Cool Characters

Succubus by Therianthrope

I’m sorry, I know it’s Jeff’s thing, doing a random character of the day, but I just came across this in the forums and it needs to be given this sort of fanfare. You can check out the rest of Therianthrope’s gallery here:

Character Of The Week: 21st September

Earlier this week, Delirious Al posted three pieces that I think might just be the best stuff this incredibly talented creator has ever done. I could have featured any of them in this blog, and in fact I changed my mind on which one to cover several times, but I eventually settled on this one… [ Read more … ]

Character Of The Week- 31st August

Now, up until this morning I had a completely different picture in mind for this weeks COTW, however, when I saw this piece by prswirve when I did my rounds this morning, I felt compelled to change.   Now the first thing that caught my eye here was the patterns that cover her body. I… [ Read more … ]

Character Of The Week- 17th August

When looking for a subject to cover in character of the week I always try to find something different, someone who I haven’t covered before or even recently. However, this week it seems I have been unable to do so, due to the fact Jeimuzu exists and is doing stuff like this on a constant… [ Read more … ]

Character Of The Week- 3rd August

Finally, for the first time since the second Character of the Week, we’re going to look at a character. And what a character it is. Sakura Master by Jeimuzu   Now, Jeimuzu has been causing quite a stir on the forums since his first post two weeks ago, and I could have put any of… [ Read more … ]

Character Of The Week- 27th July

Once again on Character Of The Week, I’m going to feature an image rather than a character (still Character Of The Week sounds better than Image Of The Week). This week we’ll look at this image by the brilliant Moognation. Now, whilst it might be taken almost directly from a series of images that did… [ Read more … ]

Character Of The Week

As promised, one of the new weekly blog posts. Now there idea here is not only to give  praise, but to look at good design features and highlight techniques that make the composition work. So without further ado, this week we’ll look at Renxin’s Kwan Yin.   This was entered into this weeks CDC, but… [ Read more … ]

Comic Book Superstars #5 “Batman”

Let’s talk Batman. He is my favorite of them all. Who didn’t want to be Batman when they were a kid. I still would. I could go on for days about him, but I want to hear what you have to say.

Comic Book Superstars #4 “Spider-man”

Spider-man is to Marvel as Batman and Superman is to DC, he is not as old as they are but he has still made an impact. From comics to cartoon, from TV to the movies we have watched him shoot his webs all over the place. I remember watching the old TV show when I… [ Read more … ]

Comic Book Superstars #3 “Wonder Woman”

Wonder Woman, what can I say, she is a great character. Live action show, cartoons, and comic books, she is great in all of them. I have liked almost every costume she has had. One thing I want to know is when did she start flying on her own with out her jet? I have… [ Read more … ]