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    Freakin’ cool! Great design and idea!



    One more of the Elementals, the avatar of fire.

    Asher Agassi – JAIR

    Asher was a firefighter in Israel, who spent his off time prowling the nightclub scene in Tel Aviv. An endless string of one night stands, the occasional steady boyfriend, but nothing permanent. He lived for the thrill of danger, always looking to push his limits, take things further. He began taking risks at work, putting his life in danger needlessly, diving into situations without assessing his surroundings. Asher was on the brink of being suspended when a massive wildfire broke out in the northern mountains. Departments from all over the country were called in. Asher was eager to join the fight. During a particularly trying day Asher found himself drifting away from his crew, isolating himself. There was something in this fire, something… alluring. It was calling his name, drawing him in. Asher had been selected by THE INCANDESCENCE, the primordial spirt of heat and fire. As Asher wandered deeper into the blaze, the flames roared with intensity. Instead of panicking, Asher began taking off his gear. He silenced the frantic radio summons of his captain and lay down in a clearing, begging the fire to take him. At that moment the INCANDESCENCE flowed into him, consuming and remaking him in an agonizing rebirth. Asher became JAIR, champion of heat and flame.

    As JAIR, Asher has the ability to project intense heat and fire from his body, as well as absorb and amplify existing flame, he can even draw forth thermal energy from the core of the planet. He is completely immune to fire himself.



    Another Spectrum remake in between elemental characters.

    This time we have a member of Spectrum’s support staff: Arnold Aronov, formerly the superhero vigilante: CUB

    BEAR’S husband and former crimefighting partner back in the 60s, Arnie has an enhanced physiology (slight superhuman levels in agility/strength/durability/stamina) and slowed aging due to being infused with the mystic energy in his husband’s blood (after a necessary transfusion following the accident that gave BEAR his abilities). He is a non-combatant, serving mainly as tech support and a martial arts coach for the kids, but when an assault on HQ by the villainous ANARQUEERS leaves MAMA hospitalized and the BEAR missing in action, CUB has to suit up once more…


    And just for fun: Bear & Cub group shot.



    Awesome. Love the use of Companion body and Winners head. Love poaching sections off of those items. Very cool!



    Thanks! I think the lines of the winners/faces items are a little more expressive and piecing apart the companions is a nice and easy way to get dynamic body shapes (especially if, like me, posing isn’t your strong suit). You can get some really interesting combinations going :D



    Continuing the Elementals profiles…


    She was a native to a region of the Amazon Rainforest along the banks of the Xingu River. Her tribe was distantly related to the larger Kayapó ethnic group, an offshoot of an offshoot descended many generations from the initial point of departure. This tribe had been displaced by the construction projects and rampant deforestation of their ancestral homelands. The tension came to a head when a few members of the community went against the peaceful approach decided by their elders and fought back. They began to sporadically attack construction crews, but were summarily defeated by the local military. The incidents were used as precedent to forcibly relocate the rest of the tribe. Without even this small resistance, the corporate interests were emboldened, and their ambition began to encroach on even the most sacred regions of tribal land. This girl, by herself, decided to meet them, standing alone against bulldozers and assault rifles. When they tried to remove her, THE VERDANT, spirit of all the green on the earth, reached out and touched her with its greatness. Life exploded in the deforested areas as the life that had been taken grew back threefold. Metal and concrete twisted and shattered at the force of the roots. She stays at the heart of the jungle, the new untouchable oasis of green she has created and none know her name, for none have heard her speak, but in the cities of Brazil she is known as SELVA, the Jungle, for indeed she is the embodiment of all the green.

    SELVA has the ability to spark massive spontaneous growth of all plantlife on the planet. She is in tune with the entire biosphere of the planet, able to sense and communicate to plantlife across the globe so long as she remains rooted into the soil. SELVA does not leave the safety of the Amazon, remaining firmly rooted in its center, but can grow avatars of her physical body in other parts of the world and use them to act on her behalf.



