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    You are way dang better than me!


    @Lightningsword said:

    You are way dang better than me!

    We are both good in our own way Wink


    Herr D

    Your question on post #57? I would think whether or not you cut part of the arm out by masking, you should find a head to use as the shoulder itself. They already look more ‘anatomical’ than the insignia/tech circle.


    Haven’t been around in a while, but here is a creation of mine I’d like to share! Not shading though, just your classical creation!

    Name: Regenerative Ninja
    Species: Human
    Abilities: Cellular Regeneration and superhuman speed, agility, and stamina.




    Wow. Nice designs. So far Herculean is my favorite.


    Thanks! And yeah, he was my first hero idea!



    Cool, love that pose Smile


    Name: Chase Black
    Allis: Ghost
    Species: Human
    Abilities: Amazing accuracy, Expert in firearms, Master in hand to hand combat, Advanced Intelligence, Tactics Master, Cellular Regeneration, and Enhanced Strength.
    Weakness: Anything laced with the chemical compound that gave him his regenerative abilities and used to hurt him.

    Reduced Bio: Chase Black, AKA Agent Ghos7, was a highly paid hitman under Government supervision of the group called F.L.A.G. (Federal Legion Alliance Group). His moral was always in question by his superiors due to his hero like tendencies and disregard to authority. Chase usually always denied a mission to taken down a target his saw as innocent or only needed to be terminated due to the Governments own interest. However, one mission was assigned to Chase that required the termination of a rouge scientist of F.L.A.G. Chase was tricked into believing that the scientist was trying to give away crucial information to enemies that could potentially harm the United States, so in other words, the scientist was performing treason. Chase took the assignment and took his doubts with. Upon finding and wounding the scientist, Chase learned the scientist was fleeing from F.L.A.G. because of the experiments being done upon Hitmen of the same Attributes like Chase. They were creating a chemical to give certain Hitmen healing and enhanced other abilities. F.L.A.G. was attempting to become overly powerful and take over the Government. Furious, Chase went to the secret labs to destroy it. Long story short, an explosion occurred with Chase still in the building.
    Chase awoke in a cryo-chamber and managed to get out of it. Upon viewing himself in a mirror, he saw he not only wasn’t dead and not even wounded, but all other scars on him were completely gone. F.L.A.G. brought him back from the dead using the freshly and untested chemical. Before any scientist could wipe his memory, Chase escaped the facility and went rouge. Now, chase goes under the name “Ghost” due to him being, or should be, dead. Also, he wears a tight Skull mask due to his face should be severely damaged because of the explosion, but isn’t by the forces of his new found ability. Chase, now Ghost, has vowed to bring down F.L.A.G. and anyone who gets in his way. Using his knowledge as a previous Hitman, his abilities, and his urge of vengeance, he is one of the most feared vigilantes. He also, in his spare time, takes assignments to take down powerful villains that fulfill his code of worth being killed.




    Another cool character, and I like the hand adjusting the tie.



    That skull is fantastic.


    @Jeimuzu said:

    Another cool character, and I like the hand adjusting the tie.

    Thanks man! And yeah, it gave him a cocky feel


    @Vampyrist said:

    That skull is fantastic.



    Here’s an alternate version of Chase Black



    Dude that’s awesome! I’ve never seen that skull before! Great job!


    @Nug said:

    Dude that’s awesome! I’ve never seen that skull before! Great job!

    Which one Surprised ??

    But thanks so much!

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