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    And now finally back to something of my own. This is a redesign of my character Firefly. She is a member of my group The Guardians and fellow member Wicked‘s sister. She is a teleporter. Redesign first, old images in spoilers.




    Fantastic redesign!



    C’est beau, monsieur!



    I am in LOVE with the mask on Gold Cross. It looks so regal and menacing at the same time.



    ams stole the words right out of my mouth!Wink



    Firefly’s certainly evolved!



    I love every single face in your thread: the shading, the emotion, the beauty, the ugliness. You are the freaking master of faces!


    Thank you all! Extra special thanks to Weilyn! I don’t think I’ve ever been called a master at anything! Thank you! Smile

    And here’s an entry into the Pop Quiz. Not completely finished but it’s bedtime and I wanted to get this in. I do plan to finish him though.

    Lord Freezeborg


    Alexander of Limbo

    @Weilyn said:

    I love every single face in your thread: the shading, the emotion, the beauty, the ugliness. You are the freaking master of faces!

    I agree with Weilyn, and while there are tutorials and tip pages on how to do more detailed faces i think it would be awesome if you could through something together to teach us how to give the faces the same level of character yours have. Laugh


    Thank you Alexander of Limbo for the compliment. There really isn’t anything I can do tutorial wise that would be better than what HeroMachine Master Zyp has put together here It’s the tutorial I learned from and all the techniques I use are explained in it. A personal touch I usually use on my faces are bigger than standard eyes. Areas of highlights I focus on are cheekbones, nose, chin and forehead. And Zyp’s tip about using eyebrows to add details to the face is a technique I use often. Another thing I do often is google whatever facial expression I wish to use on my character and try to copy what I see. And that’s about it. Hopefully this was helpful.


    Ok, I don’t know how to get the link thing to work.


    Blue Blazer

    I was having trouble earlier as well. I ended up logging out and then back in and it’s working now.


    Another entry into Blue Blazer’s character redesign contest

    Killer Bee


    For the Color My Character Challenge

    R.I.P. by ams



    For JR19759’s design contest

    Stax – Red(rage) Solarian

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