Forgotten Freshness #3

What a bunch of posers!!!

Now I could pull out my hype cards and tell you all about how I have some of the most spectacular poses in the history of heromachine.

I could.

I could tell you how I pulled out my trusty clicker finger and dove, head first, through the depths of the old post, and brought back treasure the likes you've maybe never seen!!

I could! I could do that...

What I can't begin to describe to you though, is that feeling...
of joy...
and bewilderment...
your gonna get, deep inside, when you think back to the day...



#3 came out!!!

*Pauses for applause*

My friends...

Without further ado..
This is:



You guys, and your skills!! Yall make this hard...

I count.. uhh...

carry the 2...

... minus the captions...

49.7853333333333333333333333 different pictures I have for just this post.

And that's not including... THE CAPTIONS!!

( yup, I got more caption goodies 😉 )
"How you gonna narrow those down, and sort 'em out, Nug?"

I'm glad you asked!

The answer...

I have no clue! 😀

Lets try...

Alphabetically by author???


"Amazing Poses.... Alphabetically...!!!"

"Does that mean???"  😀
Yes!!! Yes it does!! 😉
Not only cool poses, but character design as well!
aol Dreamer-1

aol Ne-mar-1

aol Moon-Guy


Not the "A" name you were thinking of??

OH! oh...

You guys wouldn't possibly be thinking about AMS would you?

Let me see... I think I might have found like one cool pose by AMS...

Who am I kidding? I found tons!

So much so this whole post could have been titled "Poses by AMS"

I will quick fire a few of my favorites.


AMS IH-DANE-Denmark-update



I can't tell you how many times I seen cool characters in people's galleries only to see "Thanks, but the pose belongs to AMS..." 😛

Random caption to calm down from all that:



The more I browse contest and challenges of old, the more this name keeps popping up.
As well it should when you put out stuff like:

Blue Blazer beached-whale-HM3

If you're reading this Blue... sorry but this was too cool to remain buried.

Moving on!

"C" Anyone?

Did I hear someone say... Cantdraw?
You mean the dude that post stuff like:



Cantdraw Syn-47-1

He posed wind...

I should just end this right now.


I have a butt load more goodies to share!! 😀

Like cool stuff from Delirious Al:



Again... could have made a whole post!

Same with this next fella.

A little different though... I'll give the pictures first and you guys shout out the Author at the top of your lungs!



You need another? Ok...


What?? I didn't hear you. Have another:


Who??? I'm sorry. I can't hear you over the typing of the keys.


Oh? You think you know?


You got it!!! It's DJuby!!

Hmmm... I think your shouting needs a little work, but your author recognition is spot on!


Have another Caption... just for kicks:


"You do have good stuff today, Nug!"

I know, right?

But wait... there's more!
Act now and we'll throw in a dose of Jeimuzu

jeimuzu 0WonderDragon


"Give us another guessing one!"


Ok... I'm gonna make this one hard.

Kaldath Janella-Cyan-HM3
Any clue?
Kaldath Angel-4
I don't hear you..



I hear a little chatter over there, but I expected more.

It's Kaldath!!

Yeah Kaldath is good at this too. How did you not know that?

Sooo much freshness... Sooo much...

This one?? No no I'll save these for some kind of pirates theme. (you can't see them yet)

Enjoy another caption while I decide whats next..


Ok gonna finish off "K" with this piece by Keric...

Keric Team-up--2

Cause seriously how $^%^8*@ cool is that??
It had to be seen again!

Now I'm gonna skip all the way to "L" 😉

Yup... Where you at dude?
Some of your forgotten freshness anyways.
Livewyre Rubberband2-1

Livewyres Boss-Awesome2

This next fella still pops in every once in a blue moon.. shame not more often.
This piece by Maaz for a couple of reasons.
1. Nice pose (duh)
2. Still not exactly sure how the armor is done, but ain't it bad assed? 🙂

Maaz Skyhawk

Moving On!!

Gonna round out "M" with a dude I didn't know about until JR said something about him.
Life has been forever changed.

I give you a tiny taste of the awesomeness that is...
MisterDinoMan Aquatide

MisterDinoMan The-Monk


"N" is for NHA247!
(Not "Naked" or "Nude" or "Nintendo"... I know how you guys think. 😉 )

However... this thing may very well be running around in the buff.

Bring forth the symbiote type figure!



Pretty cool, eh?

You know what else is pretty cool?

Like... EVERYTHING on PRSwirve's Gallery
prswirve Alejandro

prswirve gladiator_color

prswirve werewolf

prswirve machinegun

prswirve Mariposa

I think he may have used some kind of reference picture for that last one. 😛

*ponders how many more times Prs will appear in FF*


"Getting a little side tracked, Nug."

Oh! 😛

Right you are! You guys' are so smart! ... and goal oriented... 😀


Can you guess?

(No picture this time)





Of course it's RobM!!!

You nailed that one fast, didn't you?

Cause who else, right? 😉

The freshness that is:

RobM Cliffhanger-Revised-Final2



As I go through my list of saved images I'm nearing the end very quickly.
(especially since I sent some of these to other themed folders.) 😀

With that said...

I'm gonna leave you with this masterpiece by Trekkie...


(Because it's a #%$80!@ Robot Sloth!!) 😀


another Caption created by you dudes...


... and Invading Mongolians by Zyp!


Unhh!!! "Z"



Yup, The whole alphabet!!!


13 Responses to Forgotten Freshness #3

  1. djuby says:

    Thanks for the nod man.

  2. dreadyacht says:

    (This is something I do where I remind someone about something which they already know) Halloween is tomorrow.

  3. Kaldath says:

    Thanks for the mention this week!

  4. Nug says:

    @Djuby & Kaldath:
    My pleasure, fellas! Thanks for being cool!

    I know, right? You think I would have done a theme. That, apparently is not my style.

  5. Herr D says:

    Memory lane traffic has never been so crowded with katana and rocket packs. [sniff] Thank you Nug.

  6. ams says:

    Awesome blog entry!! Thanks and cheers!


  7. Nug says:

    I’m glad you guys enjoyed it!

    Still open for ideas for themes you would like to see. Just let me know.

    JR had the idea too, but I have been collecting water related creatures for the next one.

  8. RobM says:

    I know I’m late to the party, Nug, but thanks for the recognition.

  9. dblade says:

    Nug: Just making sure you know I really appreciate this series of posts. Fun and fresh!

  10. dblade says:

    Abstract Visions
    Sexy Outfits
    Holiday themed

  11. Nug says:

    @dblade: Thanks for the theme suggestions! I had honestly planned to do a Halloween thing, but then SC got washed off the map for a while, and I just didn’t have the time to pull it off. Sexy outfits… Hmmm. I like it! I’ve seen some really cool abstracts as well in my searches. Thanks again!

    @RobM Thanks for doing what you do Rob, and giving us awesomeness to post!

  12. RobM says:


    Inanimate objects – for example I seem to recall someone creating an espresso machine once.

  13. Nug says:

    I like that Rob! Added to the list!