HM3: It’s cold outside, you should cover your head.

So, after a longer hiatus I finally managed to put a few new items in the 'machine. More to follow soon ...


Hope you like them! 😉

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Native of Luxembourg living in Bavaria (near Munich) for more than three decades now. OY VEY!

24 Responses to HM3: It’s cold outside, you should cover your head.

  1. Wild Card says:

    Finally a proper headset with mic, long overdue and the scouters will be very usable.

  2. TOOL says:

    I am loving it like a fat kid loves cake right now!

  3. hawk007 says:

    They’ll be fun to use.

  4. Maverik1313 says:

    Oooh AWWW 10/10 best movie “IGN

  5. JR19759 says:

    What does the scouter say these new item’s awesome level is?
    *crushes scouter*
    It’s over 9000

  6. Lime says:

    Thank you!

  7. JR19759 says:

    Also, how come you seem to only really give us new items around December time MadJack? Do you by any chance have a large white beard, a wardrobe full of red clothes and a house at the North Poll at all?

  8. Nug says:

    Awww man… Merry Christmas for Nuggy! 😀

    Thanks MadJack! Gonna be something extra special for you in the santa swap this year. 😉

  9. Mad Jack says:

    White beard? Check… (albeit croppy)
    Big belly? Check… (need a diet)
    Red clothes? Not worth mentioning it…
    A house at the North Pole? It feels at times cold enoug outside, but no, not really …
    So, all things considered, no – I’m not Santa. The reason why I didn’t give you any new items since May?

    Well, I was busy with … uhm … (real life?) … uhm … (work?) … uhm … (my webproject?) … uhm … (need better excuses!) … uhm … I didn’t have enough good reference material to work off … uhm … because I’m not good enough to build something from scratch.

    Ah heck, I can`t think of any more lame excuses right now, so I have to just admit it: I’m a lazy bum. There you are … :p

  10. dblade says:

    Love them. Thanks, Mad Jack.

    Working on a few descriptors….
    Mad Jack Attack!
    Mad Jack Uber Smack!
    Mad Jack Sugar Snack!

  11. Skoul says:

    These are brilliant!

  12. Herr D says:

    Thanx! I have enough to cover all my heads now!

  13. cliff says:

    These are awesome and so needed. Thanks so much Mad Jack!

  14. Don't have on, I'm a guest says:

    They’re not in the machine yet. Also, can you colour (I’m british) the red eyepiece, or is it just coloured red?

  15. Mad Jack says:

    They are in the ‘machine – but you may have to clear your browser’s cache.

    And if you’re referring to item 3 under “glasses”: The red in the image is just an example – it’s actually “color 2” without a color1 behind it, which means you can colo(u)r it any way you want and even make it transparent.

  16. Sabrina says:

    Awesome! Thanks for the Christmas present! And especially one that isn’t socks! (Relatives always send socks or Christmas mugs. While both are fun in their own rights, I’ve accumulated an awful lot of them.)

  17. Skoul says:

    I don’t know if it’s just me but I’m only getting your amazing headgear/modern but not the glasses or masks.

    Forgive me for I’m unsure as how to clear my browser’s cache, and will it affect saved creations?

  18. Mad Jack says:

    First off, initially I had similar problems with the glasses set (the loading screen freezed) but then it suddenly worked. Jeff said it’s probably just a caching issue.

    But of course I can’t tell you how to clear your browsers cache since I don’t know what browser you’re using. It works different from browser to browser – but Google is your friend here. But be aware that it can sometimes happen that you have to clear your cache more than once. And of course you have to refresh the page with HM if it’s opened (Shift+F5).

    Clearing your cache shouldn’t affect your saves, since those are stored in another part of your computer. But just in case: I do not guarantee that, since exceptions prove the rule. Litte advice from me: Save the code for your characters externally in text files.
    How to do that?

    When using a Windows PC:

    1.) Open the Editor by clicking Start > Programs > Accessories > Editor
    2.) Open HM3 in your browser and load your character.
    3.) Click save in HM3.
    4.) Choose the tab “Text” and you can see the HM-Code of your character.
    5.) Place your cursor somewhere in the text and press CTRL+A followed by CTRL-C
    6.) Go to your open Editor window and put your HM-Code in it by pressing CTRL+V
    7.) Save the code as a “txt” file somewhere on your computer where you can find it again later. Best if you name the txt file the same as the character, but that’s up to you. 😉
    8.) Done!

    When using a Mac:

    1.) Open TextEdit in the “Programs” folder or with Launchpad (OS X Lion und Mountain Lion)
    2. – 8.) The same as under Windows…

  19. Skoul says:

    @MadJack : thank’s, I’m using our friend Google chrome, so I’ll look up how to do it and I’ll be sure to back up my stuff.

  20. ams says:

    If you are using Windows Explorer, you’re saved files WILL ERASE when you clear your cookies.

    As Mad Jack has stated, “always back up your saved characters using texted files”. I have been doing this since the great purge in 2011 on Planet AMS. Gives me the cold sweats just thinking about it….

  21. Skoul says:

    Yay! It worked! And I still have all my files even after spending about an hour backing them all up.

  22. SM51 says:

    I dont have the news item mask.

  23. Mad Jack says:

    Then clear your cache…