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How they should write: A DCEU Batman Solo Film

Ok guys, going to try something new today.

Ever since it was announced that the follow up to Man Of Steel would feature Batman, people have been wanting to see another solo film for the caped crusader. The character has now appeared in 2 out of the 3 DCEU films so far and is set to appear in a third when Justice League hits the screens next year. That means that, at that point, all of DC's trinity (Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman) will have appeared in 3 films each, but Batman will have been the only one to have not had a solo film. Obviously that will change, Batman is too marketable, and there's apparently already plans for a solo Batman film featuring Deathstroke as the main bad guy. But considering how well received the DCEU has been so far, this could be a very important film for Warner Bros. If Wonder Woman and Justice League aren't well received, a Batman film could be the last shot for the DCEU, considering that Batman films always do very well at the box office and the fact that Ben Affleck has so far been the most universally praised aspect of the DCEU meaning it has the best shot at revitalising the franchise if the next two films don't go down well.

So how should they write it? What story should they go with? Well, here's my take. It's most likely not going to be anything like what they do, but I feel this would be the best way to do it.

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Caption Contest #78 Results

Last week, I asked you to come up with the best replacement dialogue for this panel.

Caption Contest 165

We had quite a few entries, definitely enough for me to do this again next week. But here's our final 5.

Nick Hentschel:

Batman: THAT'S for Alfred. He'll never be able to get these colours out.

Other Guy: Try Oxy Clean


B: This punch to the mouth is brought to you by Fruit Stripe Gum

OG: It'll only hurt for two minutes

The Atomic Punk

B: Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma...

OG: Just knock me out already


B: Know where you're heading for a 10- 20 stretch

OG: Prism


B: Not only do I ‘come in like a rainbow’, but I’m as strong as one too.

OG: Hrff! You collide-a-dope!

But there can only be one winner. And that winner is...

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The List: Top 10 Worst Spider-Man Storylines

So, Spider-Man. Peter Parker has been webslinging since 1962 and he's had quite the time of it over those 54 years. He has lost his entire family (pretty much), got married, died, been resurrected, been cloned, gone to space numerous times, been body-swapped and accrued a gallery of enemies second only to Batman and a gallery of titles that number in the "too many". He's been involved in some great storylines against some of the greatest villains in comic book history and has been the face of Marvel since his inception. But he's also the guy who seems to get a lot of Marvels less well thought out ideas. So here's the list, the Top 10 Worst Spider-Man storylines.

Warning: Opinions below. And bad Spider-Man storylines, which is even worse than the opinions. Do not read if sensitive.

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Heromachine Tutorials with Suleman

Heromachine 3: Design choices, starring Apatite

This is a little piece on how I personally make choices in character design, using my latest Heromachine thing, Apatite, as an example. I’m not a professional and these are only my uneducated opinions, but maybe they can help you as well?

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Caption Contest #78

Hey guys, JR here, trying out something today. Depending on the turn out for this, I might bring back the caption contest as a regular post, but obviously that's down to you guys.

So, what I require of you is the best and funniest replacement dialogue for the word bubbles of this picture.

Caption Contest 165

Everyone can have a maximum of 3 entries, entries must be in by next Wednesday (14th Sept) and Must Be PG-13. Leave your replacement dialogue in the comments below.

The List: Top 10 Richest Comic Book Characters

As the old saying goes, money makes the world go round. Whilst it apparently can't buy you happiness, it can buy an awful lot of other things; flashy cars, huge mansions, private jets, presidential nomination, you know, stuff that people without money can only dream of. And the same is true in the fantasy worlds of comic books. In order to get ahead, you need dollars. But which characters have accumulated the greatest wealth during their time in print?

For the record, I am not including any characters on this list whose wealth cannot be quantified, so I'm not including any aliens such as The Collector or Gods like Odin and Thor, nor am I including guys like Namor and Aquaman, who would be undeniably wealthy due to being rulers and having access to any shipwrecks they should want.

Warning: Actually, no opinions this time, although some of the facts are conjecture, but done by people who know a lot more about finance than I do so hopefully they're accurate.

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The List: 5 Things The Star Wars Prequels Did Right

We all know the Star Wars Prequels. Three of the best films ever made, with excellent dialogue, a fantastic dynamic between it two romantic leads and no-one has anything bad to say about them. Well, that would be the case if we lived in Bizarro world, but unfortunately we don't, so what we instead got was a confused mess with an awfully wooden lead, stereotypical and racist characters that annoyed everyone and midiclorians. But that's not to say the films were all bad, all three films had definite good parts. And I've managed to cobble together a list out of them. I'm only doing 5 this time, because a lot of the good bits I've found can fit under certain banners, so rather than stretching the list out to make 10 or so, let's just go with 5.

Warning: Opinions ahead. Don't let them get you angry, anger leads to the dark side.

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Characters Of The Week: DeliriousAl- Haze The Pix and Alsatia

So, DeliriousAl did a comeback earlier this week in case people didn't notice. If you don't know why this is something worth celebrating, take a look at these.



The dude is quite literally insane. And his pictures are pretty good as well.

The List: Top 10 Aliens In Comics

Aliens, they're everywhere. We might not be any closer to discovering extra-terrestrial life in real life, but in mass media the invasion has already happened. In film you have all manner of blobs, little brown things with glowy fingers and long necks, cockroaches that love sugary water, horrifying monsters with elongated heads and a preference for exploding out of peoples chests and, of course, walking carpets. TV has numerous examples as well, whether it be men in blue boxes that are bigger on the inside, war-loving guys with creases running down the middle of their faces and pseudo-roman centurions that try to kill rabbits with ray guns. And of course comics are no different. Throughout the around 90 years of comic book publication, there have been many examples of aliens in comics, and in todays list I'm going to rank what I believe to be the top 10.

Now, this list will only include aliens from the comics medium, so no beings from other dimensions or parallel worlds (so no Anti-Monitor, Annihilus, Howard The Duck or Mr Mxyzptlk), any beings which are considered aliens in cannons outside of the comics (so no Asgardians here) and no characters that originated in other medium but have appeared in comics (so no Star Wars, Star Trek or Doctor Who characters here, at least none that really matter because there have been numerous minor characters from those series that have debuted in the comics but never mattered in the grand scheme of things). I'm also not including entire races, so you won't see the Oan's, the Kree or the Skrulls on this list, despite their impact on comics (although individuals that belong to these races may appear). And I'm also not going to include more than one member of any particular race, because then you have half the list taken up by one alien race and the other half divided between another 2-3 which is a bit boring. Oh and no symbiotes. Venom and Carnage are great and yes the suits are alien, but there's still a human in there, so it doesn't count.

Anyway, long enough intro I think. On with the show.

Warning: Opinions ahead. If you don't like it, well, things could be worse, you could be getting attacked by a face-hugger or something.

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Editorial: Is The DC Expanded Universe Failing?

Unless you've had your head situated firmly under a rock for the last year you will no doubt be aware of the DC Expanded Universe (or DCEU for short). It is a cinematic universe based around superhero movies featuring the heroes and villains of Detective Comics. You will also be aware that it has some major problems. Critical mauling's, lower than expected box office returns and production strife have all been noticeably prevalent. But has the expanded universe failed?

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