Kaldath’s Corner: Anticipated JRock Albums of 2016 and Suggestions wanted.


Welcome to another edition of Kaldath's Corner where I talk about things that interest me! This time around I want to let you all know about two Jrock Albums I am eagerly awaiting. That first is Scandals 7th Studio album titled "Yellow" which is due for release March 3rd 2016. That second would be Babymetals second album "Metal Resistance" which is due out April 1st 2016 ( the day of the fox )! I am eager awaiting these album especially since I have already heard a couple songs from each album . The songs "Stamp" and "Sisters" from Scandal and the songs "Road of Resistance" and "Adawama Fever" From Babymetal.

In these albums although I love the lead singers ( Haruna and Su-Metal ) I hope we get some more Black Babymetal ( Yui-metal and Moa-Metal) songs from Babymetal and cosidering Scandal gave us one song each from Rina, Mami, and Tomomi on their last album Hello World I want more from those 3 also!! But if they do or they don't I still intend to purchase them!

(Below you will find a few of the songs from these albums for your listening pleasure.)

My second reason for this post is to ask for suggestion for other Jrock groups to listen to as I wish to expand my Jrock collection. No JPop and Kpop please. My music tastes run towards Rock, Hard Rock and Metal so those are the type of bands I am looking for. I have tried One Ok Rock and I find their music a but hit or miss. I have listen to about 5 or six of their songs and liked only two of them. Anyway I appreciate any suggestions and I hope you enjoy the videos below










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2 Responses to Kaldath’s Corner: Anticipated JRock Albums of 2016 and Suggestions wanted.

  1. Wild Card says:

    The first group has created a unique sound by mixing traditional Japanese with Rock, Call the Wagakki Band as seen in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5zj3dwNxJw For some background info see this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNGi1jpCC_I Also they will be performing at this years SxSW festival and NY Comic Con http://www.jefusion.com/2016/01/wagakki-band-to-perform-once-again-in.html so if you are planing on heading to Austin or NYC, it might be well worth the trip.
    Next up is a group call Kiryu, from a genre that is a offshoot of glam rock call “Visual kei” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WO8f4TLZAW4 They also have an alter ego call “My Dragon” in which they cosplay sing in a different style. I’m not give a link for their My Dragon stuff so surf for them at your own risk.
    And finally Acid Black Cherry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8Bo-67CGas

  2. Yautja says:

    Dir En Grey’s album Vulgar is really good.