking a look at his boots we seem to have the same Terminator liquid metal effect that allows his ankles freedom of motion in those non-articulared but apparently solid metal footwear.  And lastly his cape, which is apparently sporting a great deal of  spray starch appears to either be growing directly out of his anterior deltoids or is somehow fastened to his back and not his shoulders or around his neck like you would expect to see.  All in all I would say that Prime is in my opinion a prime example of a bad costume, and a bad character design in general.

Bewitchingly Bad!!

This Week I am stepping outside the pages of comics books for our bad costume and pay a visit to the land of Anime and Manga.  Below I present to you the Witchblade!



Now I will admit to actually liking this anime series, however I have to point out the Armor that comprises this outfit does NOTHING to protect any vital areas from harm. This lack of protection however doesn't seem to leave her at much of a disadvantage considering the majority of her opponents are similarly attired! This outfit could be good if it did more to be the armor that it pretends to be but as it sits now all I know is that I wouldn't want to be wearing anything like this on a cold night !

Bad Super Costumes

stormHere is my go at Bad Costume day. I'm going with this version of Storm. When I think of Storm I think of a long white haired woman floating in the sky like an angel. Then they go and give her a mohawk dress her like a bad punk rocker. What can I say, I didn't like it at all.  A big get well soon goes out to Kaldath, hope that you are feeling better soon.

Logan wants his mask back!!

This weeks victim of the SuperHero fashion police is Image Comics resident Wolverine wanna be Deadlock!



As I said Logan wants his mask back and he is super mad that Deadlock seems to have gotten some bleach on it!!! I know that a fair number of image's character are total rip offs of Marvels work but I have to say I have never been a fan of Wolverine's taste in costumes, and this little number takes all the bad fashion ques from Logan's attire and then makes it worse!!! I am just surprised that his this is from image that the character isn't toting about a huge Gun or sword, and doesn't have spikes or pouches littering his person though he does have move then his fair share of apparently unless straps and buckles!

The 90’s Just Make You Wonder!

This week I present for your viewing ,, umm pleasure horror this 1990's redesign of wonder woman.


Now I don't know about you folk but this outfit  just doesn't say Amazon princess, nor does it give that American Patriot vibe of the classic Wonder Woman attire. No what I get from this is more along the lines of a visit to Sturgis North Dakota during bike week, or perhaps a visit to the local "Gentlemens" club. I know that Wonder Woman has a very shall we say checkered past, However this ensemble really pushes that boundary and shoves it in our collective faces.  In the end all I can say is the Wonder Woman was just another victim of the 90's and its EXTREME outlook.


By The Power Of Asgard!!

Believe it or not folks, this is suppose to be Thor Asgardian God Of Thunder! To me he looks more like the love child of He-Man and Jean Grey. Words fail me on describing this outfit except to say this does not make one thing Viking God, but instead its screams S&M body builder!

Sub-Mariner EXTREMMMEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

While I do not have the same art credential as our esteemed leader Mr. Hebert, I have decided none the less to take my own crack at presenting you, our most gracious community members with my own reviews of what I feel is the worst of SuperHero/Villian fashion sense. I do so hope you enjoy.


First up!

So this little bit of 90's artwork makes me ask why the Sub-Marine decided to dress like a porcupine ?  No wait, I most apologize to the Mariner for that one, oh no the king of the sea would never dress up as some lowly land based creature! How dare I suggest such a thing. No No, what we obvious have here is the Sub-Mariners Alter ego "SEA URCHIN MAN" 


Seriously folks this ensemble just screams EXTREME!!! From the fly away Savage hairdo  to the bristling spikes along his  forearms and legs he is the epitome of a 90's redesign! Not sure what he was thinking when he put this number together unless it was an attempt to impress Sue Richards evil alter ego Malice!


( Just as an FYI starting next week I plan on having a Bad Costume post up every Wednesday so if you have any  suggestion on a bad costume you want mock send me a private message over on the forums telling what costume and a link to a picture if possible. )


Is that Iron Man or Yellowjacket?

No, seriously -- is that Iron Man or Yellowjacket? Because the color is the latter while the armor is the former.

Adam Orion

Today's "Bad Super Costumes" entry comes to us via "Steve Does Comics", and features Legion of Super-Heroes villain "Adam Orion":

I suppose he could remind Bouncing Boy of Otto Orion. Or maybe its because he resembles the filthy love spawn of Harley Quinn and Kraven the Hunter. By way of Nick Fury. Seriously, I'm trying to imagine a scenario where pink pig tails and an eye patch are a good combination, but I'm drawing a blank.

But perhaps I'm being unfair. Maybe when push comes to shove, Adam Orion is a certified, card-carrying member of the Bad-Ass Club. Let's see him in context to give him a fair shake:

I believe I speak for all of HeroMachine Nation when I say, for the love of all that's holy do NOT show me what happens as soon as those gravatar boots are strapped on. I don't want to see the results of a pig-tail-sporting, zebra-print go-go boots and leopard print bustier wearing hunter (hunter! as in camouflaged!) whose big weapon is neon pink finally getting to interact with the flesh and blood model on whom his Real Doll was built. I really, really don't.

Look, if you're a pink-weapon-toting, pig-tailed and eye-patched man running around in animal-skin corsets, I think it's probably time to reevaluate your priorities, particularly when your arch rival is Bouncing Boy. Bouncing Boy. A guy whose powers are indistinguishable from a beach ball. Imagine Bouncing Boy is at a baseball game, and someone picks him up and starts throwing him around, batting his blue-clad butt around the stadium until he ultimately lands on the field and has to be hustled off by an embarrassed groundskeeper.

That's your prey.

Maybe horrible fashion sense isn't this guy's worst problem after all.