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    That is one person I would not want to meet in a dark alley, or a well lighted one either.



    Your characters would look good in a horror movie.


    Haha the insidious Jockey probably wouldn’t be some anyone would want to cross…I know I wouldn’t! And Hammerknight, my Guardian Angel lives in a dark and scary comic world, I feel demons and monsters need to be scary! And speaking of…here is what I think werewolves should look like…




    Your designs are awesome! They make me wanna get in HM3 and just do work


    @Vectorman316 said:

    Your designs are awesome! They make me wanna get in HM3 and just do work

    Thanks man! I hope you make so awesome designs!


    My vampire werewolf hybridhybrid.jpg



    That’s pretty cool. Nice work.


    Here’s a new badass hero of mine. I call him “The Demon”

    Name: Nick Winchester
    Alias: The Demon
    Abilities: Highly Intelligent, a survivalist, Amazing Hand-to-Hand combat, his suit is made from a military top secret nano suit which give extra strength and protection, agility, and good with technology.
    A very quick bio: Nick Winchester is an ex special op and now a family man with no violent bone in his body. However, the worst of events and the most evil of people can bring the demons of people to the surface. The mob kingpin called “Rebel” hired a hit on a former police chief of the city. Being the coward he is, he gave away his best friend’s family address instead of his own when threatened. On a fateful day, the winchester family was murdered brutally by the Rebel and his thugs. But Nick was left barely alive to see the after math of the brutality. As years pasted, his grieving turned into vengeance and his inner demon awoke. He became a punisher of the night, a vigilante determined to go through the worst to find the Rebel. He took his privileges with the Government and got into a highly secured base that had a nano suit in development, to which he stole and created “The Demon”.


    Here’s an updated version of the Rebel




    Looks cool. Like the pose, the hands behind the back, combined with the mask give the impression that he simply does not give a £%^*. Nice job.



    Great characters.


    Thanks guys! I have a lot more characters, just been lazy to write the bios :P


    I think I might start making stories or expanding my vision on my greatest hero…Guardian Angel.


    Very cool characters. Love The Rebel. And can’t wait to hear more about Guardian Angel.



    Wow, that’s awesome

Viewing 15 posts - 106 through 120 (of 627 total)

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