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DC may have decreed back in 2013 that "heroes shouldn't have happy personal lives" but we here at Heromachine beg to differ (or at the very least, I do). The personal lives of characters in comics can often be just as engrossing as their many battles with their various villains and there are entire genres of comics based entirely around personal relationships as the main hook. And often the relationships we get the most invested in are the romantic ones, whether it be the rollercoaster of Archie Andrews love octagon (Jesus, I had to leave him off the poll to start with just because I could have made the poll be just him and his various love interests) or the long lasting love of Reed Richards and Sue Storm, the interplay between these characters and their emotional ups and downs are just as special as any antagonistic relationship between the hero and the villain. So this time out we're going to try and find which couple is the greatest in comics history. This is going to be interesting.

So, few rules. You can nominate your own answers as per usual, but I want to try and stick to purely cannon romances, so no alterniverse pairings or one-off "what-if's" or potential future couples, just couples that are cannon to their tilte's main continuity. And as we are talking about the greatest couples in comics the list doesn't have to only include superhero pairings, you can also include villainous couples and non-superhero genre couples as well (I've only started us off with 10 heroes because I couldn't decide between either Betty or Veronica (much like Archie) and I personally wouldn't put Joker and Harley in the top 10), as long as both characters originated in comics and not any other medium. Oh and as per usual, if you add a character to the poll that has had multiple people use the same identity (e.g. The Flash) can you specify which version of the character it is.

The poll closes a week on Friday (8th November) and you can select as many answers as you like per day and add one answer to the poll per day.

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