    Some more Spectrum redesigns/reconceptings:

    The Sacred Engineers, The Triad, the Geometric Trinity, The Three Brothers, extra-dimensional trio that directs the course of the titanic reserve of psychospiritual energies of their plane of existence. Their mantra:

    The Mind is Thought given Will.
    The Spirit is the Mind given Flesh.
    The Body is the Flesh given Form.

    KESHET – The Spirit

    The wielder of the dimensional energies and master of the soul, Keshet wears the spectral cloak, its outer surface reflecting and brilliantly shimmering through the visible spectrum of light and its inner surface negating all light, a permeable and tangible darkness that he can shape and reform at will.

    ABADDON – The Mind

    Shapecaster and master of the psyche, Abaddon is the builder the most architecturally minded of the three. He thoughtcasts endless geometric patterns and forms to guide the energies of their dimension. He can project these structures within the minds of living beings to varied effects, sealing away memories/thoughts/emotions/rationality, shaping the direction of their thoughts to subvert their will, etc.

    DOVE – The Body

    Keeper of the gates and the pinnacle of physicality, Dovev is guardian to the Three and hold fast the seals between planes through sheer force of will. He is completely invulnerable and his strength is immeasurable. Dovev’s physical movement degrades the physical barriers of reality so he keeps himself restrained, energy barriers erected by KESHET and reinforced by ABADDON dilute the force of his slight movements for even his breathing is momentous.



    Why make new things when I can just redesign everything? Right? Eh? (sigh)

    Redesigns (in some cases slightly revamped origins) of Spectrums 1970s incarnation. Group shot and individuals in the spoiler.

    L-R: Brujo, Pride, Bear, Cub, Mother Nature, Rocketina

    Brujo- Hernán Ramirez (Bisexual Genderfluid Male)- A Puerto Rican young man who dabbled in santería during his childhood on the island. In New York he was an aimless vagrant, simply looking for his next high. Until he discovered the prism in a derelict building. It cleansed him of his vices and gave him purpose and resolve. He can tap into its power to unleash mystical energy for various effects.

    Pride: (Homosexual Cisgender Male) He has not revealed his real name, going only by ‘Pride’. He was a teenager in the 40s, of slavic descent, sent to Auschwitz by the Nazi regime and experimented on by their scientists. Of the 1000 test subjects, Pride was the sole survivor of their supersoldier program. The treatment took to him unpredictably well. Pride was able to break free from his restraints. He killed the scientists, destroyed their research, and fled to America. After 20 years of laying low he revealed himself to the public during the Stonewall Riots in New York. He founded Spectrum shortly thereafter with like-minded posthumans.
    Pride has superhuman strength in the 100-ton class, extreme durability, superhuman speed and reflexes, as well as a highly enhanced physiology (senses, immune system, regenerative ability, etc.)

    BEAR – Harold Ubovic- (Homosexual Cisgendered Male) – Former park ranger empowered by the deity Kodiak after he beseeched the higher power of the wilderness to enable him to save his partner from the wreckage of their plane crash. Granted superhuman strength (75-ton class), enhanced durability/senses, a highly efficient regenerative factor, and the ability to shift into an even more powerful ursine form.

    CUB – Arnold Aronov (Homosexual Cisgendered Male)- Former newspaper photographer, granted posthuman abilities from a blood transfusion with BEAR. The posthuman properties in the blood were awakened by the spiritual connection they shared, Kodiak wanting BEAR to have a guide, someone to keep him grounded. CUB has enhanced physical ability, highly enhanced senses, and has trained himself to be an expert hand to hand combatant. He fought crime with BEAR on more local level before they joined Spectrum.

