The always awesome Zyp has graciously put together a brief guide on how you can create incredible looking faces in HeroMachine 3 just like he does! I've always been impressed with the dimensionality and personality he gets into his characters, and really appreciate his sharing his secrets with us. Thank you, Zyp!

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  1. You, sir, have spoiled us. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing, Zyp.

  2. Wow Zyp, that is truly inspired. Thanks for making all heads available for the 3/4ths view. That solves a problem I’ve been having with a work in progress.

  3. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    Well done Zyp. Very creative indeed.

  4. AWESOME!! Great tutorial from a kick-ass artist! I wasn’t sure how you got the 3/4 turns on your items, but now that you have shared your technique a whole new avenue has been opened. As you say in your posts, “BACK TO THE LAB….!”


  5. Avatar SeanDavidRoss

    This is great stuff. Thank you for sharing it, Zyp.

  6. Great tutorial Zyp. Could come in very useful. Thanks!

  7. Excellent Machinery, Sir Zyp! Truly you deserve the title of Master Machinist.

  8. Thanks, Zyp! This will be so helpful!

  9. Oh wow. Nice tutorial. I have one with a side face, but that not so good like yours. Very good explanation for beginner and experienced people. For myself i donΒ΄t think about the easy idea with the mounth. Thanks a lot.

  10. Thanks Zyp. Your instructions are so well put together, this looks very doable. I can’t wait to try it out.

  11. Great work Zyp. I think a lot how to make the face more living. This tutorial answer my questions.


  12. Avatar Hammerknight


  13. Like the hints on eyes

  14. Avatar spidercow2010

    Y’know, I suspect Zyp can also turn out pretty cool stuff without Heromachine. Got a site for that, Zyp?

  15. Fantastic guide, Zyp! This is most helpful and the results look very professional.

    I’d also like to mention one thing about the ‘cool tip’, you can make gradients whatever size you want by editing save files.

  16. I’m glad if you find this helpful! πŸ˜€

    @spidercow2010(14)I have my deviantart and harhakuva (kinda like finnish deviantart) profiles, though I haven’t uploaded anything in them in a while… Maybe I should though! Anyways here they are:

    @Panner(15) Can you make then as small as you want? Like 0,5%?

  17. @zyp: Absolutely! Just put 0.005 for scaleX amd scaleY. It still renders nicely at high resolutions.

  18. Whoa, that’s awesome! πŸ˜€ thanks Panner!

  19. Is there a tutorial on how to make the female clothes actually fit the body?

  20. Any set that actually has “Female” in the title will work with the first female body without having to do anything else. If you mean you want to fit male items to the female body, then no, there is no tutorial for that. Eventually all of those will have female counterparts.