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    Finished the next update of my SunCross crew. This Is Chris Kelly’s right-hand man.

    Genre – sci-fi/superhero
    Name – Giri Tond
    Alias – Sir Jerry
    Race/Home planet – human/Borann
    Age(in earth years) – 49
    Height – 6’0”
    Weight – 240lbs 
    Occupation – space adventurer, Officer in the United Universal Defense League
    Affiliations – SunCross, UUDL Dagger Squad 0
    Powers – Sir Jerry possesses super strength, speed, durability, agility and reflexes
    Special skills/abilities – Sir Jerry is a master at all known hand held melee weapons, specializing in the use of swords. He is also an excellent shot with his six shooter.  
    Weapons – Sir Jerry carries two to three swords of varying styles and his six shooter with him at all times.



    I've added bios to all the characters I have on this thread so far. Just in case anybody was interested in learning a little more about them or, uh, maybe wanted to nominate them for hero of the month WinkLaugh



    Great work.


    And the next SunCross crew member

    Genre – sci-fi/superhero
    Name – Damian
    Alias – none
    Race/Home planet – n/a
    Age(in earth years) – 43
    Height – 6’3”
    Weight – 280lbs 
    Occupation – space adventurer, bounty hunter, secret soldier
    Affiliations – SunCross, UUDL Dagger Squad 0
    Powers – While possessing no powers special to his race, Damian does have strength and durability far surpassing that of a normal Earth human. He is also able to fly with the use of wings present on all members of his race.
    Special skills/abilities – Damian is an exceptional hand-to-hand combatant and skilled bounty hunter. 
    Weapons – Damian likes large guns, the bigger the better.




    Sweet dude! some great stuff here, are we going to see any villains? 🙂


    Thanks, Virtue Smile

    And yes you will be seeing some villains. Probably not until after I finish the last two of this group though.



    i love how Damian has all the cool aspects of Lillian, and made them masculine, yet kept him original!

    (love the 3 stages of them all)


    Thanks FRM Smile I don't know if I said it above or not, but Damian and Lillian are actually brother and sister.



    AMS has nominated your Blue Blazer remake for HotM. Please post the character and a small profile in the March nomination thread for HotM.


    Here’s the next member of my SunCross crew. Now only one more to do. I really want to be done with these so I can start transferring the rest of my stuff over to here.

    Genre – sci-fi/superhero
    Name – Unknown
    Alias – Oldbeard
    Race/Home planet – n/a
    Age(in earth years) – Unknown
    Height – 6’6″
    Weight – 315lbs
    Occupation – holy man, space adventurer, secret soldier
    Affiliations – SunCross, UUDL Dagger Squad 0
    Powers – Oldbeard possesses super-strength and durability. He also seems to not age at all and his true age is unknown, even to himself.
    Special skills/abilities – Oldbeard is an experienced hand-to-hand combatant. He is also an excellent listener and communicator.
    Weapons – Oldbeard’s weapon of choice is the ax.


    Finally finished the last of the SunCross crew.

    Genre – sci-fi/superhero
    Name – O
    Alias – The Swordsman
    Race/Home planet – n/a
    Age(in earth years) – 67
    Height – 6’0″
    Weight – 215lbs
    Occupation – space adventurer, secret soldier
    Affiliations – SunCross, UUDL Dagger Squad 0
    Powers – Enhanced strength and reflexes.
    Special skills/abilities – O is a master at all forms of swordfighting.
    Weapons – Swords of any kind.



    Virtue wanted to see some villains. So I went through my archives and realized, I don’t really have many villains. I do have a villain race, the Ktarii. So I think now is a good time to introduce the Ktarii royal family, among the baddest bad guys in the universe.

    Ok, so in my universe, humans aren’t exclusive to Earth. In fact, we are among the oldest and make up the majority of beings in the universe. And we humans on Earth are very young among the many races of humans. The Ktarii are believed to be the oldest. The physical characteristics of each human race can vary depending on a variety of things including environment and way of life. The Ktarii have evolved to the point of physical and mental perfection. Most Ktarii have charcoal black skin and green hair with yellow or grey eyes, but some(around 1 in a Billion) are born with chalk white skin with blue hair and green or red eyes. These white skinned Ktarii are considered outcast and are abandoned at birth. If an outcast is born by royalty, it is ceremonially branded and killed at birth. Ktarii possess what would be considered super strength, speed, durability, agility, endurance, healing, and reflexes by Earth human standards. Some Ktarii have been know to display some mental powers. The Ktarii are highly advanced technologically but in the Royal City of Ktar, advanced technology is forbidden. In the Royal City of Ktar life resembles that of medieval times. The Ktarii believe they are the only true race of humans and have vowed to wipe all others from existence.

    Now to meet the royal family, starting with my newest image, King Kiin on his throne. After that is Kiin and his Queen Zor. Then the King’s son, Prince Potaa with some royal guards. And then the family and guards in a throne room. And finally the king’s brother, Lord Mar and his son, General Dyndaa. All but Kiin on throne are old images and are a bit large.



    Ok, next I’m going to post my entries to the just finished series of seven deadly sins contest. For the contests, I decided to make a supervillain team named “The Deadly Sins”

    First was Wrath. I made two entries, with the variant(the second image) getting a finalist nod.

    Wrath – Superstrong killing machine. Lust’s lover.


    The second “Deadly Sin” was Greed. Again I made two entries and again the variant made the finalist list.

    Greed – Former hitman who wants your stuff. Smart enough to get it.


    The third “Deadly Sin” was Pride. Again, two entries with the second being a finalist.

    Pride – The greatest superhero in the world. Just ask him.

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