Character Of The Week: The Forsaken by Valyndril

So, two days ago, this new guy starts a thread on the forums, begins filling it up with work that literally causes peoples minds to be blown. I mean, some of the effects he's doing with heromachine I've only ever seen done in photoshop and the like. Then, today he posts this;

Do I really need to give any further explanation as to why I'm doing a Character Of The Week post for this? Just go and check out the rest of his work here:Β He hasn't uploaded much yet, but what he has uploaded is spectacular.


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15 Responses to Character Of The Week: The Forsaken by Valyndril

  1. djuby says:

    Just beautiful!

  2. Kaldath says:

    FAN-@*$#!(&-Tastic !!!! When I see Awesome stuff like this, from the very talented people of this community, it makes me prouder then every to be a member of the community and a member of the HeroMachine staff, and helping to keep this tool alive!

  3. dblade says:

    Holy smokes! That’s some tasty stuff! Great work!

  4. TOOL says:

    ?And this is a new guy! WTF in a good way of course. Very talented and clear materism of the HM tool already.

  5. TOOL says:

    masterism is what I meant to say, “S” key must of stuck.

  6. Jeff Hebert says:

    I know, right?! This is outSTANDing, truly amazing. Probably going to add it to the HOF in a moment.

  7. Lordgrimm01 says:

    I thought at first it was Jeff’s art…Then read the next blog and found it wasn’t the Founder, it was a ‘machiner, I was O_O

  8. Cliff says:

    Way to go Valyndril! a beautiful work of art! Glad to have you here with us.

  9. Trekkie says:

    oh WOW! That is some of the most stunning work I’ve seen in HM in a long time! Reminds me of Zyp and SDR’s work- absolutely amazing

  10. Jack Zelger says:


  11. Arioch says:

    Ok, that’s it, I quit πŸ˜€

    No, really, this is insane!!! I’m very glad that we’re blessed with talented machinists, and LOVE seeing the wonderful creations gifted people put forth.

    So welcome, Valyndril, may you post for a long time πŸ˜€

  12. Calvary_Red says:

    Jack Zelger, you took the words right out of my mouth.

  13. Linea24 says:

    I think I just misplaced my jaw.

  14. Valyndril says:

    Wow Character of the week and hall of fame? Thank you! ^-^ I’m really warmed by the nice comments I’ve been receiving, thank you all. I was hesitant to post anything, but you’ve encouraged me to keep making and posting my work.

  15. Lord_Obsidious says:

    That is just beautiful.