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    Here’s a new character in the Guardian Angel universe


    Name: Joseph Brandon
    Alias: Arch Angel
    Abilities: Technology, Intelligence, High Intensity (Adjustable) laser beams, Flight with aid via small jets on boots, a small increase in strength with suit, Night Vision, and Highly durable armor.
    Miniature Bio: Joseph Brandon is a multimillionaire and is a man highly inspired, nearly jealous, of Guardian Angel. When a time came that Guardian Angel went missing for several months, coincidently by the company Joseph Works for, Joseph created a suit that would give him abilities to a human level of Guardian Angel. He created a new hero for the city and called himself “The Arch Angel”. He became the savior of Guardian Angel by breaking him out of capture.


    A semi villain to the Guardian Angel Universe


    Name: Alex Wilson
    Alias: Gamma Skull
    Abilities: When angered or pushed into a state of “Fight or Flight”, his body goes through a transformation. His skin peels and he becomes a highly radiated gamma creature. High in strength and loss of control, he is near unstoppable.
    Miniature Bio: Alex Wilson was dying from a rare and terminal bone cancer. At a final attempt at saving his life, he went under a newly developed technological procedure featuring a new way to use Gamma Rays to cure his disease. It was a success, so much so, he healed completely and looked healthier than anyone. One horrible night, his selfish boss fired him because the media was too much for the business and this caused Alex to become enraged…to which a horribly painful transformation occur. His alter ego of a gamma skeletal creature destroyed the whole office and killed the boss. This gained the attention Guardian Angel, who wants to save him Alex from his alter ego.



    Very good job.


    Angel of Chaos

    Gamma skull and Arch -angel are truly to me epic.Cool



    @Angel of Chaos said:

    Gamma skull and Arch -angel are truly to me epic.

    What he said

    Plus I just went back through this thread and am digging the horror vibe. Even the stuff that isn’t shaded is badass, and I’d love to know how you did the 3/4 head on your batwolf. That made me stop and stare for a few minutes.


    Thanks everyone for the kind words! And Timedrop23, the head is actually very simple. It’s the dragon head masked nicely into a circle to remove the unwanted parts. Then a another all white circle placed over any remain spot. Then add the ears and nose, with the new eyes that came out and a little bit of hair…and wellah!


    Ultimate Arch Angel/Gadriel


    Bio: After Joseph saved Guardian Angel, time passed where the city no longer really needed his Arch Angel, so he became depressed he no longer was viewed as a superhero anymore. Jealousy and envy swallowed Joseph and he began to want the status of Guardian Angel. Through his wants, an Angel by the name “Gadriel” over saw this opportunity. He, being an all powerful angel condemned into a prison of Heaven, was released in order to take out Guardian Angel for the finishing of a trial. Gadriel tricked Joseph into allowing him to posses Joseph, thus becoming the Ultimate version of Arch Angel with powerful Angelic Armor to take down Guardian Angel and earn his rights out of prison. Joseph is no longer in control and Guardian Angel must some how find a way to get Joseph to expel Gadriel.


    A part of my supernatural world,


    Name: Unknown
    Alias: The Hunter
    Abilities: Skilled with weapons of any kind, Skilled hand-to-hand combat, Stealth, Smarts, Intelligence, Strong, Quick, Dead on accuracy, Ninja of sorts, and a incredible Hunter.
    Miniature Bio: The Hunter spawned when the supernatural became more and more of a presence in the city. He became feared among the supernatural due to his superior skills, violent reputation, shoot first and ask questions later persona, and his large range of weapons deadly to the supernatural. He is fearless and will not stop until his target is destroyed.



    He looks pretty nasty. Love the helmet/ mask


    This is a product of boredom and pure adding random parts together until it resembled a man because I had no idea what character to make.

    I call him, the Raider. He is a hunter of sorts and is usually for hire to the highest bidder.




    Great characters.


    @Hammerknight said:

    Great characters.



    This Character, Tom, is some hero I made oh so long ago. A little history of him: I was little and played with the smaller G.I. Joes and my dad and I (well I’d ask my dad) would take them apart by unscrewing the small screw in the back of the action figures. We would then mismatch and interchange pieces to create a total different figure. I, one day, myself took apart two G.I. Joes and swapped heads and then added a cowboy hat to him. Thus I created my first action hero ever, Tom I called him. I always made him the badass and nearly untouchable, the goto man for any adventure my little mind could conjure up. As I grew up and still played with action figures to live out epic action movies through my toys, I started giving tom a back story. He was a special rank in the military and probably the most heroic and best solider in the USA. He was a legend and fear among enemies and a privilege to see to allies. One day, Tom was in an abandoned house for a mission to recover a top secret device used for chemical terrorism, but was lead into a trap by his own team. An explosion meant to kill Tom caused severe burns and chemical effect of his skin slowly becoming dissolved. Luckily, he was found and put into a chamber to stay alive. The top of the line in the Government and Top Secret projects, a company called Fringe Corp., created a nano suit used to create super soldiers, but i was yet to be tested. It was altered to fit Tom and used to release a chemical compound to slowly heal tom overtime. It was a success and Tom became a super solider who became more of a legend. I have yet to add a more convincing and cool back story for him. But that is what my young mind created.
    Later, I grew into the 12inch G.I. Joes with a friend of mine. Once again I modded more figures and created a 12inch version of my hero, Tom.

    Anyway, today, I felt like creating him on here, since I grew out of playing with action figures haha.



    Random character

    I call him “Titanium Hornet”




    Neat! I really dig the boots and the helmet.

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