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    Here is a character I have made in the past, but vastly improved. Also, I was going to post it in the “Winner” CDC, but never finished in time.

    I give you the reality and time traveler, space and dimension crusader, the questioner of existence itself… Arthur Caprice, AKA, Arcane. His costume is created by thought and forms on him, the blue parts are organic energy of sorts, and make the parts of his body covered invulnerable. His mask is formed over his face, sometimes covering his mouth as to appear as he doesn’t have a mouth, for he can speak through telepathy. There are no eye holes as he doesn’t need eyes to “see” and when changed into Arcane, his eyes become pure black/darkness with the only color appearing being a faint blue around his iris, which is assumed would scare people. His mask keeps him anonymous and allows for people unable to read him. When he changes into Arcane, his hair goes from blonde to black.

    Arcane is a very complex character to explain as he is very abstruse. His powers are always changing and evolving into more. Most of the time, he himself is unable to comprehend his own thoughts, powers, and existence. Arcane’s view or perspective upon being a hero is ever changing and challenging, as he is always becoming shaped into a different mindset as he gains knowledge of the most unknown aspects of existence.

    As years pass from the time he was metamorphosed into Arcane, he has become so evolved as an entity that he has traveled space and time, seeking answers to every question. He often goes back in time and just observes and learns. He seeks out different universes, realities, dimensions, and planets to do the same; learn, observe, and understand. His abilities and make up allow him to retain all knowledge he gains to exact detail which no human being is capable of retaining such an indistinguishable amount of knowledge.

    Arcane becomes immortal and almost inhuman. Becoming an entity of pure knowledge of existence. His power are immense and nearly limitless as he evolves. He is able to create matter, atoms, at one point, breaking the rules of reality and physics.

    In time, Arcane has become so hungry for knowledge that he gets lost in the universe, stuck in an unknown time, galaxy or dimension. This causes him to evolve into his ultimate form, which goes by the name Void. Almost completely inhuman, Void is pure energy of space and time, nearly lacking human form. Void is nearly a God.

    I have so much more I’d love to expand on, Arcane is my most complex character in my comic universe. I have many twists and bizarre story arcs on him. For now, please enjoy my two pictures, one standard and the other a trippy background.


    Arcane’s final form before he dissipates out of corporeal form completely and becomes pure energy within the universe. The entity goes by the name Void.

    Void’s powers are so immense that Void can manipulate atoms, matter, and the vary particles of existence. Void isn’t dangerous, however, as Void’s main goal is watch, observe, and create. Doesn’t want to mess with balance, so interacting with life’s events are a non interest. However, when balance is disturbed or there is something affecting population extremely, Void will aid in Earth’s survival.

    Void eventually vanishes into the vast boundaries within the Universe, finding an empty dimension or reality, to create and observe. This opens various dimensions and multi-verses. Eventually Void’s main goal is to find God, Heaven, and Hell. Void wants knowledge on why Void exists. However, Void is a non-celestial being or able to permeate the plain of existence that is home to demons and angels. Void is tethered to the plain of life and existence.

    Void eventually creates a clone of Arcane’s original body, passing on various aspects, knowledge, memories, and powers. This clone has no idea he is’t really “him” and his last memory is right before metamorphosing into Void. Void does this so the soul and humanity attached can be transferred into a body to become a savior on Earth. This way Void has no emotion or feelings attached to being human. Void then dissipates into existence, becoming one with the Universe. But, will this become a cycle with the new Arcane? Reality is a very fickle thing.


    Here are some older creations. The Retorter, who was changed to The Revenant. Couldn’t come to an ominous and scary name well enough. He is a revamp of mine. I am never satisfied on how he looks, so here are a couple trial and errors. Please ignore the atrocious hand holding the gun, as these are older pieces.



    For my Speedster CDC

    Eriq Von Stroh, AKA Mach 20!

    Eriq was not only taken under the wing by Totem, but also by an incredibly ingenious engineer who helped create Mach 20’s costume to be functional, protective, and of course, superhero stylish. It’s a pinnacle of German engineering and a gift that Eriq cherishes deeply, much like someone’s beloved car.



    Honestly dude i think Mach 20 has got to be one of the best creations you have ever come up with! The pose is great and the design of his suit is incredible!! Great work!!!


    Honestly dude i think Mach 20 has got to be one of the best creations you have ever come up with! The pose is great and the design of his suit is incredible!! Great work!!!

    Thanks so much! He definitely took a lot of hours and patience from my brain haha. Especially the flippin’ foot! Goodness that me forever and I’m still not happy with it! But thanks again dude!


    Here is my reimagined version of AM’s “Decibelle”! Clicky Here

    Reimagined with a little more super/anti-hero-esque!

    I hope I did you pround sir AMs!



    Oh you did!!!

    Love it!  The mask.  The boots. The hood  All of it!

    So cool!  Thanks!




    That Decibelle design is great! I love the way the mask and the hair look together.


    Ams – Thanks so much! I’m happy to see you like it! Was hard to find a pose to switch it up with while still maintaining the power of creating a scream behind it!

    Suleman- Thanks! Nice to see you around again! And yah, I really liked the look of the punkish hair with the mask!


    My hulking and furious werewolf, I present the big Red wolf!

    Red is an incredibly strong beast can become more powerful as he becomes more enraged. Wade Crawford becomes this alternate self when he is in danger or his fight or flight is activated. The sun’s light heals and strengthens him, while a full moon sends him into an uncontrollable berserker rage that is nearly unstoppable. While usually a good boy (huh huh?), Red isn’t tamable whilst there is a full moon, thus anyone in his way in is danger.



    Dude, that’s incredible. I wish my werewolf character looked that good.


    Thanks JR! I miss werewolves that look like this in movies, most just turn into actual wolves now. Also, I made this guy using the werewolf tribal tattoo in insignias for a base!


    I made a scene, for lack of better words, of Cluck! I couldn’t finish it due to it being ridiculous slow placing so many layers, so hopefully I’ll be able to advance it another day!

    I plan on making comics or a graphic novel on Cluck in the future, I have some fun ideas to make it a more raunchy comedic type story. If I could make a movie with him, it would be cross between John Wick, Happy!, and Deadpool typish humor and action. Definitely a hard R rating. I was asked who could play him in a movie and I think the only one I’d have in mind is Christopher Meloni. Hey, I can fantasize right?

    I need to think of main villains or villain for him to fight.

    Cluck is the combination of hitman Raymond Ryker’s soul entrapped into a chicken mascot mask and a host body for the mask/Ryker to take over. He’s just as embarrassed about it as you think, but he’s on a mission to figure what the Cluck happened to him. As a final insult to a great hitman’s ego placed inside the mask, he is also unable to drop the F-bomb, which is always involuntarily replaced with ‘Cluck” when attempting to say it!

    More to come!


    Raymond Ryker, one of the best, most lethal, and highly feared hitmen there is. With much respect comes also much hate…and boy does certain criminal empires hate him enough to use a sorceress to entrap Ray into a chicken mask to humiliate him.

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