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Sub-Mariner EXTREMMMEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

While I do not have the same art credential as our esteemed leader Mr. Hebert, I have decided none the less to take my own crack at presenting you, our most gracious community members with my own reviews of what I feel is the worst of SuperHero/Villian fashion sense. I do so hope you enjoy.


First up!

So this little bit of 90's artwork makes me ask why the Sub-Marine decided to dress like a porcupine ?  No wait, I most apologize to the Mariner for that one, oh no the king of the sea would never dress up as some lowly land based creature! How dare I suggest such a thing. No No, what we obvious have here is the Sub-Mariners Alter ego "SEA URCHIN MAN" 


Seriously folks this ensemble just screams EXTREME!!! From the fly away Savage hairdo  to the bristling spikes along his  forearms and legs he is the epitome of a 90's redesign! Not sure what he was thinking when he put this number together unless it was an attempt to impress Sue Richards evil alter ego Malice!


( Just as an FYI starting next week I plan on having a Bad Costume post up every Wednesday so if you have any  suggestion on a bad costume you want mock send me a private message over on the forums telling what costume and a link to a picture if possible. )