    MOTHER NATURE – Rosemary Marsden – (Homosexual Cisgendered Female) – Former archaeology student, stumbled across a piece of alien technology sealed away in an ancient temple of indeterminate cultural origin. The seals were mystic in origin and reacted with the tech to cement Rosemary’s physiology with the four classical elements. In tune with the biosphere of the planet, Rosemary dropped out of school and became something of a free spirit, using her abilities for the good of the disenfranchised. She controls fire, earth, air, and water.

    ROCKETINA – Donna Edrington – (Biological Female of indeterminate Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) – Former intelligence agent for MI6. Her last assignment involved infiltrating a Russian weapons program that had gotten their hands on a downed alien craft. Complications arose when she fell in lover with her target. They decided to flee together, taking the weapon with them. He managed to complete his work on the run, integrating the semi-sentient power source into hardware from the craft. Their captors caught up with them, killing the scientist. Just as Donna was to die, the power source reached out to her and fused into her nervous system, drawing the hardware around itself and creating a suit of armor for her. She fled to America, deciding to use her newfound power to help other in memory of the man she loved.
    ROCKETINA is biologically bonded to a sophisticated technological system that gives her enhanced strength and durability, the ability of self-propelled flight, and houses a number of complex scanning/weapon systems. It is partly sentient and has vast self-repairing capabilities.



    Clicked the full screen, saw Rocketina, went HOOO WOW.
    Nice blending of companions there, and as per usual the shading is exceptional.
    And there’s nothing wrong with redesigns. Especially when they’re this good.



    You rock! Great use of the companion items. Cheers!



    Thanks! I’ve been finding the companion items particularly useful as of late…

    Speaking of which, I was really digging the new Companion>Humanoids that Jeff just uploaded so I decided to incorporate them (well most of them) into my redesign of Spectrum’s antagonists: The Anarqueers (Henceforth renamed: THE FRIENDS OF DOROTHY (I concede the name to JR’s team :D ). Like with 1970s Spectrum, these redesigns come with slightly revamped origins, because what the hell? Why not?

    THE FRIENDS OF DOROTHY: In this incarnation, all of the members are products of a government run experimental super-soldier program. From within, the enigmatic DOROTHY reached out to the members of what would be her team and inspired their escape. They wiped out the staff and researchers, scavenged whatever tech they could, and destroyed the facility. Now they wage a war on society. DOROTHY believes anyone who does not wholly reject the heteronormative patriarchy is complicit in its crimes. Everyone is accountable. Nobody is innocent.

    DOROTHY – The pinnacle of the super-soldier program. Dorothy’s true identity (even biological sex) is unknown. Whoever she was, she was subjected to the limits of the programs vast capabilities. Subjected to unthinkable psychological and physical torture, surgically modified, cybernetically enhanced; her physiology/genome/neurology were completely altered. She possesses vast superhuman strength/durablity, stamina, and the ability to shut off the pain receptors in her nervous system. In addition to her physical enhancements, Dorothy’s brain tissue has been altered to give off a telepathic aura that degrades free-will in those around her. Her conditioning within the program has also made her a brutal and efficient hand to hand combatant, but has left her severely mentally unbalanced.

    GAYMER (redesign of Nancyboy): A former systems analyst for the military who possessed an eidetic memory. GAYMER was convicted of treason after it was discovered he was leaking evidence of warcrimes to public media outlets. He was subjected to neurological experiments that aimed to expand the memory capacity of the human brain, with the aim to build a biological server network composed of mechanized humans. These experiments awakened GAYMER’s technopathic talents, which would be the crucial factor in enabling him and his compatriots to turn the tables on his captors. In the ensuing battle, GAYMER lost most of his limbs, but has since replaced them with constantly evolving cybernetic components. He can interface telepathically with machinery and software, using this talent to hack into encrypted government databases and uncover information useful to their cause.

    BUTCH: She was in the army, her illustrious career marred by the occasional rage-filled episode, but nothing she couldn’t keep in check. Until the day she snapped in the middle of a combat mission. She began to indiscriminately fire on the civilian populace during a firefight. When confronted by her fellow soldiers, she turned on them, wiping out her entire squad. To the public, she was sentenced to life imprisonment, but she was in actuality sent to the facility, and subject to a series of experiments hoping to tap into that feral part of her brain. The experiments unearthed a monstrous creature within her. BUTCH is able to shift into this brute form at will, gaining massive strength, invulnerability, and a regenerative healing factor. She relishes in the ability to let loose, enjoying the pain she inflicts immensely.



    Quick one using the last of the three new companions. I don’t know if he fits into any canon I’ve already established. Might just be a one off.

    GESTALT – His mind is telepathic hive-mind of thousands and thousands of ancient alien beings, granting him vast psychokinetic abilities with which he can alter reality at will.




    Some more redesigning. While I was quite happy with my initial take on the Peacekeepers, wouldn’t you know I didn’t save any high res versions of them before losing all my save files. So I thought a simple recreation was in order, but I tweaked a few of them along the way (not least of which being the addition of a canine companion to the group thanks to Jeff’s amazing dog additions to the Companions set)

    First up brother/sister members of the team:

    Trevor Moore, left blind after an altercation with some local hoodlums who were bothering his sister. After the incident he gained the ability to channel his visual perception through other beings, able to use the eyes of others to see for him.
    I decided Big Brother’s powerset wasn’t always good for combat instances, so his little companion there is Otis, who was present with him during the incident and gained the ability to project force fields, which he can also use to levitate. Otis follows Trevor everywhere, who uses his powers to make him the ultimate seeing-eye dog.

    Tabitha Moore, Trevor’s younger sister. She feels responsible for his blindness and is very protective of him. After the incident she gained the ability to absorb any form of energy (kinetic, thermal, electrical, etc.) and use it to augment her physical strength. She walks around barefoot as a means of constantly charging her reserves through the low-level kinetic impact of her feet on the ground. Tabitha can deplete her energy reserves instantly (and if she absorbs more than she can handle, she does this involuntarily) and release a brutal shockwave around her, but this act leaves her temporarily weakened.



    A re-up on my old character FLUX, more of a re-interpretation than a re-design. I decided to make her a non-powered individual because most of my universes have a severe lacking in scrappers and martial artists.

    Yessenia Dominguez, daughter of a policeman, tough as nails and trained how to fight by her father since she was just a girl. When her father began pioneering a community initiative to clean up the neighborhood, the Dominguez family found themselves targeted. Gang members broke into their house one night, and her father was killed in the ensuing struggle. Yessenia decided to dedicate herself to carrying on her father’s legacy, arming herself as the street vigilante: CHAVA.



    And finishing off with the redesigns on ARC and GOLEM.

    ARC – Owen Park. He ran with the crew that blinded Trevor, actually saving the young man’s life by stepping in to put a stop to the fight. He befriended Tabitha and Trevor, cast off by his ‘friends’ for fighting them. He was with the Moore siblings and their dog during the incident. He gained the ability to project extremely powerful electric currents from his body. He had trouble controlling the discharge at first, but CHAVA tattooed lines of micro-circuitry into his body to aid him in channeling his energies.

    GOLEM – Nadir Hanasab. Iranian refugee whose natural posthuman abilities manifested when his father and uncles attempted to sacrifice him in an honor killing, after discovering that Nadir is gay. With his new abilities he was able to escape. He fled to America and lived on the streets until CHAVA found him and gave him a home. Nadir is a metamorph. When he activates his ability, his body burns away in a flash of white hot energy, revealing a superhumanly strong/durable stone form. Initially this form projects intense heat, but over the duration of his transformation, Nadir’s human body regenerates within and eventually the stone form cools and chips away to reveal his human form. His strength and durability diminish accordingly, the closer he is to the end of the transformation cycle. Each cycle generally lasts between 10-12 hrs, but can be shorter depending on how he much he exerts himself.

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