Character Of The Week: Altalyrius by Blastermasterism324 & Amanacer-Fiend0

So, not often I do one of these anymore, but sometimes a piece comes along that just blows me away so much that I feel the need to showcase it. Well, here's one of those:

Now, there is a lot I could talk about when it comes to this picture. The head, with a mixture of masking (the helmet) and resizing (the tusks) shows how you can make an effective 3/4 turned head without it looking a mess, or how I love the contrasting colours between the foreground character and the background that really make the character pop. Also, the backstory these guys  came up with adds so much to the character.

But what really tips this over the edge for me into exceptional territory is the background and lighting effects. I mean, wow. One of the most eyecatching and well executed backgrounds I have ever seen in heromachine, based purely on the sky alone. The mixing of the cooler blues and purples being (literally) outshone by the central white, that then fades outwards with the sky then becoming enveloped by the green glow and the green clouds that eminate from the ground level area of the background. The colour composition is excellent. It really sells the alienness of the world. Also, neat little bit I only noticed after reading the story, the buildings in the background have an in story reason for being all over the place (and it's not just because the buildings do be like that in heromachine), it's because the area the picture is set in is called "The Ever-Changing City", the city is constantly changing, so the buildings look like they're shifting (I hope this was diliberate and I haven't just made this up, because it's such a cool way to work within the limitations of the program).

Anyway, if you want to check the guys out, here are their links:

Amanacer-Fiend0: Deviantart

Blastermasterism324- Forums & Deviantart

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