Cosplay Update- Countdown to Bran-Con!

Hey everyone! Let's check in on the cosplay progress!

Valkyrie Frigga

First up, wig!

Originally, my wig looked like this:

I look so weird with long hair....

But, after some work (and I am not good at styling hair) and the addition of two clip-ins for some extra volume, we have this!

And on my head!

The big clip I originally had in the back I have replaced with a brown claw-clip, which is lighter-weight, looks better, and holds a lot better.

Don't mind the flyaways...


Next, daggers!

I decided on daggers because I went with the idea that since Frigga taught Loki to fight, and those are his weapons of choice, then she must be proficient with them as well. I'm even using the ones I bought with a Loki costume in mind. So far, I've re-wrapped the handles and added little styrofoam balls to the ends of the hilts.

They look a little weird right now, but they're still a work-in-progress.



The first She-Ra piece has been made! Started with the headpiece. As you can see, it's thin EVA foam attached to a headband. The red gem is melted hot glue with food coloring, then painted over with clear nail polish. I tried doing something similar to the wax seals. It looks pretty good, even with the two different color reds (which I may try to fix).



Freddie Mercury is Finished!

Okay, the costume is finished. I still need to do the mic and mic stand. But the costume is done! If Elder Spawn needs a bigger size of pants before con, we'll do that, but the shirt will fit even if he grows between now and then. The belt is an old one of mine I found (goes around him about one and a half times). The armband is an old choker of mine from my punky/gothy teenage days that we cut and riveted to fit his arm.


Diablo III Deckard Cain

Not much started on this one, but we did finally get our first, crucial piece of the costume. One blue robe. It's a bit big on the Elder Spawn, but we'll work on that. His is pretty ratty so that might help us out a lot. But at least it's here.


Well, that's what's going on right now. I did get the new Sabaton album, Great War, and I think I might throw up a review for that sometime and let everyone know how it is. So, until next time!