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    For Livewyre’s villains contest

    The Exile


    Another redesign of one of my own characters. Another member of The Guardians. This is Hijo. He has the power of control over the earth and plant life. He also has some control over smaller bodies of water and can communicate with animals. Redesign first, original design in spoiler.




    I love Hijo,he is awesome!


    Alexander of Limbo

    Loving them all, but The Exile looks like he can be convinced to be a good guy. He doesn’t look too evil to me. That being said i do fear Furbies, and i’ve been told they don’t look dangerous


    Thanks guys. And I see it to Alexander of Limbo, I don’t think I got enough anger in his expression. And the white doesn’t help either. So I made some adjustments. Any better?

    The Exile


    The Atomic Punk

    I like both versions of The Exile. I prefer the white costume. When brainstorming or designing alien characters, I try to add a unique or uncommon cultural reference. In some earth cultures, white is a reference to death or evil. Not to say that black can’t represent bad things. I just like to mix it up.

    Personal favorite was a campaign that I ran with wood folk as the main characters. They weren’t laughing when the faerie queen’s pink unicorn stomped all over their brownie butts.


    Thanks Atomic Punk. And I think I like the white better too. You’re right, just because he’s evil doesn’t mean he has to wear black.


    For dblade’s contest

    Ms. MangaDB-Ms-Manga2.png



    Your faces are super expressive! I love ’em!


    Alexander of Limbo

    Yep, the new Exile definitely looks more evil


    Thanks guys!


    For Blue Blazer’s current redesign contest



    For Color My Character Challenge #2

    Gabriel by JR19759



    Well, that’s just aweseme right there!



    well that is beautiful!you really gave that face some real expression and the masked design and colors on the gloves are woderfully mached with the leg wear!I am sure JR is lovin’ it!good job!

Viewing 15 posts - 166 through 180 (of 513 total)

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