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    Very cool, I love the pose and all of his armor. Freezing and electricity powers seems like a pretty darn cool combo to me. Smile


    Alexander of Limbo

    I agree with everything Jeimuzu said, that’s some great pose work, the colouring is good too and i love the use of shoulder parts for armour Smile



    Ooh, nice! Both of them.


    Thanks you guys! You make me feel really proud of my work! Makes me more motivated to keep creating! Here are a few more of my creations for The Crimson Archer to face!

    Name: Unknown
    Allis: The Creeper
    Species: Human
    Abilities: No real powers, however he is a very big sadist, as well as being a master of tactic, trickery, persuasion, and with the use of his high intelligence… is able to play dangerous games with hero.

    Name: Unknown
    Allis: Rebel
    Species: Human
    Abilities: Unusually High amount of Charisma, Superior Intelligence to the point of near above Genius Level, Enhanced Agility, Master of hand-to-hand combat, and a slowed rate of Cellular Regeneration.

    Name: Jack Foster
    Allis: The Sadist
    Species: Human
    Abilities: Ninja (Self explanatory), Very Wise and Silent, can Teleport, Enhanced Speed and stamina, constant healing and regeneration, and superhuman strength.



    I really like The Sadist, his mask is super cool. Reminds me of something from the game Army of 2. Great costume as well, I love all the little details.


    @Jeimuzu said:

    I really like The Sadist, his mask is super cool. Reminds me of something from the game Army of 2. Great costume as well, I love all the little details.

    Thanks Jeimuzu! Yeah, it does look a but like the one smiley helmet I think Salem wears…or could be Rios, or one of the new guys (I really only played the first one). And the little details seems a bit unfair to the other two doesn’t it haha?…I clearly spent more time on the Sadist, shhhh!


    Alexander of Limbo

    oh wow the sadist is just awesome! Laugh


    @Alexander of Limbo said:

    oh wow the sadist is just awesome!




    Awesome page! Creeper reminds me a little bit of the joker, I really like rebels pose. It is simple but cocky, reminds me of bane… and of course the sadist is great :)


    @Shawn said:

    Awesome page! Creeper reminds me a little bit of the joker, I really like rebels pose. It is simple but cocky, reminds me of bane… and of course the sadist is great

    Thanks! And I’d say Creeper is a combo of The Joker and Scarecrow. I wanted a character with that shrug or high shoulders and hung head look like in the Dark Knight’s Joker. I just chose Rebel’s pose as if he were walking up on a stage, encouraging an up roar.


    Here’s a fun one I found in my mess of saves! I call him, Creature! He starts as a parasite and slowly consumes his host. Not much is known of this…this creature, but it will take more than the world has to offer to take it out.

    It all started from experimenting with a planarian worm, since it can regrow its own head and memories with it. It was a research study that Dr. Roth could not pass up. After much experimenting and studies, Dr. Roth was ready to test it upon a death row inmate. The Government ordered the decapitation of the man to be used as a guinea pig. The inmate was injected with the the serum and began to struggle with a new found strength shortly after. With a big struggle, the inmate was thrown into the glass container the worm itself was being kept. At that moment, Dr. Roth sliced the inmate’s head off with a fire axe in a blind fit of rage. There, the worm crawled into the severed neck, only to be merged with the regenerative cells of the slowly growing new head.
    The body was kept in a cell to watch as time passed. Within hours, a new head was formed that was an exact copy of the original. The man spontaneously went into a fit of rage himself, due to his instant memory regain. The team responsible for security tranquilized him and locked him up for further study. However, as days passed, the man began to feel pains and randomly would go unconscious. On one fateful day, the man’s screams could be heard throughout the whole laboratory and as security went to check on him, the man’s screams were turning into high pitched what sounded like growls. Upon opening the cell, the team of security saw the man’s muscles and bones popping out in various places and bulges growing from all places…quite a horrific scene. One of the security leaders couldn’t handle it and full out started unloading his pistol into the abomination…but that only angered whatever it was that was slowly taking over the man. The rate of transformation accelerated and ever so slowly, the man formed into the Creature. With a deep demonic laugh, the Creature lunged and killed the team of security. But as the cameras showed, the Creature seemed to start absorbing the team.
    Dr. Roth, who happened to be in the room where the camera’s footage was displayed, fled in a quick clumsy manner. Long story short, the Crimson Archer was brought into the situation and couldn’t manage to beat the thing. Nothing worked to kill the Creature, it just kept regrowing and regenerating. It was becoming too strong. So, The Crimson Archer lured the Creature into a space center, where a satellite was being launched, and attached the Creature to the satellite, launching it into space…riding it from the planet for good…so they thought.
    Upon entering space, a very small meteor was heading towards Earth’s atmosphere. Seeing this, the Creature ejected the newly created worm to the meteor. Now, ironically, Dr. Roth was studying this meteor as a side job to get away from all the scary Government projects. The worm made its way into Dr. Roth, embedding itself deep within Dr. Roth…waiting for the moment to reveal itself. However, the parasite gained accelerate cellular regeneration and shape shifting through a mysterious radiation the meteor gave off. The Creature now waits to ingest its greatest desire, The Crimson Archer.

    Abilities: Massive accelerated Cellular Regeneration, Shape Shifting, Overwhelming Intelligence, Memory Regeneration as well as adding memories from its victims, Super Strength, Almost Invulnerable, and many of bizarre abilities.




    Cool, that is one of the best muscle characters I’ve seen here. I also like the long torn pant leg.



    Cool!!! BTW, what’s with the head in the body? It’s freaking me out.


    Vampyrist – Thanks! That is quite a compliment :) !

    Lightningsword – Thanks bud! And yeah, that’s one of the victims being absorbed ;)


    Here’s another muscle like creature

    Name: Jockey
    Abilities: Incredible strength, Speed, Jumping/Leaping (agility), Claw fingers are able to grow or retract, flexible, able to climb walls with sharp claws, and able to stretch body to a limit.
    Miniature bio: A man possessed with an insidious demon who fed on him from the inside out. Not much is know from his insane creature, but he has a short temper and graves for carnage and violence. His signature move to take is pouncing onto his victims’ shoulders and using his claws to rain down stabbing and scratching, while the victim runs around helplessly in pain, thus the name Jockey was given to him.


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