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    The forth “Deadly Sin” was Lust. I again made two entries. I didn’t get a finalist this time but wasn’t expecting one as I wasn’t very happy with the variant for this one.

    Lust – Maniacal seductress. Wrath’s lover. And Greed’s. And Pride’s. And Gluttony’s. And Envy’s. And Sloth’s. And…


    The fifth “Deadly Sin” was Sloth. I guess fittingly, this is the contest I started doing just one entry per sin.

    Sloth – Telepathic. Telekinetic. Possibly the most powerful being on the planet. Doesn’t care.


    The sixth “Deadly Sin” was Envy. One entry.

    Envy – Amateur inventor. Wannabee sidekick. Pride’s younger brother.


    And the last “Deadly Sin” was Gluttony. One entry.

    Gluttony – Loves food. LOVES power.


    OK, I’m gonna start to slowly bring over my images from the UGO forums. Some I might do updates of, but most probably not. I’m also gonna try and give more info on my characters in this forum than I did in the other one.
    I’m gonna start with my Friday Night Fights 3 team, which made it to the semifinals.

    The Stars
    The concept of my team was that they were all individual competitive fighters, the best in their universe, that joined together to fight in the ultimate multi-universal tournament.
    Trell – Gadgeteer – Super Genius, Leader of the Team
    Sutol – Martial Artist – Martial Artist Supreme
    Jana – Energy Blaster – Heat and Cold Manipulation to the Extreme
    Jean – Mentalist – Omega Level Telepathic and Telekinetic Teen
    Gioh – Brick – Very Big, Very Very Strong, Very Very Very Mean

    And I would just like to note that these are five of my favorite characters and images that I have created. And the group shot too.



    AWESOME characters! I might have to invade your world soon…..



    Great job on the last few characters.


    Thanks guys! Ams, you are welcome to use anything you see on any of my creations. Heck, even do a complete remake if you like.


    Going through my archives looking for the next images to bring over to these forums, I found these two guys. And since they both have ties to “Friday Night Fights 3” and I just reintroduced my team from that contest, I figured now is the perfect time to bring them over.

    The Master
    This guys started out as just a random character I made. I had no story for him or even a set name. When I posted him to the UGO forums I mentioned that I didn’t have a name for him and got a couple of suggestions from other creators. One suggested name was “Lotus”, which was suggested by CPrime. Now, I never really settled on a name for this guy or really thought much about him after that. Then “Friday Night Fights 3” came around I thought he would be perfect for my martial artist. So I updated him a bit to fit in with “The Stars” and for his name I took CPrime’s suggestion, flipped it around to give it an “alien” sound, and viola! Sutol was born.
    Pine Pentalpha
    Pine Pentalpha is not a character of mine. He was Skybandit’s “energy blaster” entry into “Friday Night Fights 3.” I liked him so I asked if I could make an image of him and Skybandit said yes. And this is what I came up with. His design done in my style.



    Very nice work.


    Thanks, Hammerknight Smile


    Tonight I bring to you my three entries into “Character Contest 66: Cyborg” with an update I did not too long ago for one of them. No real background stories on these guys. They were just contest entries. The images are a bit large so you might have to open them in a new tab to see the whole thing.

    I’ll start with my favorite of the three, Killbert. The first image is the update I did using a great pose by ams. The second image here was the contest entry. It got a mention for his “great name.”
    Next is Wheels. Wheels was my very first finalist in a “Character Contest” on HeroMachine. Another one of my favorites.
    Tin Timmy
    Tin Timmy didn’t get a mention but he was a fun little Wizard of Oz inspired character to make.


    Lethal Green

    That is an impressive Squad.
    Top notch work


    Thanks, Lethal Green. Smile


    Ok, I’m back from a short break to bring more characters over to this forum.

    I guess now is a fitting time to bring over my entries into the first Two Great Tastes contest. Here are my entries into that contest, a series of five cheerleaders and a group shot “HeroMachine banner” I made with them. Cheerleader Wizard got a finalist nod. Those will be followed by my “alien cyborg” from the just finished “Two Great Taste AGAIN” contest. I had a lot of fun making the cheerleaders and I really like how the Alien Cyborg turned out.

  • Cheerleader images are large and may need to be opened in new tab to see whole image.
  • Two Great Tastes

    Cheerleader Robot
    Cheerleader Alien
    Cheerleader Ninja
    Cheerleader Wizard
    Cheerleader Cowgirl
    HeroMachine Cheerleaders
    Two Great Tastes AGAIN

    Alien Cyborg

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