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The List: Top 10 Greatest Couples In Comics

Well, I can say one thing for definate looking at the results we got for this poll. That thing being; nobody on this site reads Archie comics. Nobody even nominated any couples from outside the superhero genre, which I suppose helps me, means I don't actually have to go away and do any research on characters I don't read so thanks guys. So, yeah, we have our 10 and, as previously stated, they're all superhero couples. Let's dive in.

Hon Mentions: Batwoman & Maggie Sawyer, Gambit & Rogue, Colossus & Kitty Pryde

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The List: Top 10 Greatest DC Villains

So, we had a much lower turn out this time compared to our other recent polls. To compare, when we did Marvel's greatest villains a while back, the vote count broke 300. For DC we barely scraped 200. Maybe it's because of how obvious the winner was for this poll (spoilers, just in case you couldn't work out who was going to win). But that doesn't mean that the poll didn't throw a few surprises up along the way, including one character that I'm sure is going to raise a few eyebrows. So let's get into the results.

Dishonourable Mentions: Black Adam, The Riddler, Anti-Monitor, Captain Cold

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The List: Top 10 DC Superheroes

So, in our last poll we asked the question: "who is DC's greatest superhero" and I made some predictions as to what the line up would be. Unfortunately Aquaman let me down, getting bumped into 11th place and thus ruining my clean sweep, but that's ok, it saves you all from the numerous sea based puns I had planned for his entry. Also, I'm going to put the surprisingly large gap in voter participation between this and the Marvel version (over 100 votes less for DC than Marvel) down to the predictability of the result, but we still have a list, so let's get to it.

Hon Mentions: Aquaman (Arthur Curry), The Flash (Wally West), Rorschach (Walter Joseph Kovacs)

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The List: Top 10 Greatest Superhero Teams

Well, this was an interesting poll. We had a lot of votes and a lot of good suggestions by you guys, some that I would have never thought of in a million years, and some rather interesting results. So let's get right on into said results.

Hon Mentions: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Incredibles, The Defenders

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The List: Top 10 Greatest Marvel Supervillains

So, in our last poll I asked you guys to vote on who you think is Marvel's greatest supervillain and, as with when we did Marvel's greatest superhero we got a pretty good response, although this list is probably going to be slightly more predictable even if we don't have a very obvious winner. Anyway, let's jump in shall we.

Honorable Mentions (or should it be dishonorable as it's villains?): Doctor Octopus, the Venom Symbiote, Apocalypse

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The List: Top 10 Greatest Marvel Superheroes

So, in our last poll we posited the question "who is Marvel's Greatest Superhero". Now this is an interesting question because, unlike their Distinguished Competition (to borrow a phrase from the late great Stan Lee), Marvel don't really have a "fixed pantheon" of superheroes. This is possibly down to their main super-team. Unlike the Justice League, the Avengers doesn't really have a "classic" line-up and hasn't ever really been the be all, end all of the Marvel Universe because, at various times, they've been overshadowed by other Marvel characters who weren't part of the Avengers (X-Men being a good example of this). With DC, all of their big hitters (both in universe and IRL) were in the Justice League and no other super team really came close, whereas Marvel had all of their in universe big hitters in the Avengers but none of their IRL biggest and most culturally significant characters were until around 2005 (40 odd years after the team first started). Obviously that has changed now, but having such a long period of fluidity has led to a very interesting result of our poll. So, I think I've rambled enough up here, let's actually jump into the list shall we:

Honorable Mentions: Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), Black Panther (T'Challa), The Hulk (Bruce Banner)

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The List: Top 10 Worst Superhero Movies

Well, here we are. Our last list was the Best Superhero Movies, so now we dive to the other end of the scale. And I have to say this, I'm very surprised at some of the nominations oyu guys made/ didn't make. We didn't see nominations for either of the original Fantastic Four movies (the ones with Jessica Alba) or either of Nicholas Cage's Ghost Rider movies (which probably wouldn't have made the list but I'm surprised nobody even nominated them) nor Blade Trinity (which had Ryan Reynolds in it and had such a troubled production that the lead actor had a body double do all of the shots where his face wasn't explictly required). But instead we got the 2004 Spider-Man movie (by which we're assuming Spider-Man 2, which was awesome) and Captain Marvel (which will not be making the list, sorry, I cannot justify it being on the list when none of the aforementioned films weren't even nominated, nor can I justify it being any higher than any number of movies that are on the list) were nominated. But anyway, admin out of the way, let's see what did make the list shall we:

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The List: Top 10 Greatest Superhero Movies Of All Time

Ok guys, so two weeks ago I put up a poll asking for you guys to vote for what superhero film (live-action or animated) you think is the greatest of all time. Well, the votes are in, there was a lot of competition, but we do have a winner. So let's go over the top 10 shall we:

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The List: Every MCU Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

So, 2 weeks ago I asked you guys to vote on what you thought was the best movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so we could update our list from 2 years ago (you can find the poll here and the oringal list here). The spoiler embargo for Endgame is well and truely over, so if you haven't seen it, or any of the movies on this list then a) spoilers and b) go watch them. Now lets get into the ranking, starting at the bottom (as voted for by you guys) and making our way to the top.

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The List: Top 10 Spider-Man Villains

So, Spider-Man. He does whatever a spider can, which apparently includes swinging overhead, spinning a web any size and catching thieves like flies. However, it seems that what spiders are best at is accruing enemies (just ask the worlds approximately 427 million Arachnophobes), and seen as our favourite wall-crawler has all the abilities of a spider it should come as no surprise that he has made his fair share of enemies during his 55 years in publication. Indeed, he has one of the greatest rogues galleries in all of comics, but who are his best villains, the elite of arachnid adversaries? Well, I guess we need a list.

Honourable Mentions: Rhino (Alexi Sytsevich), Sandman (Flink Marko), Scorpion (Mac Gargan)

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