Poll Position: The Greatest DC Superhero

Ok, I guess we've got to do this. So, we've done Marvel's best heroes and villains and we took a break to cover the greatest superteams last time out, but I guess we've got to do DC now. So yeah, Batman is going to win, it'll be between Superman and Wonder Woman who comes in second, a Flash and a Green Lantern (probably the ones already in the poll) will round out the top 5 and the rest of the poll will be made up of the other classic justice leaguers (Aquaman probably coming 6th because of his movie) with the 10th spot being open to the possible surprise nomination that isn't on the poll or a legacy version of one of the characters on the poll. I'll change the settings the day before the poll closes (which is a week on Friday, so the 27th Sept) so people can see if I was right or not before we put the list up.

Oh and obviously, you can enter your own nomination once per day, make sure you put the secret identity of the character if the superhero name has been taken by multiple characters (e.g. Green Lantern- Hal Jordan or Green Lantern- John Stewart).

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