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Went for a cartoony version.

RPG Corner: Blood Chess

I wanted to change things up a bit for this week's "RPG Corner", and share with you a fun little one-off adventure we ran for our Champions (4th Edition) campaign. It's a game I called "Blood Chess" and basically lays out the rules for making the PCs and their opponents into living chess pieces, not unlike the hologram battles in "Star Wars".

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RP: Hank Pym, Viagra spokesman

Random cool photo

Can you believe this is an actual animal, right here in the real world!? It's called a fangtooth fish and it looks like it swam right out of a comic book or adventure movie. Too cool!

(Via Andrew Sullivan. A Fangtooth fish is displayed at the Natural History Museum's new exhibition 'The Deep', on May 26, 2010 in London, England. By Dan Kitwood/Getty Images.)

HM3: More armor tops

I've just posted eight new Tops-MaleFantasyArmor items to the HeroMachine 3 set:

I had planned to do more on these, but the file's already the fifth largest out of everything so far, behind only the BodyAlternate, Fonts, Companions, Auras, and Floors, and I am reluctant to balloon this thing up too much. I feel like the major sorts of armor are pretty well represented at this point -- lots of plate and leather, and a fair amount of "other", and while more is better, I think it's probably enough. I am bored with drawing them, frankly, and I haven't seen anything in the reference suggestions so far that screamed that it just HAD to go in.

So, barring anything huge you feel like is missing, I'm going to move on starting next week, once I'm all the way moved to Colorado. I'm open to suggestions as to what the next set ought to be. So far "rifles" has gotten a lot of push, so that's the leader at this point. If you would rather see something else first, by all means pipe up in the comments.

I haven't been pushing the items very hard for the last month or so, and I apologize for that. Once I'm settled in at the new place, I want to make item generation once again the top priority, and try for another massive, sustained push for a couple of months to really flesh things out.

Open Critique Day

If you have an illustration, HM or otherwise, that you would like to get a critique on from me (or from anyone else who wants to chime in!), please leave a link and any details you think pertinent in the comments below.

Please limit the critique requests to one illustration per person. Thanks!

SOD.148 – Havok

RP: "Happy Endings" have come a long way

SOD.147 – Validus!

Full Spectrum Suck

We've wondered before at how Dr. Spectro got his powers (my favorite is still "Bitten by a radioactive Christmas tree"), but did you know that he actually had an earlier incarnation as a foe of the Charlton hero Captain Atom? Don't worry though, the original outfit was almost as bad:

You may note that this particular comic bears the "Approved by the Comics Code Authority" seal, which I frankly find astounding. If old white men running around in black leotard tops with rainbow spandex stockings and black socks isn't against the Code, then what good was it? Surely that would be more scarring to a child than zombies or axe murderers. I have to wonder if the fashion horror of the 1970's isn't directly attributable to this appalling lack of oversight by the people responsible for protecting our children.

Luckily the outfit is saved by the combination of skin-tight skull mask and flaring epaulets and ... wow, I couldn't even get through that sentence with a straight face. Or straight fingers. Whatever, look, we're not here to parse metaphors, people, we're here to make fun of old guys in black socks!

It's no wonder he's billed as "Master of Moods" because let's be honest, if you had to go out looking like that you'd be one moody bastard, too.