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    Love those cheerleaders. But I like the alien cyborg the most of this bunch


    Thanks MisterDinoMan!



    Holy Crap! That cyborg is amazing, everything about it is outstanding. The shading alone is masterful, excellent job!


    Thanks Vampyrist. But now, after looking back at it I noticed that I had the arms up a layer over the torso so a bit of black is showing that I didn’t want. Maybe it’s just me nitpicking but I went and fixed it anyways.

    Alien Cyborg (updated)


    I’ve already added these characters on here. I’ve just renamed them for the current contest. This is the crew of the SunCross.


    The Atomic Punk

    Impressive crew! I’d like to read some of their adventures. Sora Shade is incredible. Great highlights, pose, the rectangular frame, and the eyes really bring it all together.


    Thanks Atomic Smile Sora Shade is my favorite too. I don’t really have any stories for them currently but I’ve been thing about them a lot lately. I’ve been thinking about backgrounds and histories and things like that but it’s all in my head. I’m gonna eventually try and get something written down but I have no idea when.



    Cool stuff. Wink


    Thanks WolfMoon Smile


    I’ve been without a computer for a few months now and I got to tell ya, I really miss being able to create with HeroMachine. Everybody is doing such great work and there are so many great new creators here. I wanna join in the fun. Hopefully I’ll be able to be back at it in a month or so.



    Can’t wait, for your creations are b’dazz! Cool



    one word …AMAZING!


    Thanks Legatus! And thanks Scatman!



    i love Sora Shade’s face, and Lillian’s pose is memorable, and the gun is sweet and well-done!


    Thanks, FRM!

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 513 total)

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