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    Man, I’m a sucker for dual perspectives. Love it. My favourite part was definitely the last paragraph of Donovan’s perspective, especially the last few lines, THE FEEELZ. I’m glad you decided to post them, you should definitely post the other chapter.
    Oh also, short-shorts? With long sleeves? *raises eyebrow in a quizzical expression* Interesting fashion choice.



    Thanks JR! I’ll probably end up posting that chapter later today.

    As for Donovan’s fashion choices, he’s a queer man in a brand new body and sees it as a chance to be more daring with his gender expression (he’s still male-identified mind you, but he’s not so hung-up on being classically masculine and doesn’t mind if something might be perceived as a little feminine). Also… that’s how that particular companion item is drawn, but don’t you like how I justified using it with that whole paragraph about identity? ;)



    Shifting focus from my Kid Chaos soap opera ramblings to the continuing expansion of the Saviors universe. I decided that my ‘Justic League’ needed a team of ‘Teen Titans’ to go with them, and I do love creating young heroes so here’s a few:

    Adam (Name given to him by Pinnacle)

    Bio: When the superheroine Pinnacle was created, she rebelled against her creators causing them to purge their headquarters in an effort to kill her. She thought their research long gone, but a different government organization managed to gain access to surviving fragments of the cloning process that created her and attempted to recreate her. The Saviors uncovered their facility and raided the compound. The researchers at the facility released Peak as a last ditch-effort. His growth was incomplete, flawed. He was almost mindless. Pinnacle managed to subdue him and took pity on him. The Saviors worked together to help him cope with his unstable physiology. Almanac created technological aids to help him control his abilities, Cetacea used her telepathy to help bring together his fractured mind, and the other team members trained him to help others. From there, Peak aided Pinnacle here and there on certain missions, but he began to notice a growing crop of younger posthumans, people like him who were granted wildly powerful abilities and only wanted to do good with them. With Pinnacle’s blessing, Peak reached out to these young heroes and organized them, hoping to pass on the guidance that had helped him so much during his earlier days.
    Abilities: Peak is a modified clone of the posthuman Pinnacle. He possesses all of her abilities: flight, superhuman speed, near invulnerability, superhuman strength, enhanced senses. However, due to his unstable genetic makeup, Peak’s powers initially fluctuated unpredictably. Almanac’s tech implants have helped to stabilize his musculature system, easing the strain his strength once put on his body. The harness he wears around his face stabilizes his sensory abilities, allowing him to use them without being overwhelmed by an overload of input.

    Brett Waits

    Bio: A gifted young man, Brett was a computer science student who inadvertently made contact with a passing extraterrestrial research craft. Intrigued by his potential, this unknown race baited him into tracing it’s source and abducted him. While on their craft, Brett was experimented on, his nervous system tampered with and his legs severed and replaced with high-powered alien prosthetics. Brett managed to break free of his confinement and used the ship’s systems to send out a boosted distress signal. The Saviors picked it up and the ship was destroyed, it’s hostages rescued and returned to Earth. Despite their best efforts, the prosthetics could not be removed from Brett’s body without significant damage to his nervous system, and the risk of leaving him brain dead. He was the first individual Peak reached out to, offered a place on his team.
    Abilities: Brett’s prosthetic legs are indestructible and possess incredible strength. He can use them to leap hundreds of feet into the air or kick through plate steel. They can propel him at supersonic speed. His nervous systems and circulatory systems have been altered to deal with the stresses of high-speed travel, allowing Brett to react and process information at proportionate speed with how fast his legs allow him to move.

    Record Erased

    Bio: A mysterious young woman with technopathic abilities. She has used her powers to manipulate information streams and technology to erase all record of her existence, to facilitate her ‘hobbies’. Blackout began as a cyber vigilante, exposing government secrets and shutting down corporate infrastructure. Almanac’s old government contacts initially requested they find the source of these attacks and shut them down. Upon discovering Blackout’s identity, Peak decided that she could be a useful resource for the team and could given a second chance. He requested the Saviors to stand down and allow him to contact her. She was wary at first, but decided to give it a shot. She was the curious sort after all.
    Abilities: Blackout is a technopath, allowing her to communicate with and manipulate all forms of modern technology. She can see information streams and connect her neurology to any network, regardless of how well protected. Blackout emits a constant security aura that erases her from all forms of electronic surveillance. Any machine that attempts to pick up on her will return a feed of blank space. Blackout has a secondary ability that allows her to charge her nervous system and generate an EMP wave from her body, as a failsafe mechanism should her technopathy spiral out of control.



    Next team members:


    A pair of twins discovered by the team in Central America, Yaguar and Huitzil had been in hiding deep in the jungle amidst undiscovered ruins. Their physiology retards their aging and coupled with their unwillingness to divulge their complete history, it is difficult to say how long they had been there or even how old they are. Huitzil decides to accept the team’s invitation and Yaguar follows her to keep her safe.


