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Power User Profile: McKnight57

Our Power User to profile this week is frequent commenter and excellent comics reviewer McKnight57! Which reminds me, I should add a question to the list like "How did you come up with the 'handle' you use?"

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META: No PUP today

I dropped the ball on the Power User Profiles and thought I had one ready, when in fact I don't. My apologies, but we'll have no PUP today.

So if you all want to treat this as an open thread, go for it! Discuss anything you like within the bounds of appropriateness. If you have another community member you'd like to see profiled, definitely let me know. Or you could discuss the weather, the "DC52" relaunch, what upcoming super-hero movies you are excited about, college football, or whatever you like.

Power User Profile: Kaylin88100!

She's been one of our most enthusiastic and prolific creators, as well as being a helpful commenter and community participant. Thus it gives me great honor to present a little more information about Kaylin88100!

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Power User Profile: Jessica

Although she has yet to win a contest outright, she has made it as a Finalist several times and is always a fun, interesting, and motivated participant in our discussions. Thus it gives me great happiness to present to you the Power User Profile of Jessica! Has anyone noticed how many different countries HM folks are from? I think that's one of my favorite things about our community, you really get a sense for how comics (and art!) can bring people from very different backgrounds together.

Anyway, heeeeeeeeere's Jessica!

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Power User Profile: Kytana!

I present to you with great pleasure the one and only Kytana, winner of both the Pisces and Cancer Character Creation Contests!

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Power User Profile: Cliff

Our Power User profiled this weekend is the prolific Cliff!

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Power User Profile: Zyp!

At long last, arguably one of the greatest HeroMachine creators around has provided his Power User Profile. Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to present the one, the only, ZYP!

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Power User Profile: Anarchangel

I've always liked long-time poster Anarchangel's stuff, and now I'm glad to get the chance to know him better. So do you, you lucky duck! I always wondered where the handle came from, and now I know. Though I have to confess, I thought maybe it was a play on "Anarchy" too. Oh well, wrong again!

Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present Anarchangel!
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Power User Profile: Scorpidius

Scorpidius was one of the most active early adopters of HeroMachine, creating a massive and beautiful series of trading cards. While not as active on the blog and forums as some other folks, he nonetheless continues to expand his early vision into a truly impressive product. And Scorp, I swear my "Secret Nerd Shame" call-out of Stephen King was not in reply to your book answer! Maybe the fact that I have the super-power you wished for (in spades!) will let you forgive me ...

Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present Scorpidius!
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Power User Profile: Vampyrist

Vampyrist is one of the first HM creators who I thought had a distinctive "style"; before that, I hadn't realized that the same set of drawings could be manipulated in such a way to even have a style. But I can always tell a Vampyrist illustration immediately, which I think is very cool. So without further ado, here's more about the unique eye behind the Vampyrist!
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