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    Now that you have met Aquaria I can reveal he people, the Aquon, from the Planet Aquos.
    Like humans, the Aquon have a diverse range of skin tone & colour , varying by where on Aquos they originate from.
    Male Aquon have longer head tentacles than females.



    When Princess Aquaria escaped from Aquos and Warlord Akumo, he sent his best warrior, General Krakun to track down and execute the princess. When Krakun arrived on earth, Aquaria had already found allies in the Guardians of Justice. He also saw the riches of earths oceans and the primitive (by Aquon standards) technology of its inhabitants and decided that he could build his own empire here.
    General Krakun (In Aquon Ceremonial Armour)



    Here is the Guardians of Justice team shot I promised. I only have Paint so I can’t do really cool ones like Mad Jack’s Awesome The Forgotten spread, wish I knew how to do something like that. Anway, here is the team:



    The Voltans are not particularly inventive and they are not known for their ingenuity, as their culture emphasizes conformity and discourages individuality and critical thought. From a young age, Voltans are taught that their culture is superior and that the destruction of inferior races and cultures is an honorable duty. Each individual Voltan is expected to put the interests of the empire above their own personal interests and passions. Voltans who fail the empire become outcasts, and usually make their living as mercenaries and bounty hunters. These individuals can usually be found in the dark alleys, gambling halls and opium dens of the slums of Volta. Despite their lack of imagination, the Voltans have a passion for military tactics, weapons and technology. They posses interstellar spacecraft, energy based hand weapons, energy fences and highly effective brainwashing equipment.
    (Note: The Voltans are a Public Domain race from the Golden Age of comics, I have added my own twist to them for this Update).
    Whilst it is known that there are male and female Voltans, it is impossible for a non-Voltan to tell the gender of any individual Voltan they encounter by their external appearance alone. This can be quite disconcerting to non-Voltans…..



    Two new characters, one a hero turned villain, the other a villain turned hero.
    Wildfyre is a being of elemental fire, his body is solidified flame – except for his hair. He became trapped in the mortal world when a wizard bound him to his current solid form, using him for his own purposes. At the time he was a mindless, soulless being and would have stayed that way if not for an act of sacrifice. During a battle between his master and the GoJ, a paramedic attending to the wounded civilians was terribly burned by one of Wildfyre’s blasts. Druidic, sensing Wildfyre’s nature and unable to heal the dying Paramedic gave him a choice. The Paramedic, Jason Tyler could die in peace despite his horrendous wounds or, Druidic could transplant his essence into the rampaging elemental, he would live but it would be in a body not his own and not even remotely human. The paramedic saw the destruction being caused and accepted that his sacrifice would save countless lives. Druidic cast the spell and Jason’s spirit was fused to the elemental. The new being created had no memories of his previous existence but, a strong drive to heal and protect caused it to start helping the heroes turning the tide of battle against his former master.
    Since then the new being, which named himself Wildfyre has worked to integrate into this strange new world he has found himself in and seems to be regaining some of Jason’s memories and personality. Whether Jason will fully reimerge and regain some semblance of his self remains to be seen.
    Marcus Brand was a Vietnam veteran who took up the identity of Brother Hood to fight the druglord who was destroying his neighbourhood. The druglord found out who he was and blackmailed Marcus into working for him. Six months of brainwashing and drug treatments later, the vicious killer Tigerclaw appeared. The druglord was eventually brought to justice but Tigerclaw escaped and has been a freelance hitman and enforcer ever since.

    I know the whole Brother Hood persona is a bad stereotype but he is meant to be from the 70’s and thats pretty much what black heroes were back then. The new Brother Hood is nothing like that but has kept the name to honour his predecessor (and Uncle). Washington Brand seeks to rescue his uncle and redeem the good man he once was.


    Herr D

    I would guess Wild went good and Tiger went bad.



    As I posted Tigerclaw and his Bio, I decided I had better post how Marcus Brand appeared when he was Brother Hood I, here he is in all his 70’s Blaxploitation glory.
    As his face is hard to see under the hood I added a headshot:
    And this is his nephew Washington Brand – Brother Hood II
    I wasn’t sure about using the hood as an insignia so I created a second version with a hoodie down & the fist logo of the original.



    I have started playing around with highlights/glows, my first attempt was on Wildfyre:

    I also created a version of Powerball who is an open source character that I decided to use as my glow testbed:
    Obviously I have a long way to go to master this Wink



    Now for a double helping of badness: Taifun is the only female member of the Imperial Elite and, as such she feels she must be twice as bloodthirsty as the rest of the team so they will take her seriously.

    Taifun’s Japanese-American granddaughter has inherited her power and her mean streak and, as Twista, is one of the more violent members of the League of Villainy.



    So far I have created and posted 3 members of the League of Villainy, here they are together:

    I would get the team finished quicker but every time I start on one I get a cool idea and end up creating a whole different character Surprised



    The second of the five members of the Imperial Elite is the Super-Sumo Fuji-San, eight feet tall with powers basically the same as those of Marvel’s The Blob except he is also a fully trained Sumo Master.


    As I have stated previously, this character is not meant to offend anyone in any way, it is simply meant to be relatively accurate to the way such characters were portrayed during the Golden Age of Comics as he is a member of a Japanese super powered team. I personally don’t condone how such characters were portrayed but then, it was a different time with different sensibilities and, there WAS a war on, so EVERYONE caricaturised the enemy as part of their propaganda campaigns.



    No comics universe is complete without a power copying villain, given that I present to you Adapto the Amazoid. Adapto was originally a bio-synthetic android created by the Overlord for one of his many world domination schemes, to eliminate the Guardians. At the heart of Adapto is a crystal of unknown origin that the Overlord was never able to duplicate and attempts to create more Adapto androids all failed. Adapto managed to defeat the Guardians and would have killed them had not a recently rescued Druidic stepped in to stop him. Druidic managed to banish the villain before it could adapt to his powers, saving the team which then went on to defeat the Overlord.
    The Android eventually managed to find its way back to the base he was created in to find it abandoned. Following its programming, Adapto powered down to wait for new orders. The android stood unmoving for several years until the League of Villainy appropriated the old base for their use. Finding the unpowered android, they were able to reprogram it with a rudimentary personality and a criminally bent persona. Repowering Adapto, they offered the android a place on the team as an equal member, never needing to take orders from another master. Since then, Adapto has been a constant in the ever changing roster of the league and potentially its most powerful member.


    The influences for this character should be painfully obvious.



    Meet Carlos Burghetti, better known as Strongarm, chief enforcer and bodyguard of the Cordone crime family. Carlos has super strength being able to lift up to 20 tons but without any form of invulnerability. Carlos’ father was a low ranking member of the Cordone family and, when his son first manifested his power, Carlos senior saw a way to rise up withing the organisation. Carlos was presented to Marco Cordone, head of the family, after a demonstration of his strength, Carlos began his training to become the new family enforcer. Strongarm has had several run-ins with Nightstalker due to his current occupation but has always managed to avoid jail time as he is “just doing his job” as bodyguard to a wealthy entrepreneur who has many business rivals.

    And his boss and head of the Cordone crime family, Marco Cordone.



    Wow – miles of characters. I’d give suggestions but I can’t think of any way to do those last ones better than you already have! Except maybe white light instead of yellow on Adapto – looks kind of sickly against the purple, but then, I’ve seen plenty of official comic book characters do it that way, so it’s in keeping with the Golden Age theme. (Maybe the lights change depending what his powers are, anyway? That could be fun.) I see you got the hang of glowing effects – I love doing those myself, you get such a fine effect with them when they work. Especially if you hit on a particularly good combination of light colour with background colour.

    I wish you’d post the code for some of these (Redbow and Taifun, especially): their faces seem to come out much better than the ones I do, and I’d like to see what you’re using.



    Here you go Folkly, code for Taifun

    Code removed as posted incorrectly

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