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    @Stulte said:

    Awesome shading!

    Thanks man!


    Name: Redrick Northman
    Allis: Slayer
    Abilities: Is a vampire=supernatural strength, speed, regeneration, hearing, smell, stamina, and sight. Redrick wears a special necklace by day that grants him the ability to walk in the day light but also weakens him. Is an expert combatant and skilled in self defense. Has a variety of gadgets to aid him in killing various evil supernatural villains and creatures. His gloves and boots allow him grasp onto walls of certain material. Is a master escape artist and “master of the shadows”, in other words, he is incredibly stealthy. Centuries have made him knowledgable, incredibly intelligent, wise, and master survivalist. Uses his wealth to purchase unique armor to protect him against his vampiric weaknesses.




    Love the cape and his expression. The pose is pretty neat too. Nicely done.



    I really like Slayer’s cape and Sadist mask. Great stuff!



    That cape is amazing!


    Thanks for all the compliments everyone :)


    Name: Wade Parker
    Allis: Metal Man
    Abilities: Super human strength, speed, reflexes, and cellular regeneration. The rare metal that consumes his body is nearly indestructible.

    Bio: Running into a seemingly abandoned factory from that cops from a crime he didn’t commit, Wade Parker, wound up in a science project of a crazed scientist. The scientist was experimenting on cellular regeneration and created these nano cells made out of rare earth metals and other elements. Various tests failed and the scientist was giving up. At this point, Wade attempted to escape, but during it, the factory exploded…causing the remaining element Nano Zero, to explode and bond with Wade in the mitts of the explosion. Wade later awoke in the remains, with no memory. Now, Wade’s skin is in constant regeneration with the element, causing him abnormal abilities. His bones are made of pure rare earth metals and his skins immediately heals and generates upon damage. Also, his skin can be overcome by an indestructible nano mentalish skin, giving him super strength, reflexes, jumping abilities, speed, and enhanced other human performances. However, the same nano element radiated can cause weakness to Wade.



    Name: Nick Wilson
    Allis: The Spider
    Abilities: Super reflexes, enhanced strength, increased stamina, cellular regeneration, poisonous blood, master at all forms of combat, and can stick to most surfaces.




    Now that’s a cool character! I love his costume design.


    @Jeimuzu said:

    Now that’s a cool character! I love his costume design.

    Thanks Jeimuzu!


    Name: Anathema
    Allis: None
    Abilities: Unknown…considered extremely deadly and powerful.

    Bio: From the various bodies of damned souls and hatred. Formed by the corruption of the dead in the deepest dark places of hell. A hell hound pushed into a pool of the damned and the angry, pain stricken, revengeful spirits latched on to the beast for any sort of hope of escape, but instead the blood of the hell hound fused with the damned souls and created a beast that consumed demons within the area to then trying to escape hell, consuming or destroying what ever lie in its path.




    WOAH! That’s awesome, and intimidating.


    @JR19759 said:

    WOAH! That’s awesome, and intimidating.

    Just don’t cross him…it…the creature! Thanks though, it’s always a pleasure to get a comment from you


    Name: Dexter
    Allis: Dr. Klepto
    Abilities: Unlimited capacity for knowledge, high tech armory, the ability to study a person’s brain and gain their abilities.

    Bio: Dr. Dexter Reed was a brilliant neurologist and world renown expert on the human brain. Obsessed with living forever to keep his research on the brain continuous, he created a serum he thought would stop aging significantly. Sadly, it only did the opposite, and thus Dr. Reed was dying. Through his final days, he learned he had created an ability within himself to gain knowledge or abilities of others via studying their brain. He learned in a horrible way, however. Dexter had an overwhelming hunger or need for something, and he couldn’t figure out what it was. On a trip to the doctor, he walked past a room with real samples of human organs for study…and saw a brain. He was drawn to it…heart pumping and eyes glazed with a euphoric feeling. He grabbed the container with the brain and immediately smashed it, picked up the brain and began to study it…turning it, flipping it, and opening it up carefully. Something clicked in his own brain…a full feeling after about 20min of looking at it…whosever brain it originally was now had its learned abilities within Dexter. Suddenly, Dexter could removed his glasses and see! Frantic, he left the doctor to go back to his lab. A month pasted and Dexter was getting to his end, but he had examined hundreds of brains to build up knowledge on creating a suit to preserve his brain. As a last resort…he hired a surgeon to place his brain into a container that could fasten upon the robotic suit…thus he created his no longer human form. The liquid and suit kept his brain alive and thus himself, due to his abilities. Dexter’s suit also has computerized lenses that project graphic eyes so he can see. Now, Dexter goes around killing for abilities and to continue his research.



    Cool and anathema is astounding!

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