Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo Regina 2019

Hey everyone! I know I said I was going to do an Endgame review but I honestly tried for the last few days before we left for our last dance competition of the season (not me dancing, luckily for everyone involved). It just hasn’t been happening. It’s impossible to talk about without spoilers, really. So, to sum up that real quick: it’s emotional as heck. You will cry, a lot, especially if you’ve been there from the beginning. It looks stunning, and the final big climax is just phenomenal. Go see it. There, that’s about as much review as I can do, and want to do because I think you should really go into this knowing nothing.

So let’s bring it around to talking about our first con trip! I’ve gone through all our pictures (there were quite a lot) and have hopefully chosen some really good ones to share as we talk about our day at con. Warning: image heavy.

So, as I said before, we went Saturday only, mainly due to the long drive and needing to get home for the kids to go to school on Monday, even if we did sneak Endgame in before we went home on Sunday. That being said, I think I’d like to go for the whole thing next time, even if we had to arrange an excused absence from school. I don’t think the kids would mind, they both gave the whole experience a thumbs-up and said they’d definitely go again. And I really hope we can. I didn’t know this until after, but SEE has been running in Saskatoon for a while now, but this is the first one in Regina, so that’s kinda neat. We may not have been able to get to an inaugural con in our own province, but the one next door is pretty rad, too. So let’s get to the pictures! I'm not necessarily posting them in chronological order since we did wander around and go back and forth a lot.

Let's start with some random environment shots, just to give you a feel:

The guy parked beside us. He was dressed as a Star Wars Praetorian Guard.

The banner above these is the youth group that made these and several other really neat props. We talked to them for a while, sounds like a really awesome group.

Pyramid Head gave Younger Spawn a high five one time when he walked past us.

Another prop made by the Joe's Place Youth Group. Gorgeous!

TFW you realize the dude in blue with the wings is Navi....


Pics with other cosplayers, etc.:

The inflatable Rex!

The local Ghostbusters chapter.

Some Avengers

With the 501st

The other half was super stoked to find other Jurassic Park cosplayers

Raptor suit

Me grinning like a total dork with this amazing Flemeth because I'm a huge Dragon Age nerd.


Break time. There were two main breaks we took from our wandering.

There was the break where we ate many mini donuts.

And another where we basically staked out a corner to chill.


Fun pics of us doing stuff:


Cows and Diablo have a... history.

fun with the cutouts!

Group pic

fun with the PKE meter


being inappropriate with the Poe Dameron cutout.

playing Blue Lagoon at the Game Center


Some of our Fat Loot (okay, mostly mine):

Art print! Bracelet! Diablo pendant!

Signed book by local author!

Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla retro posters!

Sabaton patch!


Pre-Endgame bonus pics:

Someone was not expecting to see THIS at the theater arcade.


So, if you couldn't tell, we had a great time at SEE Regina. It was super awesome to actually get out, go to a con, and indulge in our collective geekiness. I was honestly surprised how many picture requests I got (one lady in the parking lot as we were getting ready to go even asking 'are you the Diablo Barbarian?'), and even Elder Spawn got a specific pic request from someone who wanted to send the pic to a friend that was a fan. As someone who's not the most social in normal circumstances and who doesn't get a lot of opportunity to hang out with this many fellow nerds as once, it was really, really cool. And it's so great for the kids to get to experience this kind of thing, too. They are fans of similar things to us and they could really stretch their wings into this world as well. As much fun as I had, I'm glad they enjoyed themselves, too.  I would like to hit some panels next time, too. That was one thing we didn't get to this time (and the ones I would've wanted to see were on Sunday, but that was just bad luck on my part).

We did learn some good cosplay lessons, too. Our costumes held up amazingly well, better than I had hoped, so all our hard work really came through. We did learn a thing about props. Next time, smaller or no props. The book and stone ended up in our bag over the course of the day, Elder Spawn had to ditch his hood when he got too hot, a 3 1/2 foot long T-rex gets heavy, as does a foam axe almost as tall as you. That's not counting packing all that into our car. But we wouldn't have changed it, even if we know better for next time, even being exhausted by the time we left.

So... tired.... Fun fact: we went out for supper and I still had all that on my face.

Okay, now I'm just going on. But it was freakin' amazing. I'm so stoked for another con. I don't know when it'll be, but, as Def Leppard say at the end of their shows 'and there will be a next time!". So big props to everyone involved in organizing and putting together all of this and all the vendors and everyone. It was so worth it.