Power User Profile: Vampyrist

Vampyrist is one of the first HM creators who I thought had a distinctive "style"; before that, I hadn't realized that the same set of drawings could be manipulated in such a way to even have a style. But I can always tell a Vampyrist illustration immediately, which I think is very cool. So without further ado, here's more about the unique eye behind the Vampyrist!

  1. Online name used in HeroMachine environs: Vampyrist
  2. A photo (or drawing) of you in "real life":
  3. Real name: David
  4. Real city/state/country: Chicago land area
  5. Real job:None.
  6. Real age: 15
  7. Gender: Male
  8. Relationship status (married, single, in a long-term relationship, dating someone, "it's complicated", etc): Single

  9. Online archive of your creations: My archive on UGO's HeroMachine forums
  10. The best piece of HeroMachine art you've created: This picture was inspired by a Nietzsche quote. “Battle not with monsters, lest you become a monster, for when one gazes into the abyss, the abyss also gazes back into you.”

  11. Favorite all-time geeky movie if any: "The Princess Bride". Goldman is a genius.
  12. Favorite all-time geeky book if any: "Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams
  13. Favorite all-time geeky TV show if any: "Doctor Who", I grew up watching it and it has stuck with me. The Fourth and Tenth doctors were always my favorite of the Doctors.
  14. Favorite all-time comic book character if any: Spiderman
  15. If you could have one super-heroic power in real life, you'd choose: Telekinesis, due to all of its various applications. With it, you could fly, lift heavy objects and even create a force field. Also it just looks cool.

  16. In your leisure time you like to: When I have free time I like to watch classic movies and watch some TV. I’ve also been watching a lot of Anime recently. And last but not least, Heromachining.

  17. Character design turn-ons (things you love to see that make for a good design): When a character is obviously a work of love. Not something thrown together in five seconds, but something you spent time on and worked for.
  18. Character design turn-offs (things you hate to see that make for a bad design): When a character has blaring flaws that could be fixed in an instant, but is left there anyway. An example would be backwards hands or lacking certain facial features. It irks me because it looks so wrong, but it can be so easily fixed.
  19. Best tip for a HeroMachine newbie: Take time with your work. Create something you can be proud of and if that takes a little bit longer, so what. The end result is always worth it. Also don’t be daunted by those masters like SDR and Dblade. Through some hard work and perseverance, you will succeed.
  20. Any personal message you'd like to share with the HeroMachine community about Geek Life: To tell the truth, I haven’t experienced much in the geeky ways of life. I haven’t been around long enough to have experienced some of the geek staples. I do, however, have some advice. My advice is to be yourself. So what if your likes are different than everyone else’s. You are your own person and embrace that fact.