Kaldath’s Corner: The Shannara Chronicles

Back in September of 2012 when Jeff was still running the blog I made my first attempt at writing for HeroMachine when I learned that the Elf Stones of Shannara was being made into a TV Series. You can Read that Here .

Well now all these years later that series is coming to fruition and will be premiering Tuesday January 5th 2016 ( this Tuesday ) on MTV as The Shannara Chronicles

As I said in my Original post in 2012, The Sword of Shannara was the book that got me hooked on Reading and while this is series is based not on the sword, but the elfstones book I think that was a better story anyway and more worthy of getting a series. When I first brought this topic up those many years ago it was a fairly contentious topic, but now that the tv series is not only in the can but will be premiering this tuesday I want to turn to your the heromachine community and see what your thoughts are on "The Shannara Chronicles". Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

In Closing all I can say is I will be glued to the TV for the first 2 hour long episode and I am hoping it doesn't go the route of "Legend Of The Seeker" and Instead follows in the footsteps of "A Game Of Thrones".

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2 Responses to Kaldath’s Corner: The Shannara Chronicles

  1. Gene says:

    I am really looking forward to it, but I have to to keep an open mind and remember that this is based on the Books, not an accurate portrayal. I Like the cast they have assembled, and really think there is a good story to tell on the small screen. The scenes, pictures, and trailers I’ve seen really look good.

    That all said, my favorite parts of the novel were not the journey of Wil and Amberle – it was the battle fought by Allanon, Ander, and Stee Jans against the Demon hordes. Which as near as I can tell from what I’ve seen so far, will not be heavily shown on the TV show.

  2. Kaldath says:

    Well the first episode is almost half over and I have already noted a number of major changes from the book however it is still a very good show and thus far is holding to the core of the story.