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Back From The Basement

Coff coff. Did’nt you hear my screaming? I was trapped in a humongous cobweb on my way to the basement. It took me days to get out of it while hiding from that monster spider.

But hey – guess what I found, when I finally got downstairs? An old tattoo parlor! What, you don’t believe me? Well, I brought prove. Therefore you’ll find 3 new sets with a total of 360 (!) tattoo motives in the insignia category: Insignia/TattoosAnimal, Insignia/TattoosMisc, and Insignia/TattoosTribals.

If you don’t know what to do with them, maybe take a look in this forum thread, where I posted a few characters that I’ve done with photoshop some time ago. Of course you will find all the materials I used there in the new sets. So, there you go – have at it… ;)
Phew, now I’m exhausted. Wait … didn’t somebody say something about a garage sale?! Hmmm….

Modern Women

I’ve just updated Companions-Humanoid with the following women, dressed more appropriate to the modern era:


Thank to commenter Wild Card for pointing out the lack. Enjoy!

Legends of Steel companions

I’ve just updated Companions-Humanoid with the following fine folk:


The first two gentlemen are from an illustration I did a few years ago of costumed crusaders in their fancy civvies. The remaining four were drawn for the “Legends of Steel” RPG created by Friend of HeroMachine Jeff “Evil DM” Mejia, who has graciously allowed them to be used here. You can order the game in its several varieties here.

Thanks to the Evil DM and I hope you enjoy the new additions to the bullpen.

Ground Eruption to Major Tom

I’ve just added the following “Stuff’s coming up out of the ground FAST” item to Background-Floors:


Faerie Avery Companion

By request, I’ve made this lovely creature available in Companions-Humanoid:


Big Mean Worm Monster

Per request, I’ve just added the big rock worm monster to Companion-Standard:


City Block

I just added the following city block to HeroMachine 3 in Background-Cityscapes:


Maskless hands

Inspired by an AMS comment, I’ve just added the following items to HandRight-Standard:


Basically the idea behind these is that you can use them to simulate holding an object without having to use masking, since you can only mask one thing to one other thing at a time. So for instance, you can use the first two to put a rifle in a character’s hands with just layering — all the parts that would be covered in the hand are just not there in the first place.

If this works and there are other hands you’d like to see get the same treatment, let me know.

Jazz Hands and the Flying Torsos, which is NOT the name of my band

I’ve just updated HandRight-Standard with the following dramatic hand poses:


In addition, BodyMale-Standard has the following headless, flying torso just in case you needed some bad-dream fodder. I was inspired to make this by the flying contest last week, sorry I couldn’t get it out faster.


Thrusting Swords

That title sounds like a romance novel, doesn’t it? Oh my.

Regardless, what it actually means is that I have published the following items to ItemRight-Blades. The intent is that you can combine the angled hilts with the angled blades to create the effect of a sword coming more towards the viewer rather than being held parallel to the plane of the canvas.