Belting out the bad costumes!

This week for your mocking pleasure I present to you Citizen V.



I have never heard of this character before and  only came across him while reseaching this weeks Bad costume. That being said I honestly can't tell you anything about him except what you can see with your own eyes. So now lets start the critique with his Shoulder pads. While I have no objection to a stars and stripes theme for a character I do not think it is being pulled off here as well as it could be. I think my main objection to them is the fact that the  Stars and the white stripes are raised from the rest of the shoulder pads which just looks odd to me.


Next is his mask. I am not sure what about it bothers me so much as I have seen other similarly designed masks that have worked well, but something about it here is just off putting. And lastly, we have in the past pointed out the overuse of belts and straps in costumes but this fellow must have gotten a great discount on a mass purchase of belts!! Not only does he have his belt wrapped 6 or 7 times about his waist, he also has his feet and forearms completely wrapped in them as well.


All in all I think the character design had some potential but it failed to deliver upon it in the end!!


Those are my thoughts on Citizen V, I'd be interested in hearing yours! Leave a comment below tell me what you think of this costume. Is it as bad as I think or am I way off on this one ?

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