    Bio: Naturally a much more outgoing individual than her brother, she relishes being able to explore the outside world and interact with other people. Nevertheless she defers mostly to her brother’s wishes, feeling indebted to him for having kept them alive during their long period of hiding.
    Abilities: Huitzil powers embody the Spirit of the Hummingbird that empowers her. Her mind and body function at a greatly accelerated rate. Her reflexes are lightning quick and she can move her body at speeds faster than the human eye can process. She is able to manifest solid wings of harmonic energy, with which she can fly at subsonic speeds. Huitzil can also produce harmonic vibrations from her body, projecting them outwards as concussive blasts. Like her brother, Huitzil possesses a regenerative healing factor and highly advanced immune system.


    Bio: Incredibly protective of his sister, prefers to keep their history secret, despite his sister’s inclination to open up to their teammates. He keeps his emotions subdued, always quiet, always guarded. He fears losing control of his instincts and having his rational mind overtaken by the Spirit of the Jaguar. Huitzil has hinted that he lost control once, but neither of them has revealed what happened.
    Abilities: Yaguar is the feral embodiment of the Spirit of the Jaguar. His body is altered to a felinoid human shape and he possesses greatly enhanced strength/stamina/durability. His sensory systems are all similarly enhanced. His claws are supernaturally dense and can rend through stone and weaker metals with ease. Like his sister, Yaguar possesses a regenerative healing factor and highly advanced immune system.



    Wow, you rock!! Your latest creations are amazing!!



    @luizpauloromanini said:

    Wow, you rock!! Your latest creations are amazing!!

    I’ve gotta agree.



    Thanks guys! I have one or two members pending, depending on if I can get a little free time during this week, followed by a groupshot!



    Always amazing and inspiring concepts. Your creative well runs deep.



    Mad Jack



    Tried to tap into your creativity but just managed to hit the main water pipe… http://www.heromachine.com/wp-content/legacy/forum-smileys/sf-yell.gif

    Hard to decide which one of your latest works I like most, but I’d say Blackout’s face is certainly among the top 5! http://www.heromachine.com/wp-content/legacy/forum-smileys/sf-cool.gif



    IT’S BEEN SO LONG. (hyperventilates)>>(regains composure)>>(ahem)

    Anyways, I’ve been sitting on these for a while. IMAGE DUMP.

    Here’s the remaining members of Beacon (the name given to my teen superteam)!

    Heather Morris
    Bio: Heather was a captive aboard the same vessel that took Brett, indeed there were a handful of other people on board, but the medical experiments they were subjected to were far more invasive and exploratory. Of the few that survived extraction from the craft, only one or two lived longer than a few months. Heather was a different case. She had been on board much longer, having been abducted in the mid 90s as a child. In between procedures and recovery she was kept in stasis, so her physical age was closer to the teens than the twenties. Brett becomes very protective of her and they form a close bond. She agrees to use the abilities given to her to aid the team, as a non-combatant only. She is a pacifist at heart and hates unnecessary bloodshed.
    Abilities: Heather’s body and neurology was experimented on over the course of almost twenty years, subjected to all manner of unknown procedures using highly advanced technology. Despite appearing biologically human and possessing no physical enhancements, she is an immensely powerful teleporter. She can phase matter in and out of space-time, transporting it across vast distances instantaneously. She was left physically blind, but Heather can sense the space-time continuum intuitively all around her and uses this extra sense to navigate her environment.

    Michael Valenzuela
    Bio: Michael’s father was a former bodybuilder obsessed with the perfection of the human form. His wife died in childbirth, and his intense grief gave way to madness. He isolated himself and Michael in a cabin on the outskirts of town where he subjected him to experimental hormonal therapy and strict regimen of diet and exercise designed to maximize his strength. Eventually Michael’s father began to delve into more radical forms of treatment and started dosing Michael with a black market steroid derived from posthuman DNA. It had proven ineffective in other individuals, but with Michael’s unique physiology the steroid was able to activate and granted him superhuman strength and durability. Eventually to fund his ‘research’ Michael’s father turned to a life of crime, convincing his devoted son to join him. Michael knew their actions were wrong, but acted out of loyalty to his father. When his father eventually met his end in a massive confrontation with police, Michael was remanded into the custody of the US government. They were unsure of what to do with him. He was both a minor and a posthuman criminal. Eventually Almanac of the Saviors organized his release into the custody of Peak and his team as a way of training him and keeping an eye on him.
    Abilities: Michael’s exposure to the posthuman steroid granted him tenfold increase in muscle mass and density almost instantaneously. At resting he has superhuman strength and proportionate durability in the 20-ton class. He can ‘pump’ himself up and increase his strength and mass exponentially, pushing his strength to the 100+ class. He can only maintain this state temporarily, as prolonged transformation tends to wear out his circulatory system and causes him to black out. Extended use of this ability has the potential to kill him.

