Forgotten Freshness #1

Hows it going everybody? I'm Nug and I want to welcome you to the First Ever instance of...


I know! I know. You guys are all like "Nug?? What is this and what are you doing posting on the blog"?
Both excellent questions! I... had an idea, guys. What this is... is basically they've given me permission to browse through stuff, find things that I think you might enjoy, and post it here.
The best part of it is. It's all done by you guys!!!


You guys don't even have to lift a finger either, because you've already done the hard part.
You made the creation you may or may not be proud of, and you posted it to the forums! 😀
Easy, right? (Sometimes??)

What I'm going after, you guys, are things that may be funny, unique, thought provoking, just in general awesome pictures!
I'm gonna post 'em right here. You guys.. feel free to drop a line... Tell me what you think of em!  If you have a favorite work of art from the past, and you wanna see it featured here... tell me that too!! I'll make it happen!

To get this thing started I have here a few pieces so profound...  so unique...
so totally #$%^&*@ mind blowing that you're not gonna believe it!
Or maybe you will believe it! Who knows?

First up...
Yall... I have been all over the forums this week. All over...

The stuff some of you guys have buried...  0.O


I never truly realized how awesome AnarchAngel was until I seen this...
Anarchangel - Cub

!!! I'm speechless.

Later that same day...

AA - Rhapsody




The shear awesomeness of his whole gallery can not be put into words.
(I can already tell I'll say that last bit a lot!)

Pictures posted July 9th, 2013


Can we please take a moment to recognize:

Shawn - Murica

User Shawn created the masterpiece back in August of 2013.
The only thing missing is a belt buckle that reads "Mamma"... and a bucket of fried chicken!


Moving On!!
If you take a notion to go back, and browse through all the forums you will undoubtedly see lots, and lots of robots.
But only a few with a Romantic side.

Shiboreth - Romcom

This work of art was posted by short term user Shiboreth. September 22nd, of 2012
I hate when people disappear off the face of the Earth. The whole gallery is great but only 4 pages.

Part of me dreaded going into this next guys gallery, because I knew I could probably do this whole post with just pics from PRSwirve.
This pic, though, caught my attention early in his gallery and stuck with me. A product of true boredom and the need to create:
Prswirve - Help needed

If I was traveling through some kind of smokey portal and a beetle half this size of my head landed on my face... I would probably scream for help, and wet myself a little too.
February8th, 2013

"The shear awesomeness of his whole gallery can not be put into words." (Because I said I would)

Don't you hate when you spend a very long time on something... only to have it taken away from you forever!?!?!?

I know I do.

I know Ubiquitous Pixel does too, because that's exactly what happened to him while he was working on this bit of freshness:
Pixel - Loss
Luckily for us he had the foresight to snap a pic with his phone, so we can at least have a glimpse.



🙂 I'm ok. Thanks.


I have soooo many goodies!!!

*sigh* I'm afraid I can't post 'em all today, though.
I hope you all enjoyed! I leave you with this...

Did you know that on September 10th, 2012 , Jeff posted the results of a Pop quiz labeled "Horny"?
Its Not What You Think!!...or maybe it is? eh? EH!?! 😉

All right guys...Drop me a line below! Tell us what you think! Let us know if you want to see more, then click the link below, and be prepared to witness some amazing use of the machine in a pop quiz like no other before, or since!!
You can find that freshness here:  Horny Pop Quiz Results

Stay forgetful! Life's funner when we are all surprised!

9 Responses to Forgotten Freshness #1

  1. JR19759 says:

    Love this idea dude.
    Might I suggest investigating further the galleries of MisterDinoMan, Scatman and AlexanderOfLimbo (alas, they have been gone too long), because there’s some truly mind-blowing stuff in them. Think 3 Treasure Islands in gallery form.
    Also, it’d be cool if stuff from the writers room and art contests and challenges sections of the forum got mentions. Maybe something to consider?

  2. RobM says:

    Great idea, and your initial batch of freshness is… Fresh. Shiboreth proves animals can melt your heart – perhaps literally in R0Dee’s case.

  3. dblade says:

    Nice. I like the idea of Forum Archaeology. What amazing treasures lie hidden away in the forum jungles? Makes me want to do some deep diving myself.

  4. djuby says:

    Love Scatman’s stuff. Miss his humor.

  5. Nug says:

    Thanks for the kind compliments guys. I plan to indeed hit every aspect of the forums. (writers room, art contest and challenges, etc… also maybe dip into past blog contest freshness.) I would also like to have themes…. maybe?? Like Halloween is coming up, so maybe something involving aspects of the holiday. Any ideas for Mechanics/ stuff you would like to see would be greatly appreciated! A post here, or a note on DeviantArt is the best place to reach me.

    I’m a big fan of Scatman, myself. A trip to his gallery is always fun! God bless the “search” box, because manually trying to locate specific people’s galleries is a pain. Interesting!!… but a pain. I also plan to feature works from… well… all of you guys that have commented so far, plus a lot more. You guys are the legends, the ground breakers, and the innovators around here. Get ready to feel slightly violated as I ramble through your whatnots. 😉

    @JR Thanks. Added to the list.

  6. Herr D says:

    Woo hoo! [deposits titanium spade at Nug’s door] Stay safe, man–some of those tunnels are treacherous.

  7. Ubiquitous Pixel says:

    *starts crying due to flashbacks*

  8. Nug says:

    @HerrD I want to say just leave the spade outside of your gallery. I’ll get it on my way in. 😉
    Already found some of your treasures, though, mate. And some things I wish I hadn’t :S

    @Ubiquitous Pixel Fiiiiniiiish Iiiiit!!!


  9. Hammerknight says:

    Sounds great if you can use anything of mine feel free.