HM3: Prize item updates

I've just uploaded a lot of Contest Prize items to the HeroMachine 3 Alpha that I hope you'll enjoy. Previews, links, and images to follow after the jump.

InsigniaStandard, prize for Danny Beaty (Caption Contest 59):


A whole new set of items called "Head-Winners", including caricatures of me (MartianBlue's prize for winning Character Contest 6); Imp (Character Contest 15); and Hakoon (Caption Contest 55):


A new headpiece for "Headgear-Standard" for Andre (Character Contest 9):


An armored glove that is broken into upper parts in Left/RightGlove and hands in Left/RightHand for DarkVatican (Character Contest 8):


And finally, a set of "asymmetrical" animal legs in "BodyMaleStandard" for Damien (Character Contest 5):


Note that I also broke the skeleton up into pieces in that last set, I think someone requested that a few weeks ago and as long as I was in there anyway, I went ahead and knocked it out.

I'd like to thank all of the above winners for being so patient while I got around to working on these, and to thank those yet to receive their prizes for their ongoing patience. I'm getting to them, I promise!

In the meantime, I hope the rest of you find these additions useful and fun. They wouldn't be there without the vision of the folks I noted, so drop them a line to say thanks if you're happy with the way their requests turned out.

And don't forget, you have a chance to get your own item or face immortalized each and every week in our ongoing series of contests, so if there's something you want to see, get busy being creative!

32 Responses to HM3: Prize item updates

  1. What does it say about us that all three portraits has glasses? &^)

  2. On the Headgear-Standard, I’m conflicted: should I be thinking, “By the Power of Grayskull!” or “Cobra!”


  3. @cavalier: As a person with glasses myself, I’d say it means that we are all warm and wonderful, highly intelligent, and creative. Next question? 🙂

  4. Great additions Jeff! I can finally make a Minotaur! A million times thank you. Now if I could get some lizardfolk type of legs, I’d be pretty set.

  5. Awesome prizes Jeff, just awesome. By the way, any estimate of when I could have my face added to program? I chose that as a prize back in Character Contest 4: Angels and Demons. Not to complain or anything, I just hope that you haven’t forgotten about it. 😉

  6. Thanks Jeff! The skeleton parts are sweet.

  7. Thanks Jeff! It’s Amazing!

  8. Dogone, I sure did Solander! Somehow I didn’t have that listed, your choice of prizes was just blank. Did you send me a photo yet? If not please do, it’s afdstudios at gmail dot com.

    Sorry about that bud, thanks for the reminder!

  9. Anyone else not seeing Damien’s stuff added? I keep refreshing, but nothing.

  10. Avatar dementedtheclown

    Goto Body Malestandard, End Of List

  11. It shows up in IE but not Mozilla.

  12. I’ve got Firefox and it shows up.

  13. OK, I’ll send you an image by e-mail then Jeff.

  14. …..Jeff, you do that I am now required to use your head to make a retired super-hero out of it….also all those with a full head(/wish they did) of hair say aye! Aye! (full head of lovely hair!)

  15. You are, sadly, correct Loki. Sigh.

  16. I’m debating whether it would be properly horrifying to use my head in the current contest, or just narcissistic. Or both. 😀

    And thanks again for the hard work there, Jeff. It all looks fantastic.

  17. @ Niall: I feel so inadequate now, opting for contacts…

    But in all seriousness, these are awesome… and of course, HAMMERKNIGHT! We’re all looking forward to what you come up with! I already know I’m planning to use the spiky curve in shoulder against that cobra head for a scaaaary set of fangs.

  18. I might put our three heads on a bloody spear…That would be funny. 😀

  19. I’m thinking Moe, Larry, Curly.

  20. cobraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Very nice job Jeff, on all the rewards. I’ve been working alot lately, and not had a lot of time to work on my creations, which literally take hours, especially with the custom items, but when the Jeff Herbert costume contest comes up, I’ll have to find the time to enter it. And actually, what might be fun, would be if you got the rest of the winners’ heads up first, and then we had a contest of our interpretations of those people, including, but not limited to Imp, Hakoon, and Jeff.

  22. Nice thought MartianBlue! Although I’d be a little worried about what HK might do with this power 😀

  23. Jeff if i am not mistaken i was one of several winners in one contest the only thing is i have yet choose my prize, so far i don’t have a real burning desire to see a specific item in there hmmm, I’ll have to keep thinking about it and let you know. Just thought i would post here to remind you that i haven’t chosen yet.

  24. LOL, MartianBlue. 😀

  25. I found Lordi HeroMachine recently. It works okay, but it would be really great if some more of that stuff were added onto here, most specifically the Goblin heads.

  26. I have to be careful with the Lordi stuff, a lot of those items are the band’s actual designs. I don’t want to rip them off if I can help it.

  27. @Imp, the only thing I wish I had added was a couple speech bubbles.
    Imp, “But, I wanted to drive”
    Jeff, “No one drives the Jefp, but me!”
    Hak, [Thinking], “I can’t believe we fighting the mighty Atlas!!!”

  28. Oh, well do you plan on adding such things as Goblin heads? I can’t be the only one here that is using Hero Machine to supplement my D&D campaign.

  29. I had the file open anyway, Jake, so you’re in luck — I took a few minutes to add the two goblin heads from Lordi. They’re now in Head-Zombies. Enjoy!

  30. Thanks so much. This is awesome.

  31. This is what I was able to do with it.

    Goblins are much more fun after having a few drinks.