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JReviews: Doctor Who Series 9 Episode 1- The Magicians Apprentice

So, a new series of Doctor Who has begun. And we all know what that means. I am back again to ramble on in a timer-wimmy wibbley-wobbley fashion about the episodes. And due to the fact that I don't have a TARDIS of my own, I guess that the beginning is the only place we can really start.

Oh and by the way, River Song alert (a.k.a SPOILERS BELOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not that River Song was in this episode, because that wouldn't be true. Anyway, getting on with it).

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Kaldath’s Corner: Duane Metal – Learning Japanese With Babymetal

Last week I was laid up in bed with both a very bad cold and some physical injuries which left me very bored! Of course when bored like that I did what I normal do and turned to the internet for entertainment and I stumbled upon a youtube channel that intrigued me. You See I am a huge fan of the Japanese Kawaii Metal group Babymetal, and I also have a desire to learn the Japanese language and this Channel hit on both those desires within me. The Channel name is Duane Metal and he breaks down the lyrics of Babymetal songs in order to teach your the Japanese Language.


Now This channel is not going to teach your fluent Japanese but it is certainly a fun way to get your feet wet and it also helped me understand the lyrics to my favorite Groups songs better! A win, win in my book. So if you are interested in learning Japanese, like Babymetal or both I suggest you give this guy a shot!

Happy Independence Day HeroMachine!

I'd Like to wish all my fellow U.S. Machiners a happy independence day! Have fun at all your various BBQ's and Firework displays. Drive safe and have a great evening everyone!

Kaldath’s Corner: All New All Different Marvel Universe Free Previews

Saw this on twitter today and Thought I would share it with you all. As of today you can get preview issues of the new Marvel comic titles at your local comic shop or as a free download from the Marvel digital store.

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Kaldath’s Corner: New Spiderman is Cast

Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures have cast their new Spiderman as well as picked a director for the film.


Actor Tom Holland will be playing Peter Parker / Spiderman  and the director will be Jon Watts

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Kaldath’s Corner: New Marvel Universe Teaser!

Saw this on Twitter and thought I would share!

Kaldath’s Corner: Ultron Funk

Ummmm, Yeah

You're Welcome!

Kaldath’s Corner: Scandal



Greetings once again fellow machiners, as you know Kaldath's Corner is here for me to share things with you that I have recently found and liked. This week is another music addition. I would like to share with you this time the Japanese Rock band "Scandal".  Now Scandal is not a new band as I have seen 8+ albums for sale on itunes, however they are a new TO ME band!

I just learn of this band about 3 days ago and I must say that I think they are absolutely fantastic! I just love their sound. Now they have not yet taken Babymetals place as my favorite band though they are running a very close second at this time. A nice dream concert for me would be a Scandal / BabyMetal show here in the New Jersey / New York area!!

After the Jump Below I will link you to a few of their videos for your listening.Viewing enjoyment. The first two are my two current favorite songs of theirs and the third I am sharing because it fits in well with the theme of this site.


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Kaldath’s Corner: Babymetal Legend 2015 Concert



Hello fellow machiners and welcome to another edition of Kaldath's Corner where I talk about things that I find interesting. This week I am going to once again geek out over the Japanese Kawaii Metal group Babymetal!

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Kaldath’s Corner: Daredevil Netflix exclusive

Recently I heard about a new Marvel comics TV show that is being released soon "Daredevil" and thought to myself, cool I'd love to see that! The problem is this show is going to be exclusive to Netflix and though I used to be a subscriber however I switched from Netflix to Hulu Plus a couple years back due to a larger Anime content on Hulu.

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