    Auryn Zek
    Bio: A mysterious being from an hidden society founded on the worship of light. He was cast out of his society for coming into contact with something known as the Great Darkness and becoming infected by its power. He turns to Beacon for help, as forces from his former home have also crossed over, aiming to exterminate the darkness he carries at any cost.
    Abilities: Auryn’s unique physiology makes him stronger/faster/more agile than a regular human being. He can survive without food and water for a much longer period of time as well. His skin gives off a phosphorecent glow at all times, save when the Shadow covers him. His greatest abilities lie in the Shadow grafted to his body. It’s a living organism of pure darkness, that can absorb and extinguish nearby light sources. A living armor that protects Auryn, he can also manipulate it into making tendrils, claws, limbs to use in battle.

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    A revision for Huitzil and Blackout, plus a coloring alt for Sable:

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    Made these guys shortly after the forums went down, I’ve decided to include them in the larger Saviors universe as I like the idea of the two teams clashing.

    THE EIGHT – A mysterious group of posthuman martial artists. They seem to have no set base of operations, operating in all parts of Asia, but maintaining themselves closer to Tibet than not. They are based on the Eight Dharmapalas, wrathful bodhisattvas of terrible power, protectors of Buddhism and the Dharma.

    PACIFIER: Ostensible leader. When in a state of perfect calm he can manifest astral limbs of tremendous strength, hundreds at a time if need be.


    DESTROYER: A terrifying warrior. He wields the Bhava Chakra, the Karmic Wheel of Life, composed of living energy. It does not harm physical matter, but rips through the souls of his opponents, absorbing their life force to add to is power.

    OUTLASTER: Conqueror of death. He cannot die, his body in a constant state of self-regeneration. His fighting style is a brutal and often suicidal hand to hand assault.

    MENDER: A powerful healer, Mender can manipulate life energy to cure disease, heal injury, and even calm a troubled mind. He has a very close bond with Outlaster.

    BENEFACTOR: A mirthful mountain of a man. He is nearly immovable. As a bestower of wealth and prosperity he has the ability to transmute any material he touches into a precious metal or gem. If he touches any such material he can convert his body into a living statue compose of it, vastly increasing his strength and durability.

    SEER: The only female of the Eight, she has sight beyond sight. She can see evil intentions and ill omens, even able to glimpse into the future. She can bestow sight unto inanimate objects, using these talismans in battle to give her a 360 degree field of vision.

    GIVER: An outspoken pacifist with the temper of a warrior, Giver’s abilities embody this duality. He houses two portals in the palms of his hands, sealed at all times except for in great need. The portal in his right hand unleashes a roaring surge of destructive crimson energy at all times. The portal in his left hand absorbs all things, forming a crushing singularity that pulls matter into it from all directions.

    PROTECTOR: His sole existence is to protect the Dharma and its followers. His armor is impenetrable, his swords can cut through anything, and the mystic heart of his Great Enemy beats in concussive bursts of force.



    WOW! Great characters. Favs are Outlaster, Benefactor and Protector.




    Thanks, ams! Always appreciate your feedback 🙂

    So after THE EIGHT, I kind of went on a “What if there were other mystic-type heroes around the world…” kick…

    I’ll start with China.

    WHITE SHADOW: Although she appears to be a teenage girl, Bai Ying is centuries old. She is a protector of The Balance, keeping the forces of light and dark in harmony with each other. She wields two daggers with which channel her distinct magic practices. When channeling Light Magic she reveals all truths and produces bursts of white energy that burn all things tainted by evil. When channeling Shadow Magic she produces an aura that cloaks her movements and can teleport from shadow to shadow.

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    Followed by Japan!

    KOE: He comes from a long line of Shinto specialists, his family’s particular area of expertise being in the belief of kotodama, the power of words. He is the first of his bloodline to exhibit The Voice, the unbelievable ability to alter the nature of the world with only a spoken word. Despite possessing such raw power, Koe chooses to use it in subtle ways. His whispers and softly spoken incantations permeate the island, causing evil forces to subconsciously avoid setting foot there and promoting health and good will in its inhabitants.

    And now Brazil!

    VELHO: Velho is well known in the magic scene. He’s been around a while. Nobody quite knows how long, but the rumor is that at some point he crossed paths with a wickedly powerful Amazonian shaman and was cursed for offending them. He was cursed with Perpetual Unbelonging, trapped in a dimensional state between all dimensions. He will never be able to fully inhabit one plane. He’s wandered South America ever since, wheeling and dealing with the agents of darkness to keep them from harming innocent people. His unique dimensional state not only makes him effectively immortal, but allows him to slide into the arteries of the universe, traversing dimensions and blinking in and out of space-time.

    PS – Am I the only one who thinks it a tad awkward that the attachment previews before a post are always dead center right on the crotch?

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