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    The Atomic Punk

    @Ubiquitous Pixel said:
    Time for my next villain for my hero, Guardian Angel…and give me some slack, I created the pose on my own here. I know it needs some improvement.

    I can’t even draw stick figures. It’s what “drew” me to HeroMachine in the first place. Myself, and I believe most HM’ers, I look past many of the minor errors and flaws. The intent is there and the message comes through. That’s what’s important.

    Destroyer is a cool character. I like the pose and the head is wicked.



    Oh, that’s one mean, fighting machine.


    Anarchangel – Thanks! I think I need to start posting more good guys though! Poor Guardian Angel is getting put through hell…eh ha ha…get it?

    Atomic Punk – Nicely said, very nicely said. However, I can draw outside of heromachine, so I am my biggest critic Cry And Thanks, he was fun to make! I can post a blank pose if anyone wants to download it so they can make something! Just need to figure out how to do that…

    Lightningsword – Haha thanks!!


    Name: Jon Hart
    Alais: Alloy
    Species: Cyborg

    Powers: Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed, The metal alloy used to create his cybrog parts is near invulnerble, Enhanced Sight, Able to shoot high engery beams out of retractable extentders (on his back), Enhanced Jumping Height, Enhanced Intellect, and Can produce high a high electrical current.

    Reduced Bio: Jon Hart was a very high respected man in the Marines and is very well known back at home. He has saved the lives of many of his brothers in arms and as well as stopped many enemy assaults. However, one fateful day, Jon attempted to save a squad trapped behind enemy lines, but failed because the enemy detonated the facility that held captive the lost squad. Jon, being such a high military asset, was collected from the remains of the facility by a secret Government organization called AAT (Advanced America of Tomorrow). They developed a rare metal alloy to fuse with Jon and create a robotic superhuman soldier. The experiment was a success, but Jon was unconscious somewhere deep inside this new version of him, so he was controlled to take out various enemy bases without mercy. AAT soon used Jon to attack Guardian Angel, but Guardian Angel used his kind and inspirational heart to waken Jon within, thus granting Jon control over his new found body. Raged by what an abomination he has become and the fact he was chosen to be revived among the others lost, he destroyed the facility that created him…killing everyone involved in his creation. Now, Jon goes by the name Alloy and is considered rouge, unable to be found…even by Guardian Angel.


    Jon without his Enhanced Helmet



    Love the overall design of Alloy, seeing inside his chest is a really nice effect.



    You, my friend, are very creative.
    And, I see you have some problems with postibg texet files. Justo look for the thread “How to post your characters!” hopefully that will help. Again you are great at HM, you put my characters to shame.Wink



    The heart through the chest is fantastic. Great character.


    Jeimuzu – Thanks! And yeah, I thought it gave him a more “a machine with heart” look!

    Lightningsword – Thanks for such the kind words, my friend! Oh thanks, I’ll go look for that! Once again, you are too kind! And I’m sure you have plenty of characters that would put up a nice battle to mine Wink

    Anarchangel – Thanks man!


    This was made just for fun. It’s Guardian Angel swooping in to save his true love, his real light to all darkness.




    Wow, cool pose and positioning!




    Just for fun…


    Time for one of Guardian Angel’s greatest enemies, Isaac Slade.

    Name: Isaac Slade
    Species: Cambion

    Powers/Abilities: Control of fire, Can see flaws within people, Superior Intellect, Demon like strength, High charisma, Master in hand to hand combat, Master marksmen, Immune to all disease and sickness, Slowed cellular regeneration, Sense of corruption or darkness seems to strengthen him, High wealth to accomplish almost anything, Overall enhanced human abilities, Telekinesis, and able to corrupt others with persuasion.

    Weakness: Holy fire, Low moral if around too much good, faith, or hope, Spells, Some magic, and minimum other demon like weaknesses.

    Reduced Bio: Isaac was born into the wealthy Slade family, becoming the son of the infamous Darius Slade. Isaac was always neglected as a child by his father since his father viewed him as the causes of his wife’s death, since the birth of Isaac killed his mother. As time carried on, Isaac was that “Bad boy” at highschool with a high amount of charisma and intellect, along with his family name protecting him, he could get away with almost anything. However, there was always that one classmate that he found to always be his revival, Damon Knight. As time moved on again, Isaac became 2nd in command of Slade Inc. and was obsessed with the city’s hero, Guardian Angel. He wanted so badly to capture him and discover his powers and how he has come into existence, but that path led him to other discoveries. Isaac discovered a relic that explained the prophesies of closing heaven and hell to reset the world. Within the writings of the relic, Isaac learns of an Angel being chosen to descend into earth and take over a vessel to give birth to a Nephilim. That Nephilim would later be used for sacrifice as part of a trail to close the gates to both heaven and hell. However, a side scripture within the relic that seems to translate before Isaac’s eyes, says the story of a demon chosen to rise to posses a man to give birth to a cambion. This cambion’s destiny would be to destroy the Nephilim first by corruption, and completing a trial to close the gates of Heaven so demons can rule by the rising of Hell upon Earth. Isaac soon realizes his inner obsession with Guardian Angel is due to himself being the cambion.



    Name: John Black
    Allais: Herculean
    Species: Human, With a spirit of a powerful Alien

    Powers: Super Strength, Super Speed, Near Invulnerable, X-Ray vision, Flight, Cellular Regeneration, Phasing, Energy Generation, and all other human aspects enhanced.

    Weakness: Any compound found from the spirit’s original planet that has absorbed its light, The rare earth metal Astatine severely weakens him…makes him a near to death human, and some forms of magic.

    Reduced Bio: John Black was your typical man behind the cubical in any office. His boss was laying off most of his coworkers and it was rumored that John Black was next. Walking home from a bad day of work, a meteor broke through Earth’s atmosphere and headed towards Manhattan. It landed only some odd yards away from John in a small neglected park, creating a massive radioactive blast that knocked down John. The curiosity got to him, and John went to take a look at the meteor. Once up close, the meteor appeared to have pulsing glowing green veins and aura. A quick sensation of indescribable peace and tranquility over came Jon and it near possessed him to place his hand upon the meteor. Once his hand met with the meteor, a large flash of green light swarmed John and created a large blast that reached far beyond miles and miles, causing a near nation black out. What happened was that a great alien refugee placed his cellular construct and essence of his soul inside a life preserving support system…which we see as a meteor. John, upon touching it, caused a cellular fusion and possession of the Alien’s soul. Since our galaxy is constructed so differently and contains many different forms energy and cells, it causes the alien within John to have super abilities. Thus creating what John calls himself, Herculean. (Sorry, getting hard to write so much…got to cut myself off!)


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