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    Whoa, Pixel! You’ve really working the ‘machine! Keep it up!


    Here’s the Spider, in a pose that looked to me like he was tossing an empty clip


    Name: Marcel Égal
    Alias: Libiro

    Abilities: Extremely talented swordsmen and master of all forms of combat, highly stealthy, master tracker, peak of human psychology and physiology, peak of of human senses, cannot stay dead unless ends his own life, cursed to keep balance or he will become injured, and highly intelligent. If he is to be killed, he usually will go after the one who killed him for balance. He is believes his life is a curse.



    Huh, you’re really in a ninja mood right now, aren’t you? I like all three of them, the poses are pretty damn amazing.
    I also like how you remembered to have Libiro grab the sheath with his other hand when pulling the sword free.


    Huh, you’re really in a ninja mood right now, aren’t you? I like all three of them, the poses are pretty damn amazing. I also like how you remembered to have Libiro grab the sheath with his other hand when pulling the sword free.

    Ninja like poses and so easy to make, and I usually make them when I’m bored! It’s a good way to practice poses:)! Thanks for the compliments 😀


    Name: Jason Drake

    Alias: Lone Wolf


    Name: Jax Stathem
    Alias: Mayhem
    Abilities: Cellular Regeneration, Great Detective, Expert combatant, and very tech savy.

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    Mad Jack

    Love the mask. Well done! 🙂


    Name: John Quiten
    Alias: The Raven
    Abilities: Master at multiple forms of combat/material arts, Superior Intelligence, Above top human physical perfection, and a of certain clairvoyant alter ego/entity called “The Raven”.


    Name: Unknown
    Alias: Maniac

    Abilities: Master tactician, Accelerated healing, intelligent fighter, stealthy, and expert combatant


    Name: Nick Arkham

    Here is a copy and paste of his mini bio: Nick was never a believer in faith or any type of magic or unearthly powers, but he was proven wrong when he got the mark of soul accidentally burned to his arm. It works but only once and it’s power to absorb all the dead in a certain area into the host of the mark. The power was awoken when Nick was in a tragic building fire, having the building collapse with at least over 150 people in the building. Nick died, but only for a moment since the mark absorbed all the lost souls in the building, granting Nick over a 100 chances to defeat death. For each time Nick dies, he releases a soul and becomes that much weaker. He has to live with the guilt of being the only survivor and taking advantage of people’s souls. He uses his “gift” to hunt down criminals and pay his sins in any way possible.

    Here’s a song to listen to while you look at the portrait, I feel it would be his theme song.


    Mad Jack

    Nice work. But…

    … and please don´t get me wrong (no offense meant) … you know that that’s the exact same origin story than that of Francis “Chas” Chandler, best friend and “sidekick” of John Constantine in the tv-show? I think it was episode 10 “Quid pro quo” where the origin of his power of resurrection was revealed …


    Name: Alister Castle (Likes to be Called Al and hates his full name)
    Alias: Alister  (With Mask on)

    Abilities: Superior Intellect, Master Manipulator, Heightened Senses, Technically Insane, Poised, Good with hand-to-hand combat, a sadist, and master mind criminal.

    Bio: Al the unbreakable Castle, as he was called among the town for being an unbeatable defense attorney. His job pays well and his life is of most desirable dreams, however, he is not happy. He is good at his job and highly talented with words, but his power comes at a cost, a heavy and guilty conscious. He knows some of his clients are guilty of even the most heinous of crimes. It makes him hate a majority of people and the justice system, he feels the world is corrupt and doomed by us living on it. From the outside, Al is a gentlemen and highly liked among his peers, but sometimes hated by the public. From the inside, he has his demons…deep hatefulness. He finds himself a weak man, usually unable to do what is right or do what he wants. This all changed one day…
    Al found a black Mask called “The Mask of Liberosis” and unknowingly of its capabilities (The wearer starts to care less about things. It releases conscious thought, feelings, and remorse. The mask looks different on everyone, it makes you act different.) puts on the mask. The Mask begins to alter him…creates a manic alter ego with unstable confidence. He becomes Alister. With dyed green hair to symbolize greed and craze, a tailored armored suit, and his creepily insane mask…Alister soon become one of the most sadistic and elusive criminals. He nemesis being Nick Arkham and his obsession with making Nick waste his “lives” and killing him once and for all.


    I don’t know much on the DC side of stories and much of Constantine, other than he is a demon hunter and has the use of Magic. In the TV show, that man has roughly like, 47 chances at life? Although in the comics, I believe, he is a little different and it has to do with Angels and what not. He isn’t vary popular or even well known. I think the TV show even made up his origin story? I just research Chas Chandler. Ideology is very similar (Of the cancelled TV show version of Chas), but the characters and stories are very much different. There are similarities between the characters after doing some research, but when aren’t there any in today among DC and Marvel or even other characters?

    Nick Arkham, has over a 100 souls stuck within him. I planned on making stories about this character I made because I’m proud of him.  He cannot die in the same exact way twice. He has heightened abilities with each soul baring that it is essentially another human body within him. Sometimes Nick Arkham sees visions of life within the souls he has. Also, his habbits sometimes change due to the personality of a said soul within him. He struggles sometimes because some of the souls within him are evil or criminals.  Nick is very depressed and hates his life as he survived and he hates to waste a “life”. He is a detective and of sorts an anti hero. For his death, along with everyone else, I couldn’t find a mass destructive way to kill over 100’s of people (Didn’t wanna do a plane crash).

    In Constantine, John casts a spell on the other guy, which I believe is different in the comics.

    All in all, I don’t mean to copy, but I see my character as similar, but different. Like in most Cases of DC and Marvel. I made a character very similar to this, “Soul Sucker” and he has hundreds of souls.

    Nick Arkham, I was worried people would think he was a copy of Constantine, just because of the Trench Coat. I wanted to make a dark and depressed hero. Batman is taken so I went along with Nick Arkham (I really like that word “Arkham” and I am running out of names). I wanted someone like Castile (Who is based off of Constantine). As for the smoking part, it’s a cliche detective prop and depressing tone inducer.

    All in conclusion, I find my character original with multiple differences.

    End Rant


    “I don’t have a ludicrous or gifted mutated ability at cellular regeneration. The only power I have to numb the pain is alcohol. I deserve to look like this…even though it will only be for a while. Maybe I can make it to town before I start to pass from the burns and melted away flesh. I can feel myself slipping away, but I’m holding on to punish myself. I feel the next passenger clawing at my shell, wanting me to die to be released…”

Viewing 15 posts - 481 through 495 (of 627 total)

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