Kaldath’s Corner: Supergirl x The Flash!

A quickie little Kaldath's Corner here to let everyone know that on March 28th our favorite speedster The Flash as played by Grant Gustin will be making a guest appearance on SuperGirl on March 28th!


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3 Responses to Kaldath’s Corner: Supergirl x The Flash!

  1. The Atomic Punk says:

    I can’t get the sneak peek to buffer thanks to the ad plug-in overkill. That’s another conversation…

    At first, I didn’t think that CW’s Flash could mesh with CBS’ Supergirl. From the gallery, it does look promising. Glad that the premise is The Flash doing some cross-dimensional sprinting rather than all of a sudden plop Central City just outside of National City. (“Just outside” for the Flash being about 2,250 miles.) It would jar Supergirl’s continuum.

    A couple of comments about both shows. First, I love The Flash. Heck, I liked the 1990s version. SPOILER ALERT if you want to skip to my comments on Supergirl. I was very frustrated with Barry outrunning the blame for everything that he screwed up. The chance to save his mom (which led to Eddie Thawne’s sacrifice), the dimensional rift that killed(?) Ronnie, the death of Earth-2’s Lounge Singer Joe West, etc. Finally, he took responsibility! And the way they brought back Dr. Wells… (ahem) genius! The on-going threat of Zoom…

    Now for Supergirl. CBS is nowhere near as edgy as the CW. Supergirl is definitely written for a more (ahem) “broad” appeal. The show is rather fluffy. The love triangles, the friend-zoning, the gaping holes in the story line. Hey, I was a teenage girl once… well, you know what I’m saying. I like Supergirl for what it is.

    My biggest issue with the show – and I hate to bring this up – is the political sneering. There’s always a snark, a put down, or some flippant PC / SJW remark. It’s not necessary. Then again, I’m no longer a teenage girl. The irony is that “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” and “Agent Carter” are very political. Which, to me, adds to the shows and is integral to the story line.

    So I am very looking forward to this cross-network crossover. I like the direction The Flash is going. I like the overall pop of Supergirl. It should be a fun episode. Let’s not leave out “Gotham,” “Arrow,” “Legends of Tomorrow,” and “iZombie.” Overall, DC is doing an excellent job with superheroes on the small screen.

  2. Kaldath says:

    Well I can’t blame Barry for not saving his mom, his future self saw him there and shook his head no. Basically telling his past self not to do anything. We have to assume the future self was aware of the Flash Point Paradox that saving his mom would cause.

  3. The Atomic Punk says:

    Possibly, but remember that Eddie killed the Reverse Flash by making sure that he was never born. Yet the Reverse Flash lives. Dr. Wells explained the “fixed events” in time. I don’t think The Flash was far enough along that Barry was aware of the Flash Point Paradox when he went back in time to save his mother.

    However, I can see how the Speed Force might “tune” The Flash to a sort of temporal awareness. So maybe The Flash is an instrument of fate. However, Barry’s selfish actions have gotten people killed. He is tired of being treated as a prodigal son. He’s maturing.

    The joys and frustrations of the DC universe are the Infinite Earths and their interpretation of time travel. If things are destined to be, then Rip Hunter might as well park the Waverider and call it a day. But, these major factors give DC a huge reset button and endless probabilities. I think that they are playing it smart by spreading their heroes across TV networks and movies with the option of “breaching.”