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    The Atomic Punk

    “Rainbowficate.” I am so stealing that! Laugh


    Mad Jack

    Mmm … “Rainbow Wolf” … sounds like a cool name for a superhero … Wink



    I made a self portrait of myself wearing a rainbow t-shirt. I wish I owned one.Cool



    rAInbOwS!…….. are awesome!



    Brilliantly wonderfully awesome! (As usual)


    Delirious AL

    Very cool! I’m really digging the relic engraved into his chest! :D


    The Atomic Punk

    Good stuff. Nice work with Nisshoku’s scars.



    Wow! It’s been a hot minute since I posted. I had a new concept come to me over the week, one involving titanic elemental deities in need of heralds to combat a growing evil! I know, I know, ordinary people empowered by the divine, sounds familiar, but whatever ;)

    Background: So essentially there a couple of these primordial lovecraftian elemental personalities that inhabit various parts of Earth’s biosphere (The Deep, The Aether, The Firmament, The Core, etc.). Most of them play nice with each other, but there is an especially ambitious/evil/nihilistic entity that has an affinity to nothingness, The Void). The threat of the others teaming up against it has always kept it in relative check, until an unknown human being comes into contact with the Immensity (an entity that embodies everything living/natural/cosmic force in the universe) and becomes a vessel for its power. The Void begins hunting for that human in hopes of gaining the power they hold and its fellows follow suit to prevent this from happening. However, these entities do not directly combat each other, because, well let’s just say the last couple mass extinctions on the planet are evidence of what happens when they do. So each of them chooses a herald, a human being with an affinity for their element, to wield their gifts and work towards their goals. So here goes…

    Kaito Kaneko – Nagare

    Kaito Kaneko was a surfer in Japan, somewhat of a local celebrity who spent more time in the ocean than on land. It was a particularly normal day when he was summoned. Kaito was up at dawn, ready to hit the surf within the hour and in the water before anybody else. He was by himself when, without warning, a particularly strong current began drawing him out to sea. Kaito found himself in the middle of a massive whirlpool that drew him down to the ocean floor. He thought he would drown, but THE DEEP reached out to him, a massive tendril, and bestowed its gifts on him. Kaito became the champion of water, able to manipulate it in all its forms. In addition to his hydrokinesis, Kaito can alter the temperature of water in his vicinity, and his body has been enhanced to enable him to withstand the pressures of the deepest parts of the oceans and to breathe underwater. His senses have been similarly augmented. Out of all of his fellow heralds, Kaito is the most level-headed. He is calm, but when provoked can attack with a ferocity unparalleled.


    Edda Vos – Orkaan

    Edda Vos was a commercial pilot from Amsterdam, ferrying the occasional passenger in her single-engine rig or taking the odd shipping job. She didn’t make a lot of money from her travels and during busy travel seasons worked as a flight attendant, anything she could do to get up in the air. Edda loved being high above the ground, away from everything and everyone if only for just a minute. Edda was alone in her own plane, when sudden violent updrafts caused her to lose control of the craft. She fell into a downward spiral that she could not escape, violent winds tearing her craft apart until she herself was flung from the cockpit out into the open air. As she fell Edda closed her eyes and tried to make peace with her impending doom when she realized she wasn’t falling. She was suspended in the air, and could see the vastness of the planet below her. It filled her with joy. That was when THE AETHER reached out to her and bestowed its gifts upon her. Edda gained the ability to ride the air currents of the planet, higher and faster than any mechanical means could propel her. She can control these currents and manipulate them to create tremendously powerful cyclones and violent gusts of wind. Her body has adapted to enable her to withstand the high altitudes and extreme temperatures of the upper atmosphere and her senses as well (particularly her sight and hearing).



    Very nicely done on those last two! Cant wait to see more of the series!



    Great characters!



    Thanks! I’ve got a few more coming and then the Big Bad for the storyline. Stay tuned :)



    I have the other Elementals and their antagonist written out, but I hit a bit of a wall trying to realize them visually http://www.heromachine.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_sad.gif In the meantime I decided to stay in practice by redesigning my LGBT Superteam, SPECTRUM! For the curious:


    Individual shots for the even more curious:

    MAMA – Formerly retired 1960s elemental superhero (lesbian, cisgender woman)
    THE BEAR – Formerly retired 1960s shapeshifting superhero, empowered by the god Kodiak (gay, cisgender man)
    META – Free-spirited reality warper, able to enter a state of dimensional flux with varying effects. (bisexual, cisgender woman)
    APEX – Strong-willed but sensitive, his physiology exists at peak human levels. Able to boost all aspects of his physiology to superhuman levels for short bursts. (gay, transgender man)
    STONEWALL – Stoic and invulnerable, has nearly unbreakable skin and superdense bodily tissues. (pansexual, intersexed individual)
    PUTO – Flamboyant, fabulous, and ferociously transgressive. He can emit intense photonic energy bursts. (queer, genderfluid man)
    ENIGMA – Wants to keep his identity a secret from the public, has fluctuating abilities that express themselves randomly at every use. (sexuality unsure, cisgender man)
    SAFEZONE – Protective and overzealous, can project solid energy forcefields from her body. (straight, cisgender woman)
    QUANDARY – Learning to trust again, powerful telepath who can manifest psionic waves of telepathic static that disable higher brain function. (asexual, agender)



    Great redesigns! There’s so many things I like about them, I’m not sure where to start. The shading’s awesome, especially on black, and the new energy and elemental effects are cool. I also like how you mentioned their sexualities and genders (though you left out Meta). And described Puto as ‘fabulous’- indeed he is :) (though I am left wondering- how does he run in those high heels? I’m guessing he’s had lots of practice)



    Glad you liked them! Laugh

    @Trekkie said: I also like how you mentioned their sexualities and genders (though you left out Meta)…

    Thanks for pointing that out! Oversight on my part, I’ve updated her info to reflect her identity.

    …(though I am left wondering- how does he run in those high heels? I’m guessing he’s had lots of practice)

    He sure has! That little detail was inspired by a man I knew in college. He was over six feet tall and used to make his own high heels. He could outdance ANYBODY in those things.



    Continuing the Elemental series…

    Ethan Somersby – CRAG

    A West Virginia, neighbor, Ethan grew up in a coal-mining community, the son of a third-generation miner. He would have been a miner himself if a congenital birth defect hadn’t left him blind. Still, as a child he loved to feel and hear his way through the hidden catacombs and caverns in the neighboring hills, always trying to go further than he should have. A worried friend or mother always held him back, but Ethan yearned to dive into the mysteries of the world beneath him. When he turned 17 he got his chance. Ethan’s father relented and agreed to let him tour the mine. He had been there only an hour when tragedy struck… a collapse. Several hundred tons of rock and earth came tumbling down over them. But… they would survive. THE FIRMAMENT had heard his call for help and suddenly the earth all around drew itself to the boy, enveloping him in a protective shell, a monstrous protector. To his surprise Ethan found himself able to see. THE FIRMAMENT saw for him, granting its vision to Ethan. With a gesture the rock parted and created a path for the miners to escape. Before he had a chance to explain Ethan was swallowed by the ground and found himself hurtling through the planet. He was being sent on his mission…

    In his new role as earth elemental, Ethan can manipulate large quantities of rock and earth. Mostly he uses this to form a massively strong and durable exoskeleton around his body, but he can manipulate ambient terrestrial material in other ways, causing landslides, eruptions of rock, seismic phenomena, etc. Additionally, his mineral body provides him with natural sight, circumventing his own blindness. He can travel vast distances at phenomenal speed by enveloping himself in a womb-like construct and traveling through the inner layers of the planet.


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