Cool Characters

Gallery Grabs- Nug

Ok, so, after covering Iscarioto last week, now I’m going to follow up on the suggestions that everyone made two weeks ago. And we’re gonna take a look a Nug to kick off. One thing I have noticed in looking through peoples galleries for this series is how peoples styles change over time. It’s really… [ Read more … ]

Gallery Grabs- Iscarioto

So, last week I asked everyone who I should cover this week on Gallery Grabs and there were some great suggestions, so naturally I’ve ignored them all (for the time being anyway), because one of my favourite creators just decided to show up again after being M.I.A for around a year. So you really think… [ Read more … ]

Gallery Grabs- DeliriousAl

So, moving away from our Canadian contingent now, we’re going to take a look at someone whom has a thought train much like a Salvador Dali painting, if his comments are to be believed. However, whilst the stuffffffffffffff that comes out of his mouth might be a tad… odd, his art is, well, it’s the… [ Read more … ]

Gallery Grabs: DJuby

So, as last week we had one consummate Canadian as featuree, why not have another one this week. And as we had a theme of shading last week, lets go with costuming for this week, because, if you haven’t twigged yet, we’re talking about djuby this week, so the word costume is going to appear… [ Read more … ]

Gallery Grabs- AMS

Ok, so after covering two underrated (I.M.O) members of the community in the last two Gallery Grabs, this week we’re going to cover someone who is rated just the right amount (i.e. everyone agrees he’s a freaking genius). Just so we’re clear here, AMS’ gallery has 83 pages to it at time of writing, and… [ Read more … ]

Gallery Grabs: Vectorman316

So, as promised Gallery Grabs has returned after skipping a week. And me being a complete contrarian, actually was planning to cover someone else this week, but changed my mind because it would have been too predictable. So instead I decided to go with Vectorman, who, like CantDraw previously, is one of those ‘machiners whose… [ Read more … ]

Gallery Grabs: CantDraw

While I’m waiting for a few people to get back to me on the PUP: Redux front, I thought I’d do something new. The idea is, I’m gonna randomly go through somebody’s gallery on the forums and pick out my favourite pictures of theirs and talk about them, sort of like Character Of The Week,… [ Read more … ]

Creators Club Poster 2015

(open in new tab to enbiggen) download instruction links: Cover, wallpaper (warning clicking on characters in the poster/ wallpaper after following these links will result in rapid explosion of your skull, please make sure to wear a helmet before attempting. Oh and make sure you download the Zip file containing all the covers). I have to… [ Read more … ]

Character Of The Week: Delirious Al- Hummingbird

You know, sometimes my own rules do kinda get in the way in terms of this post. The rule about not including entries for current CDC’s was included because I didn’t want to sway the votes at all, but this week the one image I wanted to feature was an entry for the current contest…. [ Read more … ]

Characters Of The Week: Anarchangel- Various Characters

Well, this week I’m reeeeeeeally gonna stretch my own rules. Whilst, there have been numerous artworks this week that I could have talked about (COTW regular RobM coming closest, go check out the latest work on his thread, it’s pretty damn sweet), one person has been being consistently amazing with practically everything he’s submitted this… [ Read more … ]