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    First attempt with shading and all with my favorite creation




    Nice job on the glowing angel, he really looks epic with all that lighting.


    Thanks man Laugh !!



    I’m starting to develop envy.Laugh


    @Lightningsword said:

    I’m starting to develop envy.

    That’s one of the 7 deadly sinsSurprisedWink


    For fun, I made a creature/humanoid that was a creation of a mad scientist and the spells of demon possession! A rather interesting fight for Guardian Angel to say the least!




    @Ubiquitous Pixel said:

    @Lightningsword said:

    I’m starting to develop envy.

    That’s one of the 7 deadly sins

    I know, It’s just so cool! BTW, Pumpkinstein is awesomeLaugh


    The Atomic Punk

    Amazing zyps on Pumpkinstein. Great pose and color scheme. I like the use of the wood hands. Those seal the deal.


    Lightningsword – Haha, don’t worry, Guardian Angel will protect you! But, thanks for the kind words, however, I’m still getting my feet wet by testing the waters of the whole shading and all!

    Atomic Punk – Thanks man! I wanted him to look a little wacko! I was cautious on the hands actually, but in the end, I figured he could use his vines and all to his advantage in combat!



    Wow. The lighting and shading on Pumpkinstein is fantastic!


    @Trekkie said:

    Wow. The lighting and shading on Pumpkinstein is fantastic!

    Thanks!! I’ve looked at your work…you are much better than I!


    Okay so, I want to make a battle seen…this is the poses I have so far. I’d like suggestions on how to better them. I’ll be off throwing around some weights, so hopefully when I come back, I’ll have some creative minded community responses Laugh

    P.S. – How can I better the shoulder on the guy to the left?



    Mad Jack

    I’m not great at posing, but maybe if you simply put a mask on the extended arm, so that the little overlapping part disappears? And maybe move it a few clicks (2 or 3) to the left? Or did you mean the other shoulder?! Wink



    Alright, UP (heh.) the first thing I do when I encounter things like this is either go to the kneepads section and get the knee piece itself. The other one is get a whole arm and mask it to a shape. Hope this helps!
    P.S. you might want to change the feet and just outstretch the one on FootRight-MaleStandard last page.
    And you are becoming better and better (than me) by the minute!


    Thanks for the suggestions guys! And the compliments ;) ! Also, haven’t visited heromachine in a while! But here is, once again, Guardian Angel!


Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 627 total)

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