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Kaldath’s Corner: Teaching Myself Japanese!


Hello my name is Kaldath and I am here to let everyone know that I am an Otaku! Now like every good Otaku out there I have been interested in learning Japanese for a long time now and I have made some very small headway in that direction however my efforts have all been half hearted at best to be honest.  Japanese is a very hard language for a native English speaker to learn especially without the aid of an instructor or a native Japanese speaking individual to help you out!

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JReviews/ Anime Talk: Digimon

Hi guys, JR here again and once again I'm hijacking the Anime Talk title from Kaldath (you guys get 2 Anime Talks in one week, what a novelty). This is because next week is the release of the second part of Digimon Adventure Tri. Now, I'm sure people might remember that I did an Anime Talk on the first part of A3 last year and I, for want of a better phrase, lost my absolute mind over it. Of course I will be reviewing (read fanspazzing all over) the second part next week, but first I thought I'd do something I've wanted to do for a while and go over the previous Digimon series. All of them.


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Kaldath’s Corner: DAREDEVIL on Netflix!


I signed up for Neflix 2 days ago and binge watched the first season Of Daredevil! Well all I have to say is ..... This is ONE HELL of a GOOD series! This is not a review post, though I may do one of those later if I can figure out how to write it without spoilers! What this post is however is a recommendation! If any of you in the Heromachine community are contemplating signing up for a Netflix account but are unsure if it is worth it or not, well I am here to say in My own personal option DAREDEVIL alone is worth the price of admission!


I am Glad that I have waited as long as I have however to sign up for it. Watching the first season has left me wanting more and the second season is only a few short weeks away. If I had to wait months to watch season 2 I think I would be climbing the walls by now, that's how good I think this series is!


Well that's all I have to say so let me leave you a taste of whats to come if you decided to watch this show with the season one and season two trailer!




Kaldath’s Corner: Anticipated JRock Albums of 2016 and Suggestions wanted.


Welcome to another edition of Kaldath's Corner where I talk about things that interest me! This time around I want to let you all know about two Jrock Albums I am eagerly awaiting. That first is Scandals 7th Studio album titled "Yellow" which is due for release March 3rd 2016. That second would be Babymetals second album "Metal Resistance" which is due out April 1st 2016 ( the day of the fox )! I am eager awaiting these album especially since I have already heard a couple songs from each album . The songs "Stamp" and "Sisters" from Scandal and the songs "Road of Resistance" and "Adawama Fever" From Babymetal.

In these albums although I love the lead singers ( Haruna and Su-Metal ) I hope we get some more Black Babymetal ( Yui-metal and Moa-Metal) songs from Babymetal and cosidering Scandal gave us one song each from Rina, Mami, and Tomomi on their last album Hello World I want more from those 3 also!! But if they do or they don't I still intend to purchase them!

(Below you will find a few of the songs from these albums for your listening pleasure.)

My second reason for this post is to ask for suggestion for other Jrock groups to listen to as I wish to expand my Jrock collection. No JPop and Kpop please. My music tastes run towards Rock, Hard Rock and Metal so those are the type of bands I am looking for. I have tried One Ok Rock and I find their music a but hit or miss. I have listen to about 5 or six of their songs and liked only two of them. Anyway I appreciate any suggestions and I hope you enjoy the videos below









Kaldath’s Corner: The Shannara Chronicles

Back in September of 2012 when Jeff was still running the blog I made my first attempt at writing for HeroMachine when I learned that the Elf Stones of Shannara was being made into a TV Series. You can Read that Here .

Well now all these years later that series is coming to fruition and will be premiering Tuesday January 5th 2016 ( this Tuesday ) on MTV as The Shannara Chronicles

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Kaldath’s Corner: What are you Reading ?

This edition of Kaldath's Corner will be another sharing day. This time around I am asking you all what you are reading ? This can be any book, comic book, manga etc. If you so choose to answer my question in the comments below you are entitled to ask me one question on any topic you so desire and If I am able I will answer as truthfully as accurately as possible.

Myself I am not currently reading anything, but I will give a quick list of the last five bit of literature I have read starting with the most recent:

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Kaldath’s Corner: FFVII Remake Trailer

Well this is unusually, two Kaldath's Corners in one week ? Well there is a reason for that. .... Did you hear that ? That sound just now ? That was me going all fanboy! What am I going on about you might be asking ? Well Simple, I just saw this .................

Yep that is the newly released trailer for the Final Fantasy VII remake for the Playstation 4!!!!! Final Fantasy 7 the game that is the sole reason I purchased my Playstion One back in the day, and now it is being remade and enhanced for todays modern gaming consoles! Unfortunately I do not own a Playstation 4 but this game may just make me repeat history and same up the money to buy one!

Kaldath’s Corner: A Frozen Parody

For all you Frozen and or Harley Quinn Fans out there, here is a little something I discovered today. You may or may not have already seen it but I present

Do You Wanna Kill The Batman!

JReveiws: Doctor Who Series 9 Episode 12- Hell Bent

Series finale time. So, how was it?

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JReviews: Doctor Who Series 9 Episode 11- Heaven Sent


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