Bad Costumage at its Prime!!!

This week for your Viewing ,, umm Pleasure, I present you "Prime"


Lets set aside (If we can) that fact that this fellow with his muscles on top of muscle is so bulked up I doubt he could actually move, and focus instead on a couple issues I have with his costume. First the design of his metallic top that just so happens to be able to crumple perfectly to conform to his ahoulders movements it would seem, is shaped like a great big arrow pointing direction at the mans groin region!!  It just seems to say "Hello Ladies, I'm Prime, please ignore my freakish appearance and focus your attention here, thank you!!!"


Next taking a look at his boots we seem to have the same Terminator liquid metal effect that allows his ankles freedom of motion in those non-articulared but apparently solid metal footwear.  And lastly his cape, which is apparently sporting a great deal of  spray starch appears to either be growing directly out of his anterior deltoids or is somehow fastened to his back and not his shoulders or around his neck like you would expect to see.  All in all I would say that Prime is in my opinion a prime example of a bad costume, and a bad character design in general.

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