Strut Your Stuff!

From time to time I like to make a place for you all to show off your best stuff. So in the comments, paste a link to your favorite HeroMachine drawing, or maybe one that you feel like hasn't gotten enough attention, or just something you have done that you think is awesome. It doesn't have to have been for a contest or anything, it can be any HM illustration you're particularly proud of for any reason.

Then we can all ooh and ahh over each other's work and feel good about ourselves!

Just one selection per person, please. I look forward to seeing your stuff!

45 Responses to Strut Your Stuff!

  1. RobM says:

    I’m proud of this one – particularly the glare effect on the window and how nicely the random weapons pieces translated into a sci-fi skyline. I was also looking for an easy way to have an alien in the crowd, and the crab companion was did the job.

  2. RobM says:

    Impressive as usual, Epic. I really appreciate the scale of your work.

  3. JR19759 says:

    Here’s mine. I’d had this idea in my head for ages but before the wings I used were added, I could never get it to work.

  4. Jeff Hebert says:

    Those are great, guys! EPIC, love the lighting and the drama, super effective. RobM, that’s a wonderful scene, one of the best cityscapes I’ve seen. And JR, as usual, a great character study.

  5. Arioch says:

    You guys rule! πŸ™‚

  6. Kaldath says:

    Of all my recent work I most say I like this one the best:

    Dragon Girl –

  7. Linea24 says:

    I have two:

    I was really happy to see how this one turned out. Especially the sun rising over Felinae.

    This one I’m proud of because of how the mer side turned out.

  8. Jeff Hebert says:

    Love the tats on Dragon Girl, Kaldath!

    Linea, “The Aniean” is lovely, almost lyrical in a way.

  9. dblade says:

    Here’s the last piece I’ve created in the Machine. Although I haven’t seen the movie Frozen, my daughter and wife were talking it up with great fondness and this influenced my design choice.

  10. JR19759 says:

    Linea- that’s always been my favourite of yours, ever since you first posted it. I thought it was a lock to win the Cosmic Contest.

  11. Jeff Hebert says:

    Awesome as always, dblade. I hope more people take a look at your stuff and understand how important tone and relative values are versus just color.

  12. Trekkie says:

    Why do you always make me choose one?! -cries of despair-

    Out my more recent creations, I think this is one of my favourites. The first in what’s evolving into a series of queer fantasy characters, a lesbian elf:

    (it was really hard to choose between this and the MTF sorceress, you know…)

  13. Hudson says:

    Not one of my more complex portraits, but I just like the way the masking on the armor turned out. Sorry the file is so big…

  14. ams says:

    This pic and character always be one of my faves that I have created, THE REAPER ( with cityscape)

    …, I have to get back to making backgrounds…

  15. Jeff Hebert says:

    Why do you always make me choose one?! -cries of despair-

    Because I’m evil! Duh.

    The elf looks great! I like the pose (that hand on the hip really works), and the colors complement each other well. The whole thing just really works, nicely done.

  16. Jeff Hebert says:

    I like it, Hudson, he looks like an actual individual and not just a cartoon. Thanks for sharing! (Edited to add:) Oh, love the bull armor too πŸ™‚

  17. CantDraw says:

    I’m with Trekkie but if I have to pick one I’ll go with Golden Gladiator:

    I would do a couple of things different at this point, but I like the way she turned out.

  18. Essay M says:

    This rendition of Kaldath’s Silver Owl is my favorite of my works because of the detail and expression of character. Both the Owl herself and the people in the background reacting to a woman with a rifle strapped to her back walking down the street in broad daylight amuse me to no end.

  19. Jeff Hebert says:

    AMS, I’ve seen that one and it’s fantastic. Part of the reason I had to go a totally different direction with my custom illustration was that you already nailed it so perfectly.

    CantDraw, that looks great! Nice use of line color. I haven’t see a ton of your stuff before so I really appreciate the opportunity to view this, thanks a lot.

    Essay M, very nice work! I love the use of the Companions back there, it fills the scene very well.

  20. headlessgeneral says:

    I think I will share this one. He was a lot of fun to make being composed of mostly heads. Here’s my evil alien robot


  21. TeddyBeard says:

    how are you guys so amazing? i spend hours on some and they look like stick figures compared to these

  22. R says:

    All hail Destructo!
    You can hear the people cry
    As the mighty automaton passes by
    Stand tall, stand proud
    The pundits all advise
    Let your praise for him be heard above the crowd
    All hail Destructo!
    I wish I had ducked though
    Signed Decapitated in Cincinnati

  23. RobM says:

    Sorry, that was me.

  24. CKnap says:

    I have 2 that im really proud of, everyones seen my other and its gotten some praise so im going to put up this one.

  25. Mr.Nobody says:

    I feel sort of like posting something way behind the rest of these, but I like this character so I thought; What the heck. So far I just call the Purple Girl.

  26. DiCicatriz says:

    Is it cheating if I post a group shot I cobbled together?

    I was pretty happy with how the Saviors turned out. I don’t tend to do classic heavy hitter superheroes and I think they all look unique, but sort of belong together when you see them all lined up πŸ™‚

  27. Jeff Hebert says:

    HeadlessGeneral, that’s so much fun! What a great sense of personality you’ve achieved there.

    Tool, very intimidating. I like the askew jaw on the skeleton particularly, that’s a nice touch.

    Keric, I like that one too, good choice. The tattoos on his arms are cool, and I like the way you used the rock arms as leg armor.

    CKnap, good scene! The dimensionality works well. His look of surprise is spot-on.

    melmo44, great layout! I love how you’ve assembled the cityscape and she looks very cool hanging out up there, observing her domain.

    Mr.Nobody, she definitely catches the eye and generates interest. I like that dragon helmet with the goggles underneath on the left, that’s a great combination.

    DiCicatriz, you’re a rock and roll stud muffin. These are stellar as always. Each one individually is a tour de force, and together they’re even better.

  28. Jeff Hebert says:

    Very cool, NHA247!

  29. Jeff Hebert says:

    The Heroic has always been one of my favorites.

    Now it’s one of mine, too! Great use of that sepia tone to give it the appropriate look.

  30. Felipe S Card says:

    HereΒ΄s my group of Fantasy heroes (inspired by TSR Drangonlance heroes):

    The group has a paladin, a cleric, two witches, an elf archer, a warrior dwarf and a very skilled thief…

    Wallpaper credits by xabian (

  31. Iscarioto says:

    AH I don’t know how to edit. Turns out I can’t spell.

    I mean count. One pick. Pick one. Okay, I’m with you. Ignore my last post. This –

  32. Delirious AL says:

    Dude that’s a kickin’ image, Iscarioto! πŸ˜€

    Here’s a recent one that I did that I thought turned out purty good.

  33. Boore Torog says:

    dont really know how to do this do i like put in a link or can i just send out the text so you guys can just load it by text on the load thingy

  34. Jeff Hebert says:

    You’d make an image of your character, post it online somewhere (even in the forums here is fine), then post a link to that image.

  35. djuby says:

    @Vectorman – amazing work – such a creative use of items.

  36. Mason Kuiper says:


  37. Jeff Hebert says:

    Mason, that link won’t work. It’s pointing to a file on your computer. You need to put it on a public server somewhere, like on the HeroMachine forums, then post THAT link.

    However, I should have closed this thread a while back, which I